Decorative veneering composite board

A composite board and decorative surface technology, applied in the field of composite boards, can solve problems such as labor-intensive, time-consuming, and increased application costs, and achieve the effects of wide application range, simplified construction process, and various varieties

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Problems solved by technology

[0002] At present, although plywood and blockboard are popular and widely used for their unique advantages such as high quality, low price, and wood saving, they are still low-end products. In order to meet the needs of the development of the industry, when using it, it also needs to be repainted and veneered on the surface, and then bea...
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The invention relates to a decorative veneering composite board. The composite board is formed by coating an adhesive on the surface of a board and sticking a decorative veneer, wherein the decorative veneer is a cotton, fibre or straw weaved product and a metal wire or non-metal wire weaved product; the adhesive is the general resin adhesive; the board is a plywood and a core-board; the composite board is prepared by a high standard process and high standard design, and produced in large-scale industrialized production; and various patterns and pictures produced by straw knitting, fibre weaving, metal wire knitting and non-metal wire knitting are adhered to the plywood and the core-board so as to form a high-class and higher level decorative veneering composite board through combination. The composite board has the advantages of simplifying a construction process, filling a large gap in a decorative veneering composite board industry, along with higher quality, higher value, higher beautiful performance, multiple varieties, high suitability for occasions in different levels, wider application range and extremely high popularization and application value.

Application Domain

Layered productsWood veneer joining

Technology Topic

High standardMetal +3


  • Decorative veneering composite board
  • Decorative veneering composite board


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0009] In Example 1, a 20mm thick blockboard is selected as the composite board, and the decorative surface is composited with woven linen cloth, and the composite pressure is 12 kg/cm 2 , Adhesive uses E1 grade MVF resin glue, sizing ratio is 1:0.04, plus 0.7% paraffin waterproofing agent and weak acid curing agent, sizing by screw sizing machine, sizing temperature is 50 ℃, drying temperature It is 80°C and the drying time is 2 hours.

Example Embodiment

[0010] In Example 2, a 5-layer plywood is used as the board of the composite board, and the decorative surface is composited with a gold silk chemical fiber cloth, and the composite pressure is 13 kg/cm 2 , Adhesive uses general-purpose urea-formaldehyde resin glue, sizing ratio is 1:0.05, plus 0.7% paraffin waterproofing agent and weak acid curing agent, sizing by screw sizing machine, sizing temperature is 45℃, drying temperature It is 85°C and the drying time is 1.5 hours.


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