Indirect moxibustion medicinal cake and preparation tool and preparation method thereof

A technology of spacer moxibustion and medicine cake, which is applied in the direction of heating/cooling reflex point equipment, etc., can solve the problems of operator burns, patients' difficulty in accepting it, weakening the effect of drug diffusion, etc., and achieve the effect of avoiding burns and facilitating replacement

Pending Publication Date: 2018-03-16
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] 1. Surround the surrounding area with flour balls, the operator needs to make the flour balls by himself, which is time-consuming
[0006] 2. Since the size and thickness of each operator of the flour dough are different, it is difficult to unify the amount of moxibustion medicine used in each operation
[0007] 3. The traditional moxibustion medicine powder is dry, and the solid specific heat capacity is small, so the heat transfer is faster during operation, which is easy to cause burns by the operator
[0008] 4. Use flour balls to fix the moxibustion medicine. When the operator feels the moxibustion is too hot, it is difficult for the operator to immediately remove the moxibustion and hot moxibustion medicine from the skin surface of the operator, which often leads to burns on the operator.
[0009] 5. It is time-consuming and laborious to make moxibustion cakes on site, and there are no uniform specifications for the size, thickness, and blending agent of the moxibustion medicine...
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Method used

[0041] (3) The reconciled medicine powder is filled