Waterproof and drainage floor structure of machine room channel

A technology for waterproofing and drainage, computer room, applied in drainage structures, floors, building structures, etc., can solve the problems of not considering the waterproofing and drainage of aisles, safety problems, poor economy, etc., to achieve good economic benefits and reduce costs. , the effect of low loss

Pending Publication Date: 2021-09-07
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This method has too much backfill, poor economy, and does not consider the...
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In actual use, described solvent-free epoxy paint layer 31 has the advantages such as strong anticorrosion ability, strong adhesion, high hardness, wear resistance, salt spray resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high gloss, high solid content, high fullness , and the surface is bright, flat, beautiful, seamless, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable, which can meet the needs of modern industry for flooring. It occupies an important position in floor materials and is an ideal long-term floor for modern industry. Ping material has been widely used in industrial floor decoration such as medicine, automobile, electronics, food, electric power, and chemical industry; the solvent-free epoxy coating layer 31 is non-volatile organic solvent, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and adopts low relative molecular weight Epoxy resin and reactive diluent are used ...
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The invention discloses a waterproof and drainage floor structure of a machine room channel, and relates to the technical field of building practice development. The waterproof and drainage floor structure comprises a walkway, wherein floor drains are arranged on both sides of the walkway, and a solvent-free epoxy coating layer, a neat cement paste combination layer, a cement mortar protection layer, a polyurethane waterproof coating layer, a cement mortar leveling layer, a fine aggregate concrete cushion layer, a foamed concrete backfilling layer and a structural floor slab are arranged in sequence below the walkway from top to bottom. According to the waterproof and drainage floor structure, the problem of accident drainage in emergency is effectively solved, the personal and property safety is guaranteed, the loss is reduced to the minimum, additionally, the equipment is effectively protected, the data stability of an area is maintained, and obvious social benefits are achieved.

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  • Waterproof and drainage floor structure of machine room channel
  • Waterproof and drainage floor structure of machine room channel


