External traditional Chinese medicine for treating beriberi

A technology of traditional Chinese medicine and beriberi, applied to medical preparations containing active ingredients, antipyretics, anti-infectives, etc., can solve the problems of developing lymphangitis, cellulitis, and large side effects, etc., to kill germs, Effective bacteria, low cost effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-12-02
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What's more serious is that scratching can lead to local bacterial infection, which can develop into lymphangitis, cellulitis and erysipelas, which can be...
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The invention discloses external traditional Chinese medicine for treating beriberi. The external traditional Chinese medicine is composed of, by weight, 4-5 parts of common cinidium fruit, 5-7 parts of scutellaria, 8-10 parts of Wu Chia Pee, 3-5 parts of white mulberry bark, 2-4 parts of ephedra, 5-7 parts of heartleaf houttuynia herb, 10-12 parts of calamine, 3-5 parts of pseudolaricis bark, 2-4 parts of schizophragma, 5-7 parts of honeycomb, 2-4 parts of pubescent angelica root, 1-3 parts of cuttlebone, 20-30 parts of honeysuckle, 10-12 parts of golden cypress, 5-6 parts of garden burrnet leaf, 2-4 parts of radish seed, 1-2 parts of sacandra, 4-5 parts of realgar, 1-3 parts of bayberry seed, 2-4 parts of Shuangjiancai, 1-2 parts of Henry's actinidia rhizome and 1-2 parts of evodia leaf. The external traditional Chinese medicine is reasonable in proportion, low in cost and convenient to use, has efficacy of clearing heat for detoxification, killing parasites to relieve itching, dispersing blood stasis to stop pain, clearing heat for diuresis and activating and cooling blood, has remarkable effect on patients with beriberi and can effectively kill germs, and beriberi does not reoccur after being healed.

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AntimycoticsAnthropod material medical ingredients +8

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DiuresisAdemetionine +16


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Example Embodiment

[0011] Example 1: External Chinese medicine for treating athlete's foot, the weight parts (g) of its constituent raw materials are: Cnidium frondosa 4.5, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 6, Acanthopanax bark 9, Mulberry bark 4, Ephedra 3, Houttuynia cordata 6, Calamine 11 , Hibiscus bark 4, burrowing wind 3, hive 6, alone living 3, cuttlebone 2, honeysuckle 25, cork 11, elm leaf 5.5, scutellaria 3, jiujie tea 1.5, realgar 4.5, bayberry kernel 2, Shuangjian Cai3, Shui Liteng 1.5 and Sanya Kuye 1.5.
[0012] Dosage and usage: Weigh the ingredients according to the weight of the ingredients, grind and crush them, then add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to blend into a paste, apply to the affected area of ​​the joint, change the dressing once a day, 10 days as a course of treatment, generally 2-3 A course of treatment can be cured.
[0013] Typical cases:
[0014] Case 1: Zhu, male, has erosions and effusions between the third and fourth toes, and can spread to the soles and edges of the feet, and severe itching; may be accompanied by local suppuration, redness, and pain. Apply the external Chinese medicine of the present invention once a day After applying for one course of treatment, the blisters were significantly reduced and the erosions were alleviated. After applying for two courses, the athlete’s foot was cured, and there has been no recurrence.
[0015] Case 2: Qian Mou, male, suffered from athlete's foot for many years, repeated attacks, rice-sized blisters appeared between the toes, the edges of the feet, and the soles of the feet, scattered or distributed in groups, the walls were thick, the content was clear, not easy to rupture, and the formation of mutual fusion. Atrial blisters, tear off the wall, visible honeycomb base and bright red erosion surface, severe itching, apply the external Chinese medicine of the present invention once a day for two courses of treatment, the blisters are greatly reduced, the itching is significantly reduced, continue to apply After two courses of treatment, he was cured, and no recurrence has occurred since the drug was stopped.
[0016] Case 3: Huang, female, 53 years old, suffering from beriberi for two years, thickened, rough, desquamated skin on the soles of the feet, edges of the feet, and heels of the toes, flaky or small scales, repeated shedding, and difficult itching Forbearance, apply the external Chinese medicine of the present invention, once a day, for three courses of treatment, all symptoms are eliminated and cured.


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