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Plate material packing box, plate material transporting method, and plate material loading or unloading method

A plate material packing box capable of preventing dirt from entering thereinto, easily storable in a storage room with a low ceiling by reducing the height dimension during transportation, and capable of transporting plate materials efficiently and constantly; a plate material transporting method using such a plate material packing box; and a plate material loading or unloading method. The packing box comprises a pedestal 3 having an upper lining, a plate material storage box 14 put on the pedestal 3, and an upper cover 2 enclosing the plate material storage box 14 on the pedestal 3 and being detachable from the pedestal 3, wherein the plate material storage box 14 is an upwardly open support having a bottom plate 15 to have a plurality of plate materials G put thereon in a substantially horizontally stacked state, and side plate 16a to 16d along four sides of its periphery, the upper cover 2 is a downwardly open box having a top plate 6 covering the upper surface of the plate material storage box 14 and side frames 5 along four sides of its periphery; a vibration damper 17 is interposed between the pedestal 3 and the bottom plate 5; and a cushion material 20 is installed between the top plate 6 and the plate materials G put on the bottom plate 15.

Food package and method and device for extrusion of food

Food package according to the present invention comprises a container made of soft material and having a trunk substantially shaped in a cylinder, a truncated cone or an inverted truncated cone, and a bottom formed in its substantially central zone with a push-out aperture provided with a removable seal, and filled with viscous or semisolid food wherein the container has a sealed upper opening. Push-out method for food from such food package comprises steps as follow: providing a push-out device comprising a container receiving member having a substantially cylindrical trunk member and a bottom member provided in its central zone with a through-hole, and a depressing member adapted to be guided into the cylindrical trunk member from above; setting the food package according to claim 1 in the container receiving member; compressing the food package by the depressing member from above toward the bottom while the container made of soft material is controllably guided along the inner surface of the cylindrical trunk member or a peripheral surface of the through-hole of the bottom member so that the container may be prevented from shifting sideways until the container is flattened; and thereby forcing out the content food through the push-out aperture and the through-hole of the bottom of the container made of soft material.

Liquid crystal glass packaging box

The invention belongs to the field of packaging, and particularly relates to a liquid crystal glass packaging box, which comprises a box body and a buffer component. The buffer component is arranged on the inner surface of the sidewall of the box body and at least can be fixed in two different positions on the box body, and the accommodating dimensions of the packaging box differ when the buffer component is fixed in different positions. Since the liquid crystal glass packaging box adopts a split structure and comprises the box body and the buffer component, the buffer component is arranged on the inner surface of the sidewall of the box body and at least can be fixed in two different positions on the box body, and the accommodating dimensions of the packaging box differ when the buffer component is fixed in different positions, at least two packaging boxes of different dimensions can be formed via assembly of only one group of buffer components with one box body so as to adapt to packaging demands of liquid crystal glass or liquid crystal glass components of different dimensions, the packaging box can be shared by liquid crystal glass of different dimensions, flexible packaging can be realized, and the packaging cost can be reduced effectively.

Method for recording media access control (MAC) address and K code of set top box of disposable recorder

The invention discloses a method for recording a media access control (MAC) address and a K code of a set top box of a disposable recorder. The method adopts a server, a router, and the like. The method comprises the steps: S1, printing a bar code label with the serial number, the K code and the MAC address of a product by a bar code printer, and adhering the bar code label to a set top box; S2, sequentially scanning the bar code label with the serial number, the K code and the MAC address of the product by a bar code scanning gun, wherein recoding software of a recording terminal automatically converts data and memorizes a corresponding relationship between data and production information of the three labels onto a database of the sever, and an operating worker presses down a recording order button to record the K code and the MAC address once, automatically examine a data recoding condition, and give out a conclusion; and S3, converting the set top box which is examined and tested to be qualified to a packing station, wherein the bar code scanning gun scans the serial number of the product, prints the required bar code label according to the information in the database, and adheres the bar code label to a packing box and a specification. The method guarantees the recording efficiency and the recording accuracy, and is simple and fast.

Full-automatic continuous box type gas-control packing device

The invention relates to a completely automatic continuous box-typed air conditioning packaging machine, which is characterized in that operations of vacuum pumping, inflating and box packaging are respectively completed on two continuous working positions; an air replacing device comprises a sealing chamber which is connected with a cylinder shaft; a sealing chamber is internally provided with the air replacing device which respectively carries out the air pumping and inflating of the air replacing chamber by an external pumping pipeline and an inflating pipeline; the external inflating pipeline is arranged on an air conditioning auxiliary device which carries out the conditioning of the air in the box by the external inflating pipeline; a thermal sealing film guiding device and the air conditioning auxiliary device are connected on a frame; the thermal sealing device is fixedly connected with the frame by a connecting screw; a first film cutting device and a second film cutting device are respectively arranged on the frame. The completely automatic continuous box-typed air conditioning packaging machine has high air replacing rate and air mixing precision and quick packaging speed, meets the requirements of changed volume of the packaging products and various styles of exterior of the packaging boxes, and has the advantages of integrating the sealing and slicing into a whole, etc.