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Example Embodiment

[0019] The practice of the present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, but they do not constitute a limitation of the invention, only for example. At the same time, the advantages of the present invention will become more clear and easy to understand.
[0020] Referring to the drawings: Construction of the equipment room channel anti-row floor, including the walkway 2 between the two machine rooms;
[0021] Both sides of the walkway 2 have ground drain 21, and there is a solvent-free epoxy coating layer 31, a cement mortar protective layer 33, a polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34, a polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34, a cement mortar Find flat layer 35, fine stone concrete pad layer 36, foaming concrete backfill layer 37 and structural floor 38;
[0022] Drainage pipes 4 are embedded on both sides of the foaming concrete backfill layer 37; the drain pipe 4 is connected to the ground drain 21.
[0023] The fine stone concrete pad layer 36 includes sand, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and concrete; the sand uses a medium-crude sand with a particle size of 0.3-0.5 mm; the coarse aggregate contains no more than 1%; The amount of the fine aggregate should not be greater than 2%; the concrete strength should not be lower than C20, and the amount of concrete cement per cubic meter is not less than 330kg. The water as average should not be greater than 0.55; the content of sand is 35% - 40%; the gray sand is 1: 2-1: 2.5; the fine stone concrete pad layer 36 has a thickness of 50 mm.
[0024] The foaming concrete reticle 37 is a foaming system that is fully foamed by a foaming system of a foamer, and mix the foam with the cement slurry, and then the pumping system of the foaming machine performs cashier. ; The foaming concrete backfill layer 37 capacity 6kn / m 3 The thickness is 900 mm.
[0025] The walkway 2 has a slope near the floor drain 21.
[0026] The floor drain 21 is 150 x 150 mm; the drain pipe 4 is a tube with a polyvinyl chloride resin as a raw material, a tube diameter of 110 mm.
[0027] In actual use, the solventless epoxy coating layer 31 has strong anti-corrosion, strong adhesion, high hardness, wear-resistant, salt-resistant, high gloss, high solid content, high feature, and surface Bright, flat, beautiful, seamless, easy to clean, easy to maintain, durable, can meet the needs of modern industries, accounting for important positions in floor materials, is a long-acting floor material for modern industrial ideals, It has been widely used in pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, food, electricity, chemical and other industrial ground decoration; no solvent-free epoxy coating layer 31 is a non-volatile organic solvent, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, using low relative molecular mass epoxy resin The active diluent is a base, and the film formation thickness can be more than 100 pm or more, the performance is good; the solidification temperature of the solvent-free epoxy coating layer 31 requires 10 ° C or more, and the cleaning and drying of the surface layer must be maintained, and there is no cracking. Sewing, unevenness.
[0028] The polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34 is an isocyanate, a polyether or the like, a prepolymer containing anisocyanate group, and is equipped with a catalyst, anhydrous aid, anhydrous filler, solvent, or the like, mixed. A single component polyurethane waterproof coating; the polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34 is a reaction curable (moisture-cured) coating, high strength, high elongation, and good water resistance. A strong ability to adaptation to the base layer deformed; the polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34 is a single component of liquid construction, which is an additive such as an inlet polyurethane prepolymer, an admixture and a pitch, and a polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34. It is cured after the moisture in the air, forms a solid touched non-seam overall anti-film surface on the surface of the base layer; the polyurethane waterproof coating layer 34 thick 1.5 mm.
[0029] The fine stone concrete pad layer 36 is a structural layer between the base layer and the lower pad, and the main purpose is to increase the stiffness of the overall structure, while effective diffusion load to reduce the deformation of the lower pad. The fine stone concrete cushion 36 process is: find high, marginal layer horizontal line → grassroots treatment → sprinkle water wet → plasmine → sperm → bristle water mud → pouring fine stone concrete → wipe-plane laminate → maintenance.
[0030] Boabling concrete backfill layer 37 is also known as foam concrete or light concrete, which is fully foamed with a foaming agent through a foaming system of a foaming machine, and mix the foam and the cement slurry, and then foamed The pumping system performs cash-in-in-place construction or mold forming, a new lightweight insulation material containing a large amount of closed air is formed by natural maintenance; foaming concrete is a foaming agent, cement, fly ash, stone powder, etc. The two-set polymer of the glue, contains uniform pores; foaming concrete is used for roofing insulation to find a slope, ground insulation cushion, upper-draft film foundation pit filled, wall casting and other energy-saving materials. Due to the small density of the foam, this type of material is used in the construction of the buildings in the inner and outer walls, levels, layers, columns and other building structures, generally reduced the buildings to 25%, some can have the total weight of the structure. % -40%. Moreover, for the structural member, if the foaming concrete is used instead of ordinary concrete, it can improve the load carrying capacity of the member; therefore, there is a significant economic benefit in the construction of foaming concrete; the foaming concrete reticle 37 is 6KN / M 3 The thickness is about 900 mm. The production process of the foaming concrete backfill layer 37 includes: foam preparation, foam mixture preparation, casting, maintenance, inspection; specific process flow is: Grassroots cleaning → Drawing design and technical implementation requirements to set thicknevous and high low points → pouring Wet water → Production of foam → Pouring in the construction order → maintenance → inspection and finished product maintenance.
[0031]Drainage 4 (UPVC drain) is a pipe with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, which has the advantage of corrosion resistance and flexibility, especially suitable for water supply pipe network. Since it does not conduct electricity, it is not easy to electrochemically, acid, alkali, and salt, is difficult to corrode it, so there is no need to be external anti-corrosion coating and liner. The flexibility of the flexibility overcomes the disadvantage of the past plastic tube crispy, and can produce yield without rupture under load. In addition, the UPVC drainage has the advantage of lighter weight and convenient transportation. The connection of the UPVC drain is inserted with an insertion ring connection, adhesive connection, and flange connection. The UPVC drain pipe has a pipe diameter of 110 mm.
[0032] The ground drain 21 is a finished stainless steel floor drain, which is an important interface for connecting the drainage pipe system and the indoor ground. It is an important part of the drainage system; the floor drain 21 has a four-sex: quick drainage, anti-odor, anti-blocking, easy to clean, finished stainless steel floor drain Moderate, beautiful, and durable features; floor drain 21 size is 150x150mm.
[0033] Other unmeated parts are all in the prior art.


Particle size0.3 ~ 0.5mm

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