Chicken feed additive compounding guanidinoacetic acid with tea tree oil

A technology of guanidinoacetic acid and tea tree oil, which is applied in animal feed, animal feed, food processing, etc., can solve the problems of chicken growth and egg production, and achieve the effect of improving egg yolk index, improving quality, and enhancing Hough unit

Pending Publication Date: 2021-05-04
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[0004] Although adding tea tree oil or guanidinoacetic acid in animal feed has many benefits for the growth of animals, there is no application of addi...
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The invention discloses a chicken feed additive compounding guanidinoacetic acid with tea tree oil. The chicken feed additive further comprises an auxiliary material, wherein the auxiliary material is one or more of chitosan, corncob powder, vitamins, calcium bicarbonate, calcium acetate, methionine and an EM microbial agent. Active components of the chicken feed additive are combination of the guanidinoacetic acid and the tea tree oil, and the egg yolk index of eggs is greatly increased by compounding active components. The combination of human placenta and tribulus terrestris is added into a chicken feed disclosed by the invention, so that the egg laying quality is improved, the half unit of the eggs is remarkably enhanced, and the combined use has a synergistic effect.

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Food processingAnimal feeding stuff +1

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YolkTea tree oil +11


  • Chicken feed additive compounding guanidinoacetic acid with tea tree oil
  • Chicken feed additive compounding guanidinoacetic acid with tea tree oil
  • Chicken feed additive compounding guanidinoacetic acid with tea tree oil


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Example Embodiment

[0018]Example 1
[0019]This example test uses 22-week old lay eggs (weight 1.3 ± 0.1 kg), feeding 3 times, free drinking water, daylighting time 16h, according to the routine feeding of the egg chicken. The diet group has become 60% corn, 9.5% of corn powder, 23% soybean meal, 1.5% calcium carbonate, 5.3% seashell powder, 0.5% salt salt, vitamin 0.2%. Additive additives of different proportions in the base diet, and the control group was only backed by base diet.
[0020]The amount of guanathic acid is added to the basis of the basis of 0.2%, 0.4%, 0.6%, 0.8%, 1.0%, 1.2%, 1.4%, 1.6%; tea tree oil adds the amount of gradient to the base diet. Set to 1.0%, 1.5%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0%, 3.5%, 4.0%, 4.5%; with 3 graphic chicken as an experimental group, analyze the egg produced within 3 days, and determine the average egg yolk index.
[0021]Method for determination of the egg yolk index: Each repeatedly selects two egg yolk, using electronic digital interposer caliper (SH14100025, Shanghai Shen Han, China) to measure the diameter of egg yolk heights and egg yolk.
[0022]Egg yolk index = egg yolk height / egg yolk diameter.
[0023]Experimental resultsFigure 1-2As shown, guanathic acid is added at 1.0% to have the largest egg yolk index; the tea tree oil is added at 3.0% has the largest egg yolk index.

Example Embodiment

[0024]Example 2
[0025]In order to use the effect of Huanuanoacetic acid and tea tree oil, it is set to 1.0% and 3.0% in the base diet, respectively, and the amount of guanathic acid and tea tree oil in the composite additive is respectively. 0.5% and 1.5%, the control is based on the basis, with 3 graphic chicken as an experimental group, statistically produced egg production, measure the average egg yolk index, as shown in Table 1:
[0026]Table 1
[0028]Note: * The representative compared to the control group, P<0.05; # Representative Compared with the tea tree oil group or guanathic acid group<0.05.
[0029]It can be seen from Table 1 that the technical solution added by tea tree oil and guanathic acid compound is significantly improved compared with a single addition, it is proved that tea tree oil and guancyl acetic acid composite add synergies.

Example Embodiment

[0030]Example 3
[0031]A pyristic acid and tea tree oil composite chicken feed additive, the active component of the chicken feed additive is derived into acetic acid and a tea tree oil; the chicken feed additive further includes excipient, guanadium acetic acid, tea tree oil and accessories. The mass ratio is 1: 3: 3; the excipients include components of weight percent: 50% chitosan, 20% of corn core, 5% vitamins, 20% calcium carbonate, 5% methionine.


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