Method for active control over electric arc additive manufacturing forming quality

An additive manufacturing and active control technology, applied in the field of additive manufacturing, can solve the problems of low forming efficiency, increased production cost, inability to realize active control of the structure of the formed parts with dimensional deviation, etc., and achieve the effect of an efficient method.

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However, the forming efficiency of this method is low, and the production cost is greatly increased.
Another example is that Dr. Xiong Jun from Harbin Institute of Technology uses a multi-layer single-lane width and height image simultaneous sensing system designed to collect real-time on-line deposition width and height images and then adjust the process parameters to achieve the control of the forming size, but it cannot be realized in real time. Correc...
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The invention discloses a method for active control over the electric arc additive manufacturing forming quality. Thermodynamics criteria of stability of an electric arc additive manufacturing forming molten pool are established according to an arc welding molten pool heat source model, the Fourier law and heat conduction and fluid mechanics theories; and an analysis model for forming quality characterization amount and the forming process parameters is established according to the matching relation between the cladding process parameters and additional cooling system control parameters and the interlayer temperature and the forming quality. Based on the thermodynamics criteria of the stability of the molten pool and the analysis model for the forming quality characterization amount and the forming process parameters, optimized electric arc additive manufacturing interlayer temperature distribution characteristics are obtained, and through assistance of a computer, active control over the electric arc additive manufacturing forming quality is achieved by actively controlling the interlayer temperature. The method is an effective method which ensures the excellent surface quality and mechanical property for electric arc additive manufacturing formed parts.

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Arc welding apparatus

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Electric arcAnalysis models +14


  • Method for active control over electric arc additive manufacturing forming quality
  • Method for active control over electric arc additive manufacturing forming quality


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Example Embodiment

[0013] In order to express the manufacturing advantages of the present invention more clearly, the present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with specific embodiments.
[0014] The invention uses CAD software to establish a three-dimensional model of the formed part. Firstly, the model is sliced ​​according to the shape, structure and size of the formed part; secondly, the forming path is planned according to the size and shape characteristics of each layered slice. The numerical control codes required for the formation of each layer are used to control the movement of the numerical control machine tool to realize the accumulation and formation of each layer.
[0015] According to the quality requirements of the formed metal parts, determine the interlayer temperature distribution characteristics during the forming process, and then set the corresponding interlayer temperature control algorithm based on the thermodynamic criterion of molten pool stability and the analytical model of the forming quality characterization quantity and process parameters Actively control the variation range of the key process parameters of cladding and the control parameters of the external cooling system during the forming process to realize the active control of the interlayer temperature.
[0016] Using AC pulse TIG welding as the welding heat source, peak current: 135A~185A, base current: 85A~135A, welding wire diameter: 0.8mm~1.6mm, wire feeding speed: 3m/min~15m/min, welding speed: 110mm /min~350mm/min, using pure argon as the protective gas, the gas flow rate is 10L/min~15L/min, under the control of the computer, in the forming and manufacturing process according to the preset interlayer temperature control algorithm to control the interlayer The temperature is between 45°C and 90°C, and the molten wire is deposited layer by layer according to the planned production path, thereby manufacturing wall-shaped metal parts with excellent surface morphology and mechanical properties.
[0017] The above-mentioned example is only used to illustrate an example of the present invention in the field of arc additive manufacturing, and is not used to limit the innovative ideas of the present invention.


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