Special vegetable feed containing cockroach powder for poultry

A plant-based feed and cockroach powder technology, applied in animal feed, animal feed, applications, etc., can solve the problems of untreated harmful substances in cockroaches, loss of nutritional value of cockroach powder, unscientific use of poultry, etc., to achieve rich raw materials Inexpensive, easy to eat, rich in nutrients and vitamins

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-09-16
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Feed includes more than ten varieties of feed materials such as soybeans, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acid, miscellaneous meal, additives, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, grain, sweet sorghum, etc. At present, the preparation of feed is still the same. Without any new technology, the feed produced in this way is acceptable for farmed livestock, but it is unscientific to use for poultry such as chickens and ducks. Because poultry needs a large amount of vitamin and plant fiber intake, ordinary feed cannot meet the requirements.
[0003] In the prior art, cockroaches are used as raw materials for feed, and the dried co...
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Method used

[0025] The cockroach body contains a lot of immune active ingredients, and the food cockroach powder prepared b...
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The invention relates to a special vegetable feed containing cockroach powder for poultry, relating to the technical field of preparation of feed. The special vegetable feed is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 75 parts of native grass, 55 parts of celery leaves, 15 parts of carrot leaves, 10 parts of pumpkin vines, 12 parts of calabash vines, 13 parts of eggplant leaves, 15 parts of corn stigma, 8 parts of willow leaves, 21 parts of sweet potato leaves, 15 parts of locust-tree flowers, 23 parts of mulberry leaves, 25 parts of locust-tree leaves, 15 parts of elm seeds and 45 parts of foodstuff cockroach powder. According to the special vegetable feed, the adopted raw materials are abundant and cheap, the manufacturing process is simple and convenient, the feed is mainly composed of vegetal materials and the foodstuff cockroach powder is matched for use, so that good absorption by the poultry during normal eating is guaranteed; meanwhile the special vegetable feed contains rich nutrient substances and vitamins which can be conveniently taken by the poultry, so that the poultry can be prevented from diseases; after the rare vegetable feed is taken for a long time, the growth speed of the poultry can be improved.

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Animal feeding stuff

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NutrientDisease +11


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 1:
[0021] Natural forage grass 75kg, celery leaf 55kg, carrot leaf 15kg, pumpkin seedling 10kg, gourd vine 12kg, eggplant leaf 13kg, corn silk 15kg, willow leaf 8kg, potato leaf 21kg, locust tree flower 15kg, mulberry leaf 23kg, locust leaf 25kg, elm 15kg of money, 45kg of cockroach powder;
[0022] The preparation method is as follows:
[0023] ①, natural forage grass 75kg, celery leaf 55kg, carrot leaf 15kg, pumpkin seedling 10kg, gourd vine 12kg, eggplant leaf 13kg, corn silk 15kg, willow leaf 8kg, potato leaf 21kg, locust tree flower 15kg, mulberry leaf 23kg , After washing 25kg of locust tree leaves and 15kg of elm tree money, cut into pieces, then mix and stir evenly, add 2 times of water into the steamer and cook for 20-30min;
[0024] ② Take out the above-mentioned steamed raw materials, stir them evenly, dry them, and then crush them. After crushing, add 45kg of food cockroach powder and mix them evenly.
[0025] Cockroaches contain a lot of immunologically active ingredients. The food cockroach powder prepared by the method of this embodiment is used in feed, and the survival rate of poultry is increased by more than 6%.


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