Transformer substation fiber perimeter security monitoring system

A fiber optic perimeter security and monitoring system technology, applied in anti-theft alarms, anti-theft alarm mechanical activation, alarms that rely on broken/disturbed straightened ropes/metal wires, etc., can solve the problem of not being able to determine dangers in a timely and accurate manner Location, false alarm rate, false alarm rate increase, difficult to adapt to security and other issues, to achieve the effect of easy operation and management, enhanced positioning accuracy, and low loss

Pending Publication Date: 2017-08-18
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Problems solved by technology

The traditional security measures are to set up barriers or barriers such as iron fences, walls, and wire fences at the outer perimeter of these areas, and arrange personnel to strengthen patrols. However, criminals are also using advanced science and technology, and criminal methods are more complicated. With modernization and intelligence, the traditional means of prevention have been difficult to adapt to the needs of security work. Moreover, human defense is often affected by factors such as time, region, personnel quality and energy, and it is inevitable that there will be loopholes and mistakes; Radio, video surveillance, microwave radio, electronic fence, power grid, etc., are used to so...
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Method used

1, signal processing unit (APU): the vibration sensing optical cable distribution of a signal processing unit can distribute whole perimeter by demand, and defense zone unit is divided into a plurality of defense zones, and each defense zone is an independent module, each independent Each defense zone can independently monitor the intrusion vibration signal, continuously monitor each defense zone and return the signal to the equipment terminal for processing and analysis, and judge whether there is an intrusion event. Users can adjust each independent zone system individually to make sure it works in the best condition. The system uses serial ports, Ethernet ports and other interfaces to transmit alarm and system status information. And it comes with an independent RF port, which is convenient for users to calibrate through the special software of the system.
Vibration-sensing optical cable is laid along wall, and every road vibration-sensing optical cable can prevent the body of wall of 50cm up and down, o...
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A transformer substation fiber perimeter security monitoring system disclosed by the present invention comprises a defence area unit and a central control system, the defence area unit is divided into a plurality of defence areas, and each defence area comprises a terminal unit, a vibration sensing optical cable, an alarm monitoring unit and a signal transmission optical cable which are connected orderly. The adjacent defence areas share one alarm monitoring unit, the signal transmission optical cables are connected with the central control system, and the central control system sends the alarm protocol data to the linkage devices via a network or an interface to configure an alarm linkage system. The transformer substation fiber perimeter security monitoring system of the present invention has the advantages of being low in signal detection loss, unit cost and laying cost, wide in monitoring range, good in concealment, high in security and automation degree, having no dead zone and electromagnetic radiation, having passive links, belonging to the active monitoring, etc., is specially suitable for the occasions of higher security levels, such as a transformer station, etc.

Application Domain

Burglar alarm by disturbance/breaking stretched cords/wires

Technology Topic

TelecommunicationsActive monitoring +10


  • Transformer substation fiber perimeter security monitoring system
  • Transformer substation fiber perimeter security monitoring system
  • Transformer substation fiber perimeter security monitoring system


