Kieselguhr adsorption sustained-release control functional material and production method

A technology of functional materials and production methods, applied in separation methods, chemical instruments and methods, and other chemical processes, can solve the problems of high porosity and achieve the effect of improving mechanical strength

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-06-15
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At present, the diatomite products sold in the market only use the light weight, high porosity of diatomite, high moisture absorption and h...
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The invention discloses a kieselguhr adsorption sustained-release functional material, which is characterized by comprising the following raw materials in part by weight: 55 to 65 parts of kieselguhr powder, 0.5 to 1.5 parts of tourmaline powder or nano titanium dioxide, and 38 to 42 parts of attapulgite powder. The functional material can realize human regulation of adsorption and release, and meanwhile, the functional material is loaded; and the method can realize disposable material formation (ball formation), namely simultaneously finishing four functions of sustained-release control, functional material load, compensation adsorption and improvement on mechanical strength.

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Other chemical processesDispersed particle separation

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Dioxide titaniumTourmaline +6


  • Kieselguhr adsorption sustained-release control functional material and production method
  • Kieselguhr adsorption sustained-release control functional material and production method
  • Kieselguhr adsorption sustained-release control functional material and production method


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The raw materials for preparing diatomite adsorption and sustained-release control functional materials are as follows: 500-mesh diatomite powder 55-65 kg; 1250-mesh tourmaline powder or nano-titanium dioxide 0.5-1.5 kg; 325-mesh attapulgite powder 38-42 kg.
[0014] see figure 1 The production method is as follows: first stir and mix the above 500 mesh diatomaceous earth powder with a quarter of the 325 mesh attapulgite powder, and roll the granulation into a spherical shape by a granulator. The granulation adopts the existing technology, that is, rolling granulation. Spray a mist liquid adhesive (aqueous solution containing 0.05% CMC) at the same time; coat the remaining three-quarters of the attapulgite powder on the spherical surface for the first time, and coat 1250 mesh tourmaline powder or nano titanium dioxide for the second time; then Drying is carried out by drying equipment, the drying temperature is 100°C, and the time is 2h; finally, the roasting equipment is used for roasting, and the baking temperature is 600°C and the time is 2h. The product particles are Ф3mm spherical.
[0015] After comparing the original product without attapulgite powder and the product of the present invention, the results are as follows:
[0017] The above shows that the compounding of diatomaceous earth and attapulgite powder greatly delays the speed of dehumidification. From the experimental results, it is known that the control of the dehumidification time is related to the compound quantity of attapulgite powder.
[0018] The test results of the original loading mode of the functional material and the loading mode of the present invention are compared as follows:
[0020] Tests have shown that the different loading methods of functional materials result in huge performance differences. The amount of negative oxygen ions released by the coated functional material is increased from 415/cm3 to 928/cm3 than the mixed material; the moisture absorption and desorption rate of the material has increased from 5.41% to 6.85%; the coated load method is also greatly saved The amount of expensive functional materials is reduced.


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