Conveying mechanism and processing technology for laminated slab processing and production

A conveying mechanism and stacking plate technology, which is applied to conveyors, conveyor objects, mechanical conveyors, etc., can solve the problems of uncontrollable swing direction, bulky vibration mechanism, and limited vibration amplitude, so as to improve swing safety, Improve the effect of durability and convenient automatic control

Pending Publication Date: 2022-01-28
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is: in order to solve the problems existing in the above-mentioned background technology, provide an improved conveying mechanism and its processing technology for the processing and production of laminated boards, and solve the problems in the traditional processing and production of laminated boards. The uniformity of concrete pouring, the reduction of internal voids and the overall quality, need to...
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Method used

(3) place reinforcement cage, pre-embedded bolt, reinforcement cage adopts the mode of prefabricated finished steel mesh sheet, and this reinforcement cage adopts the mode of prefabricated finished product reinforcement mesh sheet, does not make on-site on production line, can shorten production line, reduce The area of ​​the production line; use the mechanical arm to grab the mold table and put it on the flow line, and use the mechanical arm to grab the steel cage;
The present invention is used for the delivery mechanism of laminated plate processing production and processing technology thereof by adopting regulating motor to drive internal rotating support to adjust, thereby control permanent magnet turning over, not only can cooperate lateral positioning plate to carry out magnetic positioning to whole delivery mechanism, It can also quickly change the direction of the magnetic field by rotating, so as to achieve the purpose of fast reciprocating swing. The whole swing mechanism is small in size and greatly reduces energy consumption. The frame adopts a split structure design consis...
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The invention relates to the technical field of prefabricated laminated slab processing, in particular to a conveying mechanism and a processing technology for laminated slab processing and production. The conveying mechanism comprises a track mounted on the ground, a main support frame movably assembled on the track, a driving motor, an adjusting motor and a permanent magnet. According to the conveying mechanism and the processing technology for laminated slab processing and production, the adjusting motor is adopted to drive an internal rotating support to be adjusted, the whole conveying mechanism can be magnetically positioned in cooperation with a lateral positioning plate, rapid reciprocating swinging can be achieved, the whole swinging mechanism is small in size, energy consumption is greatly reduced, meanwhile, side arrangement is adopted, local parts are more reasonable, later maintenance and repair are facilitated, and later use cost is reduced; the main supporting frame is of a split type structural design composed of a transmission base and a mold table, a bottom transmission mechanism is not affected while the main supporting frame swings, the service life of the bottom transmission mechanism can be prolonged, and the durability of the bottom transmission mechanism can be improved.

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Ceramic shaping apparatusConveyor parts +1

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Drive motorProcess engineering +7


  • Conveying mechanism and processing technology for laminated slab processing and production
  • Conveying mechanism and processing technology for laminated slab processing and production
  • Conveying mechanism and processing technology for laminated slab processing and production


