High-purity titanium sesquioxide preparation method

A high-purity technology of dititanium trioxide, applied in the direction of titanium dioxide, titanium oxide/hydroxide, etc., can solve problems such as broken wires, high specific gravity, and poor separation effect, and achieve stable product quality, high yield, and separation ideal effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-05-21
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Due to the poor separation effect of this method for producing high-purity titanium dioxide, the particles of high-purity titanium dioxide produce...
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The invention discloses a high-purity titanium sesquioxide preparation method which comprises the steps of: mixing a titanium sesquioxide raw material with water, stirring, smashing, precipitating, drying and then smashing dry powder, wherein the concentration of a mixed solution of the titanium sesquioxide raw material and the water is 10 to 30%; in stirring, a pH value of a titanium sesquioxideraw material and dilute sulphuric acid solution is adjusted to 6.5 to 7.5; smashing after stirring and before precipitating is the smashing by a wet method smashing machine. The preparation method further comprises the step of performing classified separation treatment on the titanium sesquioxide raw material and dilute sulphuric acid solution at least twice, wherein the particle diameter of the titanium sesquioxide is between 0.35 and 0.5 mu m after primary classified separation treatment is performed on the titanium sesquioxide raw material and dilute sulphuric acid solution; the particle diameter of the titanium sesquioxide is between 0.2 and 0.35 mu m after secondary classified separation treatment. The preparation method comprises the step of performing surface treatment on the titanium sesquioxide raw material and dilute sulphuric acid solution subjected to precipitation, wherein a surface treating agent is dimethyl silicone. According to the preparation method disclosed by the invention, crude-fine secondary separation is utilized, so that a separation effect is ideal, the titanium sesquioxide yield can reach 98%, the preparation method is at an advanced level of the same industry at home and abroad, and product quality is stable.

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Titanium dioxide

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[0013] Example: Add 800 kilograms of raw material titanium oxide and 3200 kilograms of secondary purified water into a stirring tank, prepare a 25% concentration solution, stir for half an hour, and adjust the pH value to 6.5 while stirring, and then pass the GSF high efficiency The wet pulverizer is used for pulverization, stirring, and pulverization. The pulverization is repeated for 1.5 hours, and then pumped into the GSDF25J ultra-fine separator for a fractionation. The particle diameter of the titanium trioxide after fractionation and separation is 0.4μm. Then it is pumped into the GSDF10 ultra-fine separator for secondary fractionation. The particle diameter of the titanium trioxide after the secondary fractionation treatment is 0.3μm. After the secondary fractionation, the titanium dioxide raw material and the dilute sulfuric acid solution are sent to the precipitation tank, 80 kg of ammonium bicarbonate precipitation agent is added, and the mixture is stirred. After precipitation for 8 hours, the clear water is discharged, and the precipitated concentration is 33% trioxide The di-titanium raw material and dilute sulfuric acid solution are pumped to the surface treatment tank, 4 kg of dimethyl silicone oil surface treatment agent is added to the surface treatment tank, stirred for 1 hour for surface treatment, and then pumped to the 1000 spray drying tower for drying Treatment, the temperature of the drying treatment is 360℃, after 3 minutes of drying treatment, the raw material of titanium dioxide and dilute sulfuric acid solution will become 784 kg dry powder of titanium trioxide. The dry powder of titanium trioxide will be sent to the silo and sent to the crusher by mechanical vibration. Crushing, sending the pulverized dry titanium dioxide powder to the finished product silo for automatic measurement and packaging.


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