Comprehensive measurement method of pollutants in diesel fuel

A method of determination and technology of pollutants, which is applied in the field of comprehensive determination of pollutants in diesel oil, can solve the problems of inaccurate measurement, high boiling components, incomplete combustion of fuel oil, etc., and achieve the effect of comprehensive measurement range

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Such impurities and pollutants are likely to cause catalyst poisoning, incomplete fuel combustion, and mechanical failure caused by mechanical wear and tear.
Compared with gasoline, diesel oil is heavy oil (about 10-22 carbon atoms), and its pollutants may not only have volatile components, but also high-boiling components, which are difficult to handle
[0003] At present, the determination methods of d...
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The invention discloses a comprehensive measurement method of pollutants in diesel fuel, comprising the steps: removing solid precipitate and colloid via a film filter, and allowing the filtered diesel fuel to enter a closed container; allowing part of the diesel fuel in the closed container to be vacuumized via a steam generator, allowing obtained steam to enter a pressure analyzer for analysis, and leading the other part to an atomizer; atomizing the other part of the fuel diesel coming to the atomizer, and allowing the atomized diesel fuel to combust in a combustor; allowing emission from the combustion of the atomized diesel fuel to enter a gas analyzer for analysis; subjecting results to comprehensive comparative analysis and calculation. The comprehensive measurement method of pollutants in diesel fuel provided herein has the advantages that information about solid, liquid and composition can be acquired via filtering, steam and combustion, the measurement range is comprehensive, the content of pollutants can be calculated, and their types can also be speculated.

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  • Comprehensive measurement method of pollutants in diesel fuel


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Example Embodiment

[0021] In order to explain the embodiments of the present application or the technical solutions in the prior art more clearly, the embodiments will be briefly introduced below.
[0022] Such as figure 1 , A comprehensive determination method of pollutants in diesel, including the following steps:
[0023] (1) The tested diesel is filtered through a membrane filter to remove solid deposits and jelly, and the filtered diesel enters a closed container; the pore size of the membrane filter is determined according to the quality of the diesel, and the pore size range is 0.5 ~150μm;
[0024] (2) The diesel oil in the airtight container is divided into two paths, one path is evacuated by the steam generating device, the obtained steam enters the pressure analyzer for analysis, and the other path is deatomized;
[0025] (3) The diesel fuel from the atomizer is atomized and then enters the combustion chamber for combustion. The combustion chamber supplies oxygen with an oxygen concentration of 25-50%. The atomized diesel is burned in the combustion chamber; the atomizer is also connected with Metering device
[0026] (4) After the exhaust gas obtained from the combustion of atomized diesel passes through the selective gas absorption device, it enters the gas analyzer for analysis; the gas analyzer includes a selective gas absorption device and a gas chromatograph, and the selective gas absorption device includes One or a combination of sulfur dioxide absorption device and nitrogen oxide absorption device;
[0027] (5). Perform liquid chromatography analysis on the jelly in step (1) after being dissolved in a solvent, and perform a comprehensive comparison and analysis with the pressure analysis data in step (2) and the gas analyzer data in step (4), Calculate and get the result.
[0028] The above embodiments are only used to illustrate the preferred technical solutions of the present invention. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the principle of the present invention, several improvements or equivalent replacements are considered It is the protection scope of the present invention and should still be covered in the scope of the claims of the present invention.


Pore diameter0.5 ~ 150.0µm

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