Double-frequency duplexer based on substrate integrated waveguide

A substrate-integrated waveguide and duplexer technology, which is applied to waveguide-type devices, electrical components, circuits, etc., can solve the problems of bulky metal waveguides, difficult integration, and failure of microstrip lines, and achieves simple design structure and increased size Gain, easy industrial processing effect

Active Publication Date: 2019-09-06
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] In high frequency applications, due to the small wavelength, too high tolerance requirements often make the microstrip line fai...
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Method used

The present invention first introduces that input feed is set on the intermediate metal layer, since there is no signal attenuation and loss caused by the coupling mechanism of the upper and lower layers, the debugging cost is saved simultaneously, the com...
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The invention discloses a double-frequency duplexer based on a substrate integrated waveguide. The double-frequency duplexer comprises a filter dielectric substrate, a top metal layer arranged on theupper surface of the filter dielectric substrate, a bottom metal layer arranged on the lower surface of the filter dielectric substrate, and a metal layer arranged between the upper surface of the filter dielectric substrate and the lower surface of the filter dielectric substrate; T-shaped output ports are formed in the metal layers on the upper surface and the lower surface of the filter mediumsubstrate; and an input feed network is arranged on the middle metal layer. The double-frequency duplexer is simple in design structure and easy for industrial processing; firstly a miniaturized double-frequency SIW-based double-frequency duplexer is introduced, so that the problem of relatively large size of a filter is solved to a relatively great extent; and secondly, the input feed network structure of the middle metal layer is introduced, so that the gain based on the SIW filter is further increased, and a foundation is laid for improvement of the passband gain of the double-frequency SIWfilter and improvement of the echo loss.

Application Domain

Waveguide type devices

Technology Topic

Dielectric substratePassband +5


  • Double-frequency duplexer based on substrate integrated waveguide
  • Double-frequency duplexer based on substrate integrated waveguide
  • Double-frequency duplexer based on substrate integrated waveguide


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0031] Example 1
[0032] Such as Figure 4 As shown, a wave port is on the middle metal layer of the SIW cavity, that is, a microstrip line is on the middle metal layer of two dielectric plates, and two equal gaps are set on both sides of the microstrip line, passing through the microstrip line. The coplanar waveguide is converted to form a wave port, and metal through holes are arranged along the two sides of the equal gap, and the same metal through holes are arranged on the other three sides, wherein the distance between the two through holes is equal. T-shaped output ports are set in the center of the upper and lower surfaces of the dual-frequency SIW duplexer to realize the power division of the signal. Such as Image 6 The S-parameter simulation waveform diagram shown has dual frequency points at 11.6 GHz and 13.5 GHz, and the return loss is greater than 20 dB and 22 dB, respectively, and its working performance is good.

Example Embodiment

[0033] Example 2
[0034] Such as image 3 with 5 As shown, the duplexer is composed of upper and lower double cavities. The middle metal layer serves as the isolation layer of the upper and lower layers. Each cavity consists of metal through holes around the dielectric substrate and upper and lower metal layers. The same layer of cavities is coupled The window realizes signal transmission. Such as Image 6 It is the S-parameter simulation waveform diagram of a compact dual-frequency duplexer with a double-layer substrate integrated waveguide. Its dual frequency points are 11.6GHz and 13.5GHz, the return loss is greater than 20dB and 22dB, and the insertion loss is less than -1dB. Good performance.
[0035] The invention aims to provide a dual-frequency duplexer based on a substrate integrated waveguide, which solves the problem of low passband gain of the SIW filter and lays a foundation for future research on filters with higher passband gain.


Return loss13.5z

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