Method for detecting full ingredient granule Chinese herbal roasted myrrh based on terahertz spectrum technology

A spectral technology and spectral detection technology, applied in the field of Chinese herbal medicine detection, can solve the problems of difficulty in obtaining fingerprint peaks of Chinese herbal medicines, large interference factors, low measurement repeatability and correlation, etc., achieving fast detection speed, avoiding pollution, low cost effect

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However, the research objects of these terahertz tests are still limited to the original unprocessed Chinese medicinal materials or herbal medicinal materials. This form of medicinal materials has not been purified, so impurity molecules and other interference fac...
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The invention relates to the field of Chinese herbal medicine detection, in particular to a method for detecting full ingredient granule Chinese herbal medicine roasted myrrh based on a terahertz spectrum technology. According to the method, the wide frequency band terahertz spectrum technology is utilized to represent full ingredient Chinese herbal medicine granules, fingerprint peaks in the wide frequency band of the full ingredient Chinese herbal medicine granules are obtained, and the full ingredient Chinese herbal medicine granules of different varieties are identified by utilizing the terahertz fingerprint peaks in the wide frequency band. According to the method, the measurement of spectral characterization and variety identification of the full ingredient Chinese herbal medicine granules are achieved, the assistance of chemical reagents is reduced, and the method is a pure physical detection method. The method is simple to operate and has accuracy in data processing, and results are accurate.

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Material analysis by optical means

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Frequency bandMyrrh +5


  • Method for detecting full ingredient granule Chinese herbal roasted myrrh based on terahertz spectrum technology
  • Method for detecting full ingredient granule Chinese herbal roasted myrrh based on terahertz spectrum technology


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Example Embodiment

[0029] Example 1
[0030] This embodiment provides a method for detecting Myrrha serrata using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy, which includes the following steps:
[0031] 1) Sample preparation: The sample used is the all-component Chinese medicated myrrh granules produced by Beijing Kangrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., weigh about 60 mg of myrrh granules with an electronic balance, and then grind them into a fine powder in a mortar The shape is then shaped in a tablet press, the pressure is increased to 5 tons, and the time is 8 minutes, so that a disc with a diameter of 13 mm will be obtained with smooth sides and a thickness of less than 0.4 mm.
[0032] 2) Sample test: After turning on the laser until the output power is stable, calibrate the light collimation in the optical path; turn on the laptop, set the measurement parameters on the terahertz spectroscopy system software program panel, and perform the measurement after the laser is warmed up for one hour; Put the prepared empty sample rack into the sample chamber position in the light path; then start filling with nitrogen until the humidity in the chamber drops below 1%, and collect the terahertz transmission time domain spectrum of the empty sample rack; take the terahertz time domain of the empty sample rack The domain waveform is the reference signal. Next, put the compressed tablets in the empty sample rack and put them in the position of the sample compartment, flush with nitrogen, and repeat the above method to obtain the terahertz transmission time-domain spectrum data of the traditional Chinese medicine sample, based on this terahertz time-domain waveform As a sample signal. In order to improve the accuracy and precision, the measurement is repeated at least three times for each sample, and the average value is taken as the final reference signal and sample signal.
[0033] 3) Data processing: Signal processing: Fast Fourier transform the time-domain waveforms of the reference signal and the sample signal, and then use the data processing model based on the Fresnel principle to calculate the effective terahertz band of Chinese medicinal myrrh The absorption coefficient α(v):
[0034] κ=(c/2πdv)ln(4n/(A(1+n) 2 ))=αc/4πv
[0035] Among them, φ is the phase difference between the sample electric field (the electric field of the tablet sample) and the reference electric field (the electric field of the empty sample holder), d is the sample thickness, v is the frequency of radiation, and c is the speed of light in vacuum.
[0036] Among them, the effective terahertz band frequency range can be calculated using multiple sets of data including time and amplitude intensity obtained after the terahertz time domain system is used to scan and detect the sample.
[0037] 4) Spectral analysis: From the broad absorption spectra of Zhimyia granules ( figure 2 ) It can be seen that because it can be in a wide frequency range greater than 3THz, it can obtain more effective absorption peak positions than the conventional terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system. These absorption peaks originate from intermolecular or intramolecular internal medicine. Various interaction forces.


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