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0025] Example 1: Vibration sensor optical cable hanging net installation method (installed on the fence)
[0026] The vibration sensor cable 2 adopts the distributed vibration detection sensor cable with patent number 2011201346653 and is laid on the fence (see attached image 3 ), Laying in a straight line: Lay the vibration sensing optical cable 2 at a position about 1.5 meters above the ground from the height of the iron net. Tighten the vibration sensing optical cable 2 with the fence 7 and tie it with a stainless steel cable tie every 50 cm. The binding strength It is advisable that the optical cable is not deformed; the terminal unit 1 and the alarm monitoring unit 3 are respectively fixed on the pillar 8 of the fence, and a separate defense area uses an alarm monitoring unit (collector), and it is believed that the defense area shares a collector.
[0027] In addition to the above linear laying of the vibration sensor optical cable, parallel linear, S-shaped and other forms of laying can also be selected according to different fences.
[0028] The composition of the monitoring system: front-end vibration sensor optical cable, vibration optical cable detector (alarm monitoring unit), zone terminal unit (terminal unit), back-end alarm host and software management center (central control system).
[0029] 1. Signal processing unit (APU): The vibration sensor optical cable distribution of a signal processing unit can distribute the entire perimeter according to demand. The defense zone unit is divided into multiple defense zones. Each defense zone is an independent module, and each independent defense zone is It can independently monitor the intrusion vibration signal, continuously monitor each defense zone and return the signal to the equipment terminal for processing and analysis to determine whether an intrusion event has occurred. The user can individually modulate each independent zone system to ensure that it is working in the best state. The system uses serial ports, Ethernet ports and other interfaces to transmit alarm and system status information. And comes with an independent radio frequency port, which is convenient for users to calibrate through the system's dedicated software.
[0030] 2. Vibration sensor fiber optic cable: The vibration sensor fiber optic cable is laid on the fence, and the protective sleeve is waterproof, which can protect the sensor fiber optic cable.
[0031] 3. Signal transmission fiber optic cable: The transmission fiber optic cable adopts ordinary communication fiber optic cable, which mainly plays a role of connecting the defense zone, mostly 2 to 48 core fiber optic cable, and the specific number of cores is customized according to system requirements. The transmission optical cable is buried directly underground. When the system fails or is damaged at a single point, it will only cause the corresponding single defense zone to fail, and the remaining defense zones will continue to work normally.
[0032] 4 Junction box: The junction box is used to protect each optical fiber fusion splice point, and it adopts the standard interface of the international standard.
[0033] When installing, first install the sensor optical cable and the communication optical cable, and then the optical path connection work. The connection adopts fusion splicing, and the system host, terminal box, etc. are placed in the cabinet.
[0034] The invention is based on the principle of optical fiber bending loss, and by comparing the intensity of the detection light signal in the sensing optical fiber, the stress condition of the intrusion monitoring optical fiber is understood, thereby real-time detection of intrusion. At the same time, the principle of time division multiplexing is used to enable a system to realize the ability of simultaneous monitoring of multiple defense areas. In practical applications, a large area to be protected is divided into several smaller defense areas, and each defense area is independently monitored. By subdividing the defense zones, the practicability of the system is greatly improved.
[0035] According to actual requirements, it can be set up to achieve linkage with multiple security systems. The basic processing flow is as follows:
[0036] After the physical defense range bar is invaded, detect and alarm;
[0037] After receiving the alarm information, the system will automatically link the camera to shoot and monitor, and make the light linkage and siren alarm;
[0038] The electronic map of the management center will display comprehensive image alarm information and geographic information such as location.

Example Embodiment

[0039] Example 2: Laying method of vibration sensing optical cable for anti-chipping wall
[0040] Vibration sensing optical cables are laid along the wall. Each vibration sensing optical cable can prevent the upper and lower walls of 50cm. A groove 10 is cut on the wall 9 at a height of 1 meter and 3 meters from the ground. 2 Lay in the groove 10, and fix the vibration sensor optical cable 2 on the wall with clips 6 every 50 cm to prevent people from chipping the wall.
[0041] The vibrating optical cable system is a kind of "tangible" alarm system, which really gives people a sense of deterrence, adds a kind of psychological pressure to the intruder, and can prevent and warn against potential intrusions, thereby combining the alarm system and alert The systems are organically combined to achieve the goal of focusing on prevention and combining prevention and reporting. Used in the perimeter security field, it can achieve pre-deterrence, block and alarm when an incident occurs, and delay the time of external invasion, with strong security and reliability. After the system is installed, it is equivalent to forming a "tangible" electronic barrier, increasing the height of the wall, preventing outsiders from invading, and preventing people inside the wall from climbing and escaping from the wall.
[0042] The laying method of the vibration monitoring optical cable of the present invention is not limited to the above types. In order to prevent illegal intruders from crossing the wall and entering, the method of snap net installation can be adopted, that is, the snap net is installed on the top of the fence to increase the intensity and induction of vibration Area, the sensing vibration optical cable is fixed on the top of the deduction net outside the fence; when the alert level needs to be increased, several more optical cables can be laid.


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