Hand lotion for rapidly promoting capillary constriction

A technology for capillaries and hand lotion, which is used in cardiovascular system diseases, preparations for skin care, and medical preparations containing active ingredients, etc. problems, to achieve the effect of saving waste, good economic benefits, and promoting capillary constriction

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[0004] However, if the above three methods have a large amount of capsaicin in the hand, there will be defects such as low processing efficiency during processing.
The first method, alcohol is a volatile substance, so using alcohol to wipe hands needs to be wiped continuously, which is inconvenient to handle, and the efficiency of alleviating the symptoms of burning hands is low, and it takes 15-20 minutes to alleviate the symptoms of burning hands; The second method, using vinegar to neutralize, needs to be washed with vinegar many ti...
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A hand lotion that rapidly promotes capillary constriction, wherein the preparation raw materials include: 15-30 parts of Sansevieria sap juice, 10-20 parts of white amaranth juice, 10-20 parts of Hedyotis japonica, ether 30-40 parts, 0.1-1 part of surfactant, 10-25 parts of organic solvent, and the rest is water. The hand lotion product obtained by the present invention through the scientific proportioning of ether, Sansevieria juice, white amaranth juice and Hedyotis abaculata can rapidly promote capillary constriction, and there is no pain in the process of removing capsaicin, and at the same time The product can be used many times, which saves unnecessary waste and has good economic benefits.

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Cosmetic preparationsToilet preparations +3

Technology Topic

ChemistrySansevieria +12


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 1
[0019] A hand cream that quickly promotes capillary constriction. Its raw materials include 25 parts by weight percent of hydrangea syrup, 14 parts of amaranth juice, 12 parts of Hedyotis diffusa, 30 parts of ether, 0.7 parts of AEO-20, Phenoxyethanol is 0.2 parts, ethanol is 10 parts, and the rest is water.
[0020] Method for removing capsaicin from fingers: Use the hand cream obtained in this embodiment to directly apply capsaicin to the fingers.

Example Embodiment

[0021] Example 2
[0022] A hand cream that quickly promotes capillary constriction. Its raw materials include 20 parts of Orchid serrata syrup, 15 parts of amaranth syrup, 20 parts of Hedyotis diffusa, 35 parts of ether, 0.6 parts of Tween-80, Phenoxyethanol is 0.18 parts, ethanol is 20 parts, and the rest is water.

Example Embodiment

[0035] Example 3
[0036] A hand cream that quickly promotes capillary contraction. Its raw materials include 18 parts by weight percent of Orchid syringae juice, 12 parts of amaranth juice, 15 parts of Hedyotis diffusa, 40 parts of ether, and 0.5 parts of alkyl alcohol amide. , Phenoxyethanol is 0.15 parts, ethanol is 25 parts, and the rest is water.
[0037] The hand cream obtained by using this example was directly applied to the area where capsaicin was stuck, and it always felt cool without pain; after washing it after 4 minutes, there was no burning pain in the hands after washing.


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