Fabrication of aluminium casing for square lithium iron accumulator

A manufacturing method, lithium-ion technology, applied in the direction of battery pack parts, circuits, electrical components, etc., can solve the problems of high price, waste of manpower and material resources, high cost of battery shells, etc., to reduce the cost of shells, process The effect of fewer processes and less waste

Inactive Publication Date: 2003-01-08
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Each stretch requires a set of molds, a press and an operator. The smaller the shell size, the more stretching times. If the cost is reduced and the stretching times are reduced, the shell material will easily break or wrinkle. This results in a waste of human and material resources
[0003] At present, Japan and ...
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The invention discloses the method for manufacturing the aluminum shell of the lithium ion accumulator in square type in order to provide a method with easy operation, low cost and reliable quality to produce the shell of the accumulator. With the prefabricated cuboid of aluminum block being put to the extrusion die, the pressing machine extrudes the aluminum block to form the blank of the shell.With the blank being put to the stretch drawing die, the pressing machine stretches the blank to form the shell with four side walls, one foot wall and one opening at one side. Finally, removing the raw edge at the opening produces the aluminum shell of the lithium ion accumulator. The invention is applicable to manufacturing different type of the aluminum shell of the lithium ion accumulator.

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[0007] The present invention is further described below in conjunction with the examples: an extrusion die is installed on the press, and the prefabricated cuboid aluminum block is placed in the concave die of the extrusion die according to the size of the battery case of different models, and the press is started, and the The cuboid aluminum block is extruded into a shell blank, and the shell blank is placed in the concave die installed in the extension die of another press, and the press is started, and the shell blank can be extended to have four side walls and one bottom. wall, a shell with one end open, and finally trim the burrs of the shell opening to complete the whole process of manufacturing the aluminum shell of the square lithium ion battery.


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