Traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating lumbar disc herniation

A technology of lumbar disc herniation and traditional Chinese medicine decoction, applied in the direction of medical raw materials derived from ephedra, arthropods, ferns/filamentous plants, etc. Take, slow effect, low efficiency and other problems, to achieve the effect of significant drug effect, easy to take, and reduce the pain of patients

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-10
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[0002] Lumbar disc herniation is one of the more common lumbar diseases in clinical practice. It is a common and frequently-occurring disease in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. , temperature drop of the affected limb and other symptoms, common treatment methods include: drug therapy, magnetic therapy, external hot compress therapy, massage therapy, etc., all of which have certain curative effects; in drug therapy, non-steroidal analgesics such as indomethacin,...
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The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating lumbar disc herniation. The decoction is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 3-4 parts of centipedes, 5-7 parts of scorpions, 2-4 parts of bombyx batryticatus, 8-10 parts of angelica sinensis, 6-8 parts of radix paeoniae rubra, 2-4 parts of obscured homalomena rhizome, 4-6 parts of semen cuscutae, 3-4 parts of radix cyathulae, 6-8 parts of radix rubiae, 5-10 parts of processed myrrh, 2-4 parts of aralia chinensis, 3-4 parts of Chinese starjasmine stem, 5-7 parts of rhizoma drynariae, 4-6 parts of ephedra sinica stapf, 6-10 parts of prepared rhubarb, 3-4 parts of eucommia ulmoides, 6-8 parts of uncaria rhynchophylla, 2-3 parts of processed semen strychni, 6-8 parts of rhizoma cibotii, 2-4 parts of fructus psoraleae, 6-8 parts of fennel, 3-4 parts of lactuca indica and 4-6 parts of roots of illicium henryi. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction is prepared from multiple medicinal materials which are synergized one another, has a remarkable curative effect, is safe and reliable, is simple in taking, and does not have side effect. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction has the effects of soothing the liver, calming endogenous wind, tonifying the liver and kidneys, strengthening tendons and bones, removing dampness, dispelling cold, dredging meridians, relieving pain, inducing diuresis and diminishing swelling, and can be used for effectively treating the symptom of lumbar disc herniation and relieving the pain of patients.

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Anthropod material medical ingredientsDispersion delivery +4

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CentipedeDiuresis +17


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[0010] Example 1: A traditional Chinese medicine decoction for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation. The weight (g) of its constituent materials is: centipede 3.5, whole scorpion 6, rigid silkworm 3, angelica 9, red medicine 7, Qianjianjian 3, dodder 5. Achyranthes bidentata 3.5, Madder 7, Myrrh 8, Pittosporum bark 3, Trachelospermum 3.5, Drynaria fortunei 6, Ephedra 5, Rhubarb 8, Eucommia 3, Uncaria 7 Dog ridge 7, broken old paper 3, fennel 7, gooseberry 3, red fennel root 5.
[0011] Dosage and usage: Take the traditional Chinese medicine decoction of the present invention, take one piece a day, and take it twice in the morning and evening. Two weeks is a course of treatment, generally 3-4 courses can be cured.
[0012] Typical cases:
[0013] Case 1: Song Moumou, male, 59 years old, has suffered from lumbar disc herniation for more than two years. The patient feels low back pain, leg pain, and leg numbness uninterruptedly. He takes the Chinese medicine decoction of the present invention and takes one post a day in the morning. Take it twice in the evening, and take two consecutively. The effect is remarkable, the back and leg pain is significantly reduced, and the movement is free. After three courses of treatment, it is basically cured and the movement is not affected.
[0014] Case 2: Tang Moumou, female, 54 years old, suffering from lumbar disc herniation for several years, often low back pain, leg pain, unable to do all the heavy work at home, various exercises are restricted, the pain is unbearable after aggravation, and the effect of various treatments is not Obviously, after taking the Chinese medicinal decoction of the present invention, taking one piece a day, taking it twice in the morning and evening, and taking two consecutive courses, the symptoms are obviously improved, and the activity is free. After taking it for one month, all symptoms disappear and heal.
[0015] Case 3: Huang, female, 65 years old, has been engaged in physical work for many years, causing lumbar disc herniation, often accompanied by low back pain, leg pain, and the condition is severe and sometimes mild. Western medicine is used to slow down the condition, but it cannot be cured. The invented traditional Chinese medicine decoction was taken daily, divided into morning and evening, and treated for two courses. The back pain and leg pain were obviously improved, and the condition improved. After three courses of treatment, he recovered without any symptoms.


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