Reclaimed rubber process method special for high-temperature steam method

A process method, high-temperature steam technology, applied in the field of rubber recycling to achieve the effect of accelerating the regeneration process, improving economic benefits, and inhibiting gelation

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-11-23
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[0004] Preventing the desulfurization temperature of reclaimed rubber from being too high, and avoiding the difficulty in controlling the desulfurization temperature of r...
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[0033] The dosage of activator 450 is preferably 0.5%; in the reclaimed rubber desulfurization process, adding 0.5% a...
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The invention relates to a reclaimed rubber process method special for a high-temperature steam method. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: filling waste vulcanized rubber powder with particle size of 20-40 meshes in a high-pressure reaction kettle; meanwhile, adding a softening agent, an activating agent, a thickening agent, a deodorant and an expanding agent; introducing steam with pressure of 0.8Mpa; adding a certain amount of water; and pressurizing and then keeping the temperature in the reaction kettle at 260-280 DEG C for 20-40 minutes, wherein the softening agent is 15-25 percent by weight of coal tar; the activating agent is 0.3-0.6 percent by weight of activating agent 450; the thickening agent is 3-5 percent by weight of rosin; the expanding agent is 2-6 percent by weight of dipentene; the deodorant is 0.3-0.6 percent by weight; and the balance is the waste vulcanized rubber powder. The method has the advantages of easily controlled desulphurization temperature and superior reclaimed rubber performance.

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Example Embodiment

[0022] The high-temperature steam method special reclaimed rubber process method of the present invention puts waste vulcanized rubber powder with a particle size of 20-40 mesh in a high-pressure reactor, and simultaneously adds softener, activator, tackifier, deodorant,
[0023] Expansion agent, then the steam with a pressure of 0.8 Mpa is introduced to fill the middle of the tank to form a tank full of steam;
[0024] Then add a certain amount of water to supplement the shortage of water vapor in the tank. After pressurization, the temperature in the tank is 260-280℃, and the temperature is kept for 20-40 minutes;
[0025] Then release the pressure and remove the water vapor. After the water vapor is exhausted, it will be discharged out of the tank immediately, and the refining will be cooled;
[0026] The softening agent is coal tar with a weight percentage of 15-25%;
[0027] The activator is activator 450, and its weight percentage is 0.3-0.6%;
[0028] The tackifier is rosin, the weight percentage of which is 3-5%;
[0029] The expansion agent is dipentene with a weight percentage of 2-6%;
[0030] The weight percentage of the deodorant is 0.3-0.6%;
[0031] The balance is waste vulcanized rubber powder.
[0032] In the above method, the temperature in the tank after pressurization is preferably 270°C.
[0033] The amount of activator 450 is preferably 0.5%; in the desulfurization process of reclaimed rubber, adding 0.5% activator for desulfurization time can be shortened by 3-6 times and can effectively improve the plasticity of the product.
[0034] The reclaimed rubber produced by the method of the present invention has excellent performance, its tensile strength is 13-16Mpa, the elongation at break is more than 460%, and the Mooney viscosity is less than 60.
[0035] The process of the invention is simple, the operation is simple, and the oxidation of the rubber in the air is avoided through the water vapor medium. Ensure superior performance and stable indicators of reclaimed rubber. The process of the invention meets the national requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, and has great practical application value and promotion and popularization potential.


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