Reacting polymer cement waterproof coating and preparing method thereof

A waterproof coating, reactive technology, applied in cement coatings, antifouling/underwater coatings, polyurea/polyurethane coatings, etc., can solve problems such as poor water resistance, cracking, and non-drying, and achieve broad market prospects and comprehensive performance The effect of superior, excellent waterproof performance

Inactive Publication Date: 2005-02-23
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Problems solved by technology

However, there are obviously some defects in practical application: 1) It is a volatile curing material, the curing speed is slow, the construction period is long, and it cannot even be dried in places with poor ventilation; 2) It can only be applied by thin coating multiple times. Construction, if it is thick, it will lead to cracking, or it will not dry, so it w...
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This invention involves a kind of response type waterproof coaitng of polymer cement and prepares the method, this waterproof coating, include the aircrew one and there is no aircrew one, there is aircrew one from reacting type polyurethane cream, neighbor benzene two formic acid kinds of plasticizer and organic silicon is it steep pharmaceutical make up, have aircrew copy to made up of white cement and light body calcium carbonate to disapper. While using, the quality matching of one per group is: There are aircrew's shares: Response polyurethane 100 cream, neighbor benzene two formic acid kinds of 5 plasticizer, organic silicon is it steep 5 pharmaceutical to disappear; The weight matching of all raw material is when there is no aircrew one: white cement is 100. light body calcium carbonate is 40. The response type waterproof coating of polymer has already had the intersity of building inorganic material of cement high, able to bear it good advantage, have good high elasticity of high polymer material and waterproof performance.

Application Domain

Antifouling/underwater paintsPaints with biocides +2

Technology Topic

BenzenePlasticizer +12


  • Reacting polymer cement waterproof coating and preparing method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0026] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with embodiments.
[0027] Produce 200 kg of the product of the present invention, in which the organic components are: polyurethane emulsion 93 kg, phthalic acid plasticizer 5 kg, silicone defoamer 2 kg; inorganic component: white cement 70 kg, light 30 kg of calcium carbonate, prepared according to their respective weight ratios, and then put the organic components, inorganic components and water in the mixing tank at a weight ratio of 1:1:0.4, and then mix them evenly. Put into use.
[0028] The following table is the result of comparison between the product and the volatile curing polymer cement waterproof coating Type I under the same conditions after actual use.
[0030] Among them, the implementation industry standard of volatile curing polymer cement waterproof coating is: JC/T894-2001. It can be concluded from the above table that this reactive polymer cement waterproof coating has the advantages of fast curing speed, high tensile strength, excellent elongation at break, superior low temperature flexibility and water resistance compared with volatile curing polymer cement waterproof coating I Good performance and other advantages are worthy of promotion.


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