Copper plating process

A process and copper plating technology, applied in the field of copper plating process, can solve the problems of high copper price and high use cost, and achieve the effects of uniform copper plating layer, low use cost and reasonable process

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-07-03
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[0002] Pure copper wire has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity and high transmission efficiency, but the price of copper is hi...
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The invention discloses a copper plating process which comprises the following steps: (1) removing dust and oil from a baseline; (2) pickling and phosphorizing; (3) washing with water; (4) passivating; (5) plating tin, that is, putting the baseline in a copper plating solution at the temperature of 20-40 DEG C immediately after washing and passivating under such conditions that the transfer speed is controlled to be 2-5 m/s and the current density is controlled to be 5-15 a/dm<2>; (6) washing with water; and (7) drying, winding and packaging. The process disclosed by the invention is reasonable, the copper coating layer is uniform and high in bonding strength, and the service cost is low.

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[0007] Example 1
[0008] A copper-plating process, comprising the following steps: 1. Dedusting and degreasing the baseline, 2. Pickling and phosphating, 3. Washing with water, 4. Passivation, 5. Tin plating, immediately cleaning and passivating the baseline into a temperature In the copper plating solution at 20℃~40℃, the transmission speed is controlled at 2~5m/s, and the current density is controlled at 5~15a/dm 2 , 6, wash, 7, dry winding packaging.
[0009] In the copper plating process, the proportion of copper plating solution by mass is: copper hydroxide 10g/L, potassium hydroxide 100g/L, ethylene glycol 100g/L, tripotassium citrate 20g/L and the balance The water is fully stirred and mixed, and the current density is 10/dm 2 , PH value is 7, temperature is controlled at 40°C.


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