Sewage treatment system

A sewage treatment system and sewage technology, applied in water/sewage treatment, heating water/sewage treatment, water/sewage treatment equipment, etc., which can solve the problems of delaying sewage treatment progress and stopping sewage treatment work.

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-11-27
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Problems solved by technology

However, when cleaning the sewage treatment system, it usually needs to be shut down for cleaning, which will cause the sto...
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Method used

Further, a plurality of evaporation modules 310 include a plurality of falling film evaporation modules and a plurality of forced evaporation modules, and a plurality of falling film evaporation modules are used to carry out falling film evaporation treatment to preheated sewage to obtain dope, more A forced evaporation module is used to perform forced evaporation on the concentrated liquid to obtain the concentrated liquid. It can be understood that with the step-by-step concentration of sewage, the concentration of sewage increases gradually, and the sewage cannot be effectively treated only by multiple falling film evaporation modules. If only multiple forced evaporation modules are used for sewage treatment, it will be due to The cost of the forced evaporation module is higher than that of the falling film evaporation module, which greatly increases the cost of the evaporation system 300. Therefore, the number of falling film evaporation modules is greater than or equal to the number of forced evaporation modules, and the combination of multiple falling film evaporation modules and The mutual cooperation of multiple forced evaporation modules can achieve effective treatment of sewage, and can also keep the cost of the evaporation system 300 at a relatively low level. Further, the two evaporation modules 310 connected to the preheating system 100 are both falling film evaporation modules, so that the preheating system 100 can supply sewage to the evaporation system 300 through one of the two evaporation modules 310 . As shown in Figure 1, when the evaporation system 300 has five evaporation modules 310, No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 evaporation modules 310 are all falling film evaporation modules, and No. 4 and No. 5 evaporation modules 310 are forced evaporation modules, so , isolating any one of the five evaporation modules 310 can still achieve step-by-step and effective treatment of sewage.
Specifically, falling film circulating pump and forced circulating pump all adopt fully automatic self-controlled frequency conversion PLC to control circulating pump, adjust voluntarily according to the size of on-site sewage flow, provide efficient driving force, and then improve falling film separation chamber and forced separation chamber Evaporation capacity, thereby reducing system energy consumption.
Specifically, the forced evaporation module includes a forced separation chamber, a forced circulation pump and a forced heater, and the dope that enters the forced separation chamber is imported into a forced heater under the action of the forced circulation pump, and high-temperature steam and the dope can be heated in a forced Heat exchange occurs in the device, the heated dope can be evaporated and separated after being introduced into the forced separation chamber, and the forced circulation pump leads the dope to the forced heater again to realize the circulation and evaporation of the dope in the forced evaporation module. Furthermore, after the dope enters the pipeline in the forced heater, it can fully exchange heat with the high-temperature steam at the periphery of the pipeline to achieve temperature rise. Before the heated dope is introduced into the forced separation chamber, the pressure in the pipeline is controlled to make the pressure in the pipeline lower than the saturated vapor pressure at the corresponding temperature of the dope, so that the dope will not boil ...
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The invention relates to a sewage treatment system. The sewage treatment system comprises a preheating system, a high-temperature steam generation system and an evaporation system, wherein the preheating system is used for preheating sewage; the high-temperature steam generation system is used for generating high-temperature steam; the evaporation system is connected with the preheating system andthe high-temperature steam generation system; the evaporation system comprises a plurality of evaporation modules, any one of the evaporation modules can be isolated, and under the heating effect ofhigh-temperature steam, the other evaporation modules cooperate to conduct step-by-step evaporation and concentration on preheated sewage to obtain a concentrated solution and condensate water. Due tothe fact that any one of the multiple evaporation modules can be isolated, cleaning or overhauling can be conducted conveniently, and when the evaporation module is isolated, normal work of the otherevaporation modules cannot be affected, and therefore continuous, stable and efficient work of the sewage treatment system is achieved. Except for the isolated evaporation modules, the other evaporation modules can cooperate with each other to evaporate and concentrate the sewage step by step, so as to achieve a better treatment effect.

Application Domain

Water treatment parameter controlWater/sewage treatment by heating +2

Technology Topic

PhysicsProcess engineering +8


  • Sewage treatment system
  • Sewage treatment system
  • Sewage treatment system


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Example Embodiment

[0025] In order to make the above objects, features and advantages of the present invention more obvious and understandable, the following detailed description of the specific embodiments of the present invention will be made with reference to the accompanying drawings. In the following description, numerous specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the present invention. However, the present invention can be implemented in many other ways different from those described here, and those skilled in the art can make similar improvements without violating the connotation of the present invention, so the present invention is not limited by the specific embodiments disclosed below.
[0026]In the description of the invention, it should be understood that, Terms such as center, longitudinal, transverse, length, width, thickness, top, bottom, front, back, left, right, vertical, horizontal, top and bottom It is only for the convenience of describing the present invention and simplifying the description, and it is not intended to indicate or imply that the referred devices or elements must have a specific orientation, be constructed and operated in a specific orientation, and therefore should not be construed as limiting the present invention.
[0027] In addition, the terms "first" and "second" are only used for descriptive purposes, and cannot be understood as indicating or implying relative importance or implicitly indicating the number of indicated technical features. Therefore, the features defined with "first" and "second" can include at least one of these features explicitly or implicitly. In the description of the present invention, "multiple" means at least two, such as two, three, etc., unless otherwise specifically defined.
[0028] In the present invention, unless otherwise specified and limited, terms such as "installed", "connected", "connected" and "fixed" should be understood broadly, for example, they can be fixed, detachable or integrated; Can be mechanically connected or electrically connected; It can be directly connected or indirectly connected through an intermediate medium, and it can be the internal communication of two elements or the interaction between two elements, unless otherwise specified. For those of ordinary skill in the art, the specific meanings of the above terms in the present invention can be understood according to specific situations.
[0029] In the present invention, unless otherwise specified and limited, the first feature "above" or "below" the second feature may be the direct contact between the first and second features, or the indirect contact between the first and second features through an intermediary. Furthermore, the first feature is "above", "above" and "above" the second feature, but the first feature is directly above or obliquely above the second feature, or only indicates that the horizontal height of the first feature is higher than that of the second feature. The first feature "under", "under" and "under" the second feature may be the first feature directly under or obliquely under the second feature, or only indicate that the horizontal height of the first feature is smaller than that of the second feature.


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