Automatic encasement system for Lilezuan milk bag gift boxes

The invention discloses an automatic encasement system for Lilezuan milk bag gift boxes. The automatic encasement system comprises a milk bag integration conveying line (1), a milk bag robot (2) and a milk bag unit conveying line (4), wherein a milk bag clamp (3) at the lower end of a manipulator of the milk bag robot (2) catches a milk bag unit on the milk bag integration conveying line (1) and pushes the milk bag unit into a corresponding milk bag unit separation slot (41) under the condition that the milk bag unit is in a horizontal state; then a small baffle plate insertion machine (5) inserts a small baffle plate into a middle clearance of the milk bag unit, and a horizontal pushing mechanism (6) is used for horizontally pushing the milk bag unit with the inserted small baffle plate into a packaging case already provided with a large lining plate on a packaging case conveying line (9); finally the packaging case already provided with the large lining plate, the small baffle plate and the milk bag unit is covered and encased to finish the whole automatic encasement process. According to the automatic encasement system for the Lilezuan milk bag gift boxes, the milk bag encasement operation is creatively changed from vertical encasement into horizontal encasement, so that the production operation is more stable, the maintenance is easy and convenient, and the workload can be reduced to the maximum extent.

Automatic packaging machine

The invention provides an automatic packaging machine, comprising a conveying mechanism. The automatic packaging machine is characterized by also comprising a lifter, a storing machine, a sub-boxing weigher and a boxing and packaging machine. The materials to be packaged are conveyed by the lifter to the storing machine for temporary storage so as to maintain continuous normal operation of production lines and packaging lines, or the materials are conveyed directly to another conveyer by the storage machine, then conveyed into a material-collecting box of the sub-boxing weigher, subpackaged into a material box by a discharging channel of the lower part of the material-collecting box, weighed, measured and conveyed into a charging box of the boxing and packaging machine; packaging box paper is placed on the materials by a paper box supply mechanism, firstly box edge folding, edge ear folding and edge end folding of the packaging box paper are finished, then the rest box edge folding and edge end folding are finished in the discharging process of separation of the materials from the charging box, thus realizing full automatic sub-boxing, measuring, boxing and packaging of materials, reducing the labor of workers to a greater degree, improving working efficiency and enhancing level and quality of products. The boxing and packaging machine has compact structure and reasonable layout and does not occupy space.

Closure with gas-barrier liner and package incorporating same

A package made up of a container (30) with a closure assembly (10) applied thereto. The closure assembly has a molded plastic closure element (12) with a top panel (14) and an annular skirt (16) that depends downwardly from the. top panel and surrounds and engages a finish of the container. The closure assembly (10) also has a barrier disc (20) that underlies the top panel, but is out of engagement with a rim (32) of the container (30) when the closure assembly is applied to the container. The closure element has an integral sealing fin (22) with an inner end (24) as a first portion and an outer end (26) as a second portion, and the outer end, as molded, extends inwardly and downwardly from a distal end of the first portion. When the closure assembly is applied to the container, the second portion of the sealing fin is folded back toward the inner end of the sealing fin and engages the rim and a terminal side portion (34) of the finish of the container to form a top and side seal between the closure assembly (10) and the container (30). The outer end of the sealing fin also traps the sealing disc against the underside of the top panel of the closure but out of engagement with the container. The barrier disk disc is molded or fabricated from a material, for example, EVOH or LCP, that has excellent resistance to the permeation of O2 or other gases therethrough, and may have an oxygen-scavenging material embedded therein when it is desired to use a closure assembly with such a barrier liner for the packaging of oxygen-sensitive materials, such as beer and other malt beverage products, dairy products and real juices.

Packing cartridges and pressure-dampening and voc-absorbing elements for plunger-type pumps

A package cartridge is provided for use in the maintenance of a packing bore for a plunger-type pump. According to one aspect, a packing cartridge includes: a generally-cylindrical sleeve adapted to be at least partially positioned in the packing bore, a first abutment ring positioned in the sleeve, and a second abutment ring positioned in the sleeve and co-axially spaced apart from the first abutment ring. Telescoping structures are operatively positioned between the first abutment ring and the second abutment ring. According to another aspect, a structure forming a circumferential pressure-ring groove is provided. A pressure ring is positioned in the pressure-ring groove, the pressure ring having at least one smaller external dimension than an internal dimension of the pressure-ring groove, whereby at least one clearance is provided between the pressure-ring groove and the pressure ring. According to yet another aspect, a bio-filter element is provided with the packing cartridge to reduce volatile organic compound (“VOC”) emissions from a pump used for pumping hydrocarbon materials such as oil or gas. According to still yet another aspect, a method of controlling emissions from a pump for pumping hydrocarbons is provided, including the steps of enclosing the power end of the pump and positioned a VOC absorbing material within the enclosure. These aspects can be advantageously practiced together.
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