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Example Embodiment

[0032] The present invention will now be described in further detail with reference to the drawings. These figures are schematic diagrams, which will be described only in a schematic manner, and therefore it only shows the configurations related to the present invention.
[0033] In the description of the present invention, it is to be described in that, unless otherwise expressly specified and defined, the term "connected", "connection" should be used to understand, for example, may be a fixed connection, or a detachable connection, or integral Connect; may be mechanical connections or electrical connections; may be directly connected, or indirectly over the intermediate medium. The specific meaning of the above terms in the present invention will be appreciated to those skilled in the art.
[0034] figure 1 , figure 2 and image 3 Conveying mechanism for processing for producing a laminate as shown, includes a track mounted on the floor 1, the main stay active assembly 1 2 on the track, the driving motor 3, the adjustment motor 4 and the permanent magnet 5, the main support 2 on both sides of the outer wall of the side frame defines a fitting groove, the inside lateral groove through the mounting bolts for mounting the drive wheel 7 side of the positioning frame 6, the outer wall of the main stand 2 is positioned outside the lateral sides of the fitting groove defined in a built- lateral adjustment cartridge mounting lateral grooves 8, the permanent magnets 5 through the inside of the rotating support 9 movably mounted inside the cassette lateral adjustment 8, defines the lateral side mounting groove for mounting the adjusting motor 4 of the inner mounting groove, adjustment motor 4 and the inner front end of the rotary shaft 9 between the upper end of the shaft mount 10 connected by a bevel gear transmission set.
[0035] Working principle: the drive motor 3 is controlled by a main support frame 2 in translation on the rail 1, the motor 4 is changed by adjusting the magnetic field of the permanent magnet 5, so that the complete separation of the main support frame 2 and positioning the rail 1.
[0036] Further, in order to fit inside the drive, the main support frame 2 defines a built-in internal transverse mounting shaft inside the through hole 11, the lower main support frame 2 defines a built-in motor mounting surface of the bottom of the mounting groove 12 of the cartridge 13, sides of the bottom mounting groove built defines lateral side of the gear box transmission 15 of the groove 14, the lower main support frame 2 defines a bottom surface of the inner drive slot communicating the through hole fitting groove 15 and the lateral drive 16, 16 through the inner drive slot bottom mounting bracket activities a transverse shaft for driving connection with drive means 11 and the bottom side 14 of the gear box.
[0037] Further, in order to connect with the drive, four-wheel drive mode, can improve the transmission efficiency of the entire transport mechanism, the drive mechanism includes a transverse bottom by a movable support mounted in the bottom of the groove 16 of the drive shaft 18, coaxially fixed transverse drive shaft 18 both ends of the main drive gear 19 and a coaxial socket 20, and further, in order to cooperate with the active assembly in the sub-reset elastic pressing the drive gear shaft 11 laterally outward, lateral positioning frame comprises a lateral fitting groove 7 is fixedly mounted cylindrical guide shaft 21 is fixed inside the frame by fixing a link 21 is mounted inside the fixed frame 22 and fixed to the lateral outer surface 22 of the cartridge pressing spring guide shaft 23, the drive wheel 6 by a transverse shaft 11 is inserted into the guide shaft inner cylinder 22 is connected with the lateral positioning frame 7 activity.
[0038] like Figure 4 , In order to improve the firmness and stability of the positioning mechanism, the rail 1 is fixed to the outer surface of the bolt lateral positioning plate 24, 24 located laterally outer side surface of the lower end of the bottom plate bolted triangular support frame 25.
[0039] Further, in order to facilitate swinging the upper swing using lower stationary manner to enhance the stability of the transport mechanism, the main stand 2 comprises a transmission station 27 and the die base 26, and further, in order to meet the automatic control, the cylinder 22 is located in the outer side surface of the guide shaft lateral extrusion 23 fixed to the inner spring assembly for adjusting the control switch 28 controls the pressing motor 4.
[0040]In normal state, the conveying mechanism is translapsed to the lateral positioning plate 24, and then the lateral positioning plate 24 is attached to the lateral positioning plate 24 by the magnetic object of the permanent magnet 5, and then the adjusting motor 4 is rotated, and the permanent magnet 5 is rotated at this time. One end of the magnetic field direction changes, at this time, the permanent magnet 5 control schedule 27 of the other end is translated to one side. When the press control switch 28 is pressed to the inside, the adjustment motor 4 of the other end is turned off, and the adjustment motor 4 of the extruded end begins to rotate. , Then reciprocate such a loop, complete the purpose of reciprocating swing.
[0041] The processing processes used for the production of laminated plates, the processing steps are as follows:
[0042] (1) Temperature cleaning; applied to a high molecular coating on the mode 27, the polymer coating is Teflon, and the prior art uses the molding agent, the release agent is actually inconvenient, and it is difficult to live Apply average coating; heating in the mold 27;
[0043] (2) Automatic mold mode;
[0044] (3) Place the steel cage, the embedded bolt, and the steel cage use prefabricated reinforcing mesh, this steel cage uses prefabricated finished steel mesh, and does not produce on the production line, which can shorten the production line and reduce production line area; Place the structure with a robot arm to put on the flow transfer, and grab the steel cage with the mechanical arm;
[0045] (4) Pouring, shocking;
[0046] (5) Pull;
[0047] (6) Entering maintenance kiln maintenance; based on the previous situation, the maintenance kiln can also be highly reduced, the size is reduced.
[0048] (7) Demand. Because there is a Teflon coating, it is very convenient to demold.
[0049] The conveying mechanism for the laminate processing and production of the present invention and its processing processes are controlled by adjusting the internal rotational bracket adjustment, thereby controlling the permanent magnet flip, not only can the entire conveying mechanism can be magnetically positioned, but can also pass The rotation quickly changes the direction of the magnetic field, thereby achieving the purpose of rapid reciprocating swing, the entire swing mechanism is small, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the side layout is used, which is partially more reasonable, which is convenient for later maintenance and maintenance, reducing the post-use cost; the main support rack The split structural design of the transmission base and the mold bench is not affecting the bottom transmission mechanism while swinging, and can increase the life and endurance of the bottom transmission mechanism; by coating a polymer coating on the mesh, it is very convenient, while Now, the dimension size is now narrowed, and one mode is only corresponding to a model of laminated plate, which can significantly reduce the reduced production line, which is also more convenient to enter the maintenance kiln stack; securely assembled to control adjustment The press control switch of the motor can automatically adjust the adjustment motor rotation of the other end according to the swing amplitude, thereby forming the purpose of staggered rotation, which is more convenient, and greatly enhances the security of the internal mechanism; uses the outer side toward the outer side of the guide beam The press spring can improve the elasticity while the swing security is improved, thereby further reducing energy consumption.
[0050] It is insufficiently described above with the above description, and the relevant staff can perform a variety of changes and modifications without departing from the technical idea of ​​the present invention. The technical scope of this invention is not limited to the instructions, and the technical range must be determined according to the claim scope.


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