Method for intensifying explosion-proof pipes by induction fusion welding and surfacing subareas on fire-facing side of boiler pipeline

A technology for explosion-proof pipes and pipes, which is applied in the field of induction fusion welding and surfacing welding to strengthen explosion-proof pipes. It can solve the problems of uniform sandblasting in the surfacing welding area of ​​pipe rows and affect the quality of surfacing welding of pipe rows, so as to achieve high production efficiency and ensure melting Welding quality, uniform effect of sandblasting

Pending Publication Date: 2021-11-16
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] Secondly, before and after the surfacing treatment of the pipe row, an automatic sandblasting machine is required to perform sandblasting operations on the surfacing welding of the pipe row. The existing sandblasting operation is: the worker holds the automatic sandblasting gun head on the pipe Sandblasting is performed on the tube row. Due to the large surfacing area of ​​the...
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Method used

Please refer to Fig. 6, horizontal plate 506 comprises plate body 5061, and one end of plate body 5061 is connected support seat 501, and several rectangular holes 5062 are equidistantly arranged on plate body 5061, two groups of arcs are arranged symmetrically in both sides of rectangular hole 15062 shaped hole 5063, rectangular hole 2 5064 is set on the plate body 5061, and the receiving mechanism 507 includes sandblasting pipe 5071, and several sandblasting pipes 5071 are arranged, and sandblasting pipe 5071 is located in rectangular hole 1 5062, and the two sides of sandblasting pipe 5071 are connected symmetrically. Group shaft two 5072, one end of shaft two 5072 is provided with a bearing, the bearing is rotatably connected to the arc-shaped hole 5063, the two ends of the sandblasting tube 5071 are slidingly connected to two sets of plate two 5073, one end of plate two 5073 is connected to rod one 5074, and one end of rod one 5074 is connected to slide plate 5076 , the sliding plate 5076 is slidably connected to the guide post 5075, the sandblasting pipe 5071 is connected to the pipe 6, se...
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The invention relates to the technical field of methods for intensifying explosion-proof pipes by induction fusion welding and surfacing subareas, in particular to a method for intensifying the explosion-proof pipes by induction fusion welding and surfacing subareas on the fire-facing side of a boiler pipeline. The method comprises the following steps of performing sand blasting roughening treatment on the surface of a pipe top area of a pipe bank by an automatic sand blasting machine; enabling the pipe top part to be automatically surfaced by plasma arc, wherein the thickness is about 2.5 mm; enabling deformation of the pipe bank to be strictly controlled and corrected by adopting a special tool; using the automatic sand blasting machine to carry out sand blasting treatment on the parts, except for the surfacing part of the pipe top of the pipe bank, of the surface; preparing a nickel-based self-fluxing alloy coating on the part, except the surfacing surface, of the surface of the pipe bank through flame spraying, wherein the thickness is about 0.5 mm; and performing high-frequency induction remelting on a sprayed coating, and determining the process parameters, such as power supply frequency, heating specific power, heating starting time and pipe bank moving speed of high-frequency induction remelting. The worry of pipe explosion of manufacturers can be avoided, the service life is basically equivalent to that of complete surfacing welding, the purpose of being safe to use can be achieved, and most enterprises including small and medium-sized enterprises can pay for the method.

Application Domain

Molten spray coatingPlasma welding apparatus

Technology Topic

Fusion weldingEngineering +6


  • Method for intensifying explosion-proof pipes by induction fusion welding and surfacing subareas on fire-facing side of boiler pipeline
  • Method for intensifying explosion-proof pipes by induction fusion welding and surfacing subareas on fire-facing side of boiler pipeline
  • Method for intensifying explosion-proof pipes by induction fusion welding and surfacing subareas on fire-facing side of boiler pipeline


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Example Embodiment

[0036] Next, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be described in connection with the drawings of the embodiments of the present invention, and it is understood that the described embodiments are merely the embodiments of the present invention, not all of the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, all other embodiments obtained by those of ordinary skill in the art are in the range of the present invention without making creative labor premise.
[0037] Implementation
[0038] See Figure 1 to 4 A method of reinforcing explosion-proof tubes induced by a boiler pipe into a fire partition and a surfacing partition is divided into the following steps:
[0039] (1) Prepare the soldering and spraying powder material, purchase Inconel625 high-temperature alloy welding wire surfacing material; purchase nickel-based self-fused powder induction welding material.
[0040] (2) Automatic sand blasting machine sandblasted on the surface of the tube discharge area 8.
[0041] (3) The top portion of the plasma arc automatically, the thickness is about 2.5 mm.
[0042] (4) Strict control and correction pipeline deformation by special tooling.
[0043] (5) Automatic sand blasting machine is sandblasted with the surface of the tube exclusion tube.
[0044] (6) The nickel-based welding coating is prepared in the surface flame spraying surface flame in the surface of the surfacing welding surface, and the thickness is about 0.5 mm.
[0045] (7) The high-frequency induction of the spray coating is remembered, determine the process parameters of the power supply frequency, heating ratio of the high frequency induction, heating, heating start time, tube row movement speed.
[0046] (8) Strictly control the pipeline deformation in the induction remelting process.
[0047] (9) The alloy rendition was performed using Inconel625 at the surfacing and induction fusion welding.
[0048] (10) Detect the quality of the tube discharge surface, hand-fixing for local defects;
[0049]Among them, the position of the pipe burst 9 is concentrated in the vicinity of the top of the water-cooled wall and the tube of the superheater, and the present invention proposes a strategy for key protection of the top region of the tube. That is, the pipe is soldered to the tubular top portion of the fire side, and the surfacing area is approximately 1/2 of the tube to the root portion, and the remainder use induction welding protection. The process route is first completed the surfacing of the top portion of the tube, and then the remainder includes the lower portion of the tube and the fin surface, and the nickel-based self-fused alloy - inductively remelted. In order to prevent the surfacing and induction of the inductive gwandering transition seam, it is finally soldered at the seam.
[0050] Implementation
[0051] See Figure 5 to 6 The automatic sand blasting machine includes a sand blasting machine body and a sand blast assisting mechanism, and the sand blasting machine body is connected to the sand blast assist mechanism through several pipe 6, and the blasting machine blasting aided mechanism includes a handling mechanism 4 ( Reference Model FSL80), the carrier 4 (reference model FSL80) is configured to provide two sets of support 1, the support 1 on the upper and other distances, the arcuate groove 2 is placed on the arc 3, the tube 3 The blasting mechanism 5 having a swing function is provided by the fin 7, and the handling mechanism 4 is provided on the handling function 5, and the blasting mechanism 5 includes a support seat 501, a supporting seat 501 to connect a transport mechanism 4 (reference model FSL80), support seat The 501 side is provided, and the roller 502 rotates the connecting carrier 4 (reference model FSL80) sidewall, the roller 502 connects the shaft one 503, and the shaft one 503 is provided, the bearing is embedded into the support seat 501, the branch, axis one 503 One end is connected to the disc 504, and the disc 504 is provided on one side, and the pulling rod 505 is disposed, and the cross plate 506 is provided on the cross plate 506, and the rod 505 is provided with two sets of pins, and one end of the pin is set. Bearing, one The group shaft is inserted into the slide 5076, and the other set of bearing is inserted into the disk 504 off the side of the axis, wherein the discharge pipe 3 is placed on the two sets of support 1 when the pipe 3 is needed, in which the drain 3 is placed on the two sets of support 1. The tube top region 8 facing up, the sandblasting tube 5071 on the undertaking mechanism 507 is positively on the tube top region 8, the activation carrier 4 (reference model FSL80), the carrier body 4 (reference model FSL80) drives sand blasts on the sheath mechanism 507. The tube 5071 moves along the tube top region 8, while the carrier mechanism 4 (reference model FSL80) drives the support seat 501 to move the roller 502 along the side wall of the carrier 4 (reference model FSL80), the roller 502 passes through the shaft one 503 The disk 504 is rotated, and the disc 504 moves back to the slide 507 by the pull rod 505, and the slider 507 moves the plate 2 5073 by the rod first, the plate 2 5073 drives the sandblast tube 5071 to move back and forth, thereby sandblasting tube 5071 to the tube 3 The top area 8 is more uniform.
[0052] Implement three
[0053] See Image 6 The cross plate 506 includes a plate body 5061, and the plate 5061 is connected to the support seat 501, and the plate 5061 is equipped with a number of rectangular holes, a 5062, a rectangular hole, a 5062, two-sided, two sets of curved holes 5063, plate 5061 The rectangular hole 2 5064 is provided, and the undertaking mechanism 507 includes a sandblast tube 5071, a blast tube 5071 is provided, and the sandblasting tube 5071 is located within a rectangular hole 1 5062, and the sandblasting tube 5071 is symmetrically connected to the two sets of shafts 2 5072, the axis 2 At the end of 5072, a bearing is provided, and the bearing rotates the arcuate hole 5063, and the blast tube 5071 slides to connect the two sets of plates 2 5073, the plate 2 5073 connecting the rod 1 5074, the rod is connected to the slider 5076, the slide 5076 slides the guide post 5075, the sandblasting tube 5071 connecting the pipe 6, on the plate 2 5073, the equal distance is equipped with a plurality of through holes, in which the vertical bearings are embedded, and the upright bearing is slidably attached to the sand tube 5071, the guide post 5075 is located within the rectangular hole 2 5064, guide post 5075 Slidely connect the upright bearings, the upright bearings are embedded into the skateboard 5076, wherein the arcuate holes 5063 are parallel to the tube top region 8, and when the plate 2 5073 drives the blast tube 5071, the axis 2 5072 will be along the curved shape. The hole 5063 moves, while moving the sandblasting tube 5071 while moving back in the longitudinal direction, since the tube top region 8 is the curved surface, the shaft 2 5072 is set to the curved hole 5063, so that the spray The spacing of the sand tube 5071 and the tubular top region 8 is constant, thereby facilitating the blasting tube 5071 on the sand blasting treatment of the tube top region 8, improving the blasting quality of the tube top region 8.


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