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Unmanned aerial vehicle transport case

The invention discloses an unmanned aerial vehicle transport case. The unmanned aerial vehicle transport case comprises a case body. Guide rods are arranged at the four corners of the interior of thecase body. The guide rods are fixedly connected to the inner sidewalls of the case body. A carrying platform is slidably connected to the four guide rods. The lower end of the carrying platform is provided with two mounting blocks which are arranged on the two sides of the carrying platform correspondingly. A slide rail is connected between the two mounting blocks. Two first movable blocks are sliding block arranged on the slide rail in a sleeving mode. A threaded block is arranged at the internal bottom of the case body. One end of the threaded rod is rotatably connected to the inner sidewallof the case body. The other end of the threaded rod penetrates through the sidewall of the case body and extends to the outer side of the case body. A driving device is fixedly arranged on the sidewall, close to the lower end, of the case body. The unmanned aerial vehicle transport case is simple in structure, convenient and fast to operate, capable of being directly used as an unmanned aerial vehicle lifting platform, convenient to carry and wide in application range and is provided with a buffer mechanism to improve the transport safety of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Motor controller packing box

The invention discloses a motor controller packing box. The motor controller packing box comprises a packing box main body and a box cover. The packing box main body is matched with the box cover. First damping springs are evenly welded to the bottom and the four walls of the packing box main body at equal intervals. First damping plates are welded to the ends, away from the packing box main body, of the first damping springs. Damping airbags are connected to the sides, away from the first damping springs, of the first damping plates. Damping balloons are arranged in the damping airbags. Slippage prevention layers are arranged on the two sides of the damping balloons. Second damping springs are welded to the inner top end of the box cover at equal internals. A second damping plate is welded to the ends, away from the box cover, of the second damping springs. The second damping plate and the first damping plates are of the same structure. A clamping groove is formed in the side walls of the box cover. According to the motor controller packing box, by arranging the damping airbags, the damping balloons and the slippage prevention layers on the damping plates, collision of motor controllers and packing box containing inner cavities in the transportation process is effectively avoided, and damage of the motor controllers in the transportation process is effectively avoided.

Packing structure for household appliance

The invention discloses a packing structure for a household appliance. The packing structure comprises a packing box. The packing box comprises a bottom plate, four side plates and a cover plate. Thefour side plates are rotatably connected with the bottom plate through rotating shafts correspondingly, and the cover plate is rotatably connected with one of the side plates. A first mounting groovewith an upward opening is formed in the upper side wall of the bottom plate, and the inner walls on the two sides of the first mounting groove are connected with first sliding blocks through first springs correspondingly. An abutting plate is arranged above the bottom plate, and a storage groove with a downward opening is formed in the lower side wall of the abutting plate. The side walls of the first sliding blocks are rotatably connected with obliquely-arranged supporting rods through rotating pieces correspondingly, and the ends, away from the first sliding blocks, of the supporting rods are all rotatably connected with the bottom of the storage groove. Second mounting grooves are vertically formed in the side walls of the four side plates correspondingly. According to the packing structure, the structure is simple, operation is convenient, the household appliance in the packing box can be fixed, and buffer force can be also provided, so that the situation that the household appliance is collided in the transport process and consequently damaged is prevented.
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