Food transport package device

A technology for food and positioning plate, applied in the field of machinery, can solve the problems such as the inability to guarantee the dryness of the food storage environment, the inability to avoid the food extrusion damage, the accelerated food deterioration, etc., to achieve the effects of preventing damage, reducing damage and prolonging the shelf life

Active Publication Date: 2016-08-17
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Strawberries currently on the market / blueberry / Foods that are easily broken, such as mulberries, use plastic or paper packaging boxes / box, put the picked fresh food directly into the box / In the box, the food is squeezed against each other during transportation, which is prone to skin damage and accelerates food deterioration.
During the storage process of the picked food...
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Method used

[0029] In this embodiment, the sliding plate 3a is provided with a chute 1, and the sliding plate 3a is set on the connecting portion 1a through the chute, so as to stably realize the sliding connection between the sliding plate 3a and the connecting portion 1a. A threaded hole 1 runs through the inner wall of the chute 1 along the horizontal direction, and the detachable locking mechanism includes a threaded hole 1 and a bolt 4 screwed in the threaded hole 1, and the end of the bolt 1 4 is closely against the connecting par...
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The invention provides a food transport package device and belongs to the technical field of machinery. The food transport package device can solve the problem that the present food transport package box easily damages food. The food transport package device comprises an L-shaped bracket, wherein the bracket comprises a connecting part which is vertically arranged and a supporting part which is horizontally arranged; positioning plates are arranged in the bracket; the positioning plates are made of sponge materials and are parallel to the supporting part; a plurality of positioning plates are successively stacked from top to bottom; a lower side wall of the positioning plate at the bottom is close to an upper side wall of the supporting part; a pressing plate is reclined on an upper side wall of the positioning plate at the top; the pressing plate and the connecting part are in sliding connection with each other, so that the pressing plate can slide along the vertical direction; a detaching locking mechanism capable of limiting the pressing plate to slide is arranged between the pressing plate and the connecting part; first grooves and second grooves are respectively arranged on two opposite side walls of two adjacent positioning plates; the quantity of the first grooves is as same as the quantity of the second grooves. The food transport package device has the advantage of capability of reducing the damage to food in the transport process.

Application Domain

Packaging fruits/vegetablesDamagable goods packaging

Technology Topic

Structural engineeringPackaging Case +3


  • Food transport package device
  • Food transport package device


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Example Embodiment

[0023] Embodiment one
[0024] as shown in the picture 1 As shown, the food transport packaging device consists of a bracket 1 ,Positioning plate 2 , platen 3 and so on. Among them, the positioning board 2 Made of sponge material.
[0025] Specifically, the bracket 1 presented L shape, the bracket 1 Including vertically arranged connections 1a and horizontal support 1b , connecting part 1a and support 1b Both are in the form of a plate and both have an integrated structure.
[0026] Positioning plate 2 There are several blocks and they are all set on the bracket 1 Inside. as shown in the picture 1 As shown, several positioning boards 2 Stacked from top to bottom, each positioning board 2 The positions are all right, and the positioning plate 2 with support 1b parallel.
[0027] Positioning plate at the bottom 2 underside and support 1b The upper side of the 2 There is a pressure plate on the upper side of the 3 . Two adjacent positioning boards 2 , the positioning plate located above the 2 There is a groove on the lower side of the 2a , located below the positioning plate 2 The upper side is provided with a groove 2a same groove two 2b , groove one 2a There are several, groove two 2b The number of grooves with a 2a The same and the positions are facing one by one, so that the grooves that are opposite to each other 2a and groove two 2b A storage cavity for storing food is formed between them.
[0028] Platen 3 and connection 1a slide connection so that the platen 3 Can be translated in the vertical direction, the pressure plate 3 and connecting part 1a clamping plate 3 Sliding removable locking mechanism. as shown in the picture 1 shown, platen 3 Including and connection part 1a Sliding connected skateboard 3a and with the positioning plate located on the top 2 Extrusion plate against the upper side of the 3b . Among them, extruded plate 3b and skateboard 3a and positioning plate 2 parallel, skateboard 3a and extruded plate 3b spring between 3c , and the spring 3c The two ends of the skateboard are respectively connected with the skateboard 3a and extruded plate 3b phase fixed. In this example, the spring 3c There are four and located on the skateboard 3a All around; preferred spring 3c Both ends are welded with the slide plate 3a and extruded plate 3b phase fixed. Further explanation, skateboard 3a There is a columnar protruding positioning part on the lower side of the 3a1 , and the spring 3c The upper end is set on the positioning part 3a1 on so that the spring 3c can be deformed stably. Positioning department 3a1 the number of springs 3c The same and one-to-one correspondence.
[0029] In this example, the skateboard 3a There is a chute on the top, and the slide plate 3a One set at the connection part through the chute 1a on, to stabilize the skateboard 3a and connection 1a The purpose of sliding connections. The inner wall of the chute 1 runs through a threaded hole 1 along the horizontal direction, and the detachable locking mechanism includes a threaded hole 1 and a bolt 1 screwed in the threaded hole 1. 4 , and a bolt 4 ends and connections 1a close against. bolt one 4 ends and connections 1a Closely abut to form greater friction, and under the action of the above friction force, the slide plate 3a and connecting part 1a form a single unit to position the plate 2 Stable positioning makes the goal of reducing food damage during transportation more stable. Further explanation, as shown in Fig. 2 shown, bolt a 4 There are several roots so that the skateboard 3a and connecting part 1a The connection is more stable.
[0030] When in use, the food is placed in a groove set by facing 2a and groove two 2b formed in the storage cavity, then the support plate and pressure plate 3 Under the clamping of multiple positioning plates 2 Simultaneous positioning. In actual use, since the frictional force between two adjacent sponges is relatively large, the above-mentioned clamping force will not be very large, so as not to crush the food.

Example Embodiment

[0031] Embodiment two
[0032] The structure and principle of the second embodiment are basically the same as that of the first embodiment, the difference lies in: the connecting part 1a The side wall runs through the horizontal direction with the second elongated chute, and the length extension direction of the second chute is consistent with the vertical direction. There is a slider 2 inside the chute 2, and the two inner walls of the chute 2 in the length direction are respectively against the two ends of the slider 2, and one side of the slider 2 is in contact with the slide plate. 3a phase fixed. The detachable locking mechanism includes a bolt 2 and a threaded hole 2 that runs through one of the inner walls of the chute 2 in the length direction. There are several threaded holes 2 and are evenly distributed along the length direction of the chute. threaded hole 2, and the end of the bolt 2 can closely abut against the slider 2.


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