A novel optical fiber grating temperature compensation encapsulation method

A fiber grating and temperature compensation technology, applied in optical fiber transmission, electromagnetic wave transmission systems, electrical components, etc., can solve problems such as temperature coefficient of 1pm/℃, complex packaging structure, increased polarization mode dispersion, etc., and achieve long-term wavelength stability , good long-term temperature characteristics, good effect of temperature characteristics

Inactive Publication Date: 2007-08-01
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The packaging method reported in Document 1 (Temperature-stabilized metal packaging of fiber gratings, Journal of lightwave technology, 2003, 21(5): 1377-1383) does not require prestressing, but requires a metal layer, the process is complicated and the length of the package Longer, and the temperature coefficient is still 1pm/℃
Document 2 (A fiber grating probe with temperature compensation, Optical Fiber Sensors Conference Technical Digest, 2002, 1(15): 347-350) reports that the structure of the packaging method is relatively c...
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The invention discloses a method of compensating fiber grating temperature coefficient with encapsulation cannula which possesses negative temperature coefficient. A material which does not possess negative temperature coefficient is used to produce encapsulation cannula with tiny negative heat expansion coefficient by special process; it can completely compensate the wavelength shift generated by change of temperature. The encapsulation cannula encapsulates the fiber grating quickly under the high temperature to produce fiber grating which is not sensitive to temperature and possesses high heat stability, and it is high and low temperature circle aged for multiple times. The invention is simple, cost is low, more important is that the temperature performance is well, the temperature coefficient of fiber grating can achieve 0.0005nm/DEG C under the circumstance of -10DEG C to 60DEG C, and it possesses perfect long time temperature property. The column of the fiber grating encapsulated is small, the weight is light, shock resistance property is strong, and it is an ideal encapsulation method for fiber grating.

Application Domain

Fibre transmission

Technology Topic

Temperature coefficientNegative temperature +10


  • A novel optical fiber grating temperature compensation encapsulation method
  • A novel optical fiber grating temperature compensation encapsulation method


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Example Embodiment

[0017] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0018] First of all, in order to make the fiber grating have stable performance, high temperature and long time annealing must be carried out. The structure of the fiber grating written on the photosensitive fiber is shown in Figure 1, and the coating layer of the grating part must be removed. After the written fiber grating is annealed, the bare fiber part of the written fiber grating should be coated and protected.
[0019] The second is to make a packaged tube with a negative thermal expansion coefficient. The negative thermal expansion coefficient of the package tube is closely related to the production temperature. In order to make the package tube just to completely compensate for the drift of the fiber grating wavelength, in the process of manufacturing the package tube, the high-temperature heat treatment temperature must be strictly controlled to make the package tube’s negative thermal expansion coefficient Not too big or too small. In order to tightly combine the optical fiber with the fiber grating and the packaging tube, the coating layer at both ends of the fiber grating needs to be removed. In this way, the bare fiber and the packaging tube can be well bonded together to achieve the best packaging effect. After the pretreatment of the fiber grating is completed, high-temperature fast packaging is performed, and the fiber grating 1 is placed in the packaging tube 5. At this time, it should be noted that the grating is not close to the tube wall in the tube, and there is an air layer. Put both of them in the high-temperature thermostat 6, as shown in Fig. 2 is a high-temperature packaging device for fiber gratings. Place the packaging tube 5 with fiber gratings in the high-temperature thermostat 6, and apply weak pressure to both ends of the fiber. Stress, fine-tune the center wavelength of the fiber grating so that the packaged wavelength is just the ideal wavelength. The two ends of the fiber grating and the packaging tube are quickly bonded together with a thermosetting glue. Note that the glue can not touch the grating, otherwise it will cause the degradation of the grating performance. At the same time, it should be noted that the thermal curing adhesive bonds the bare fiber and the package tube. The purpose of this is to improve the long-term stability of the package and reduce stress fatigue. In this way, temperature-insensitive fiber gratings can be produced using high-temperature packaging technology.
[0020] Finally, the packaged fiber grating is aged, using high and low temperature cyclic aging with a temperature ranging from -20°C to 80°C. The fiber grating after aging has long-term wavelength stability and a high degree of temperature insensitivity. The temperature characteristic test diagram of a packaged fiber grating is shown in Figure 3, where the abscissa is the measured temperature (°C), and the ordinate is the measured wavelength (nm).
[0021] In order to illustrate the implementation of the present invention, the above-mentioned specific embodiments are described, but other changes and modifications of the present invention are obvious to those skilled in the art, and the present invention is not limited to the specific embodiments described. Therefore, any/all modifications, changes or equivalent transformations within the scope of the true essence and basic principles of the disclosure of the present invention belong to the protection scope of the claims of the present invention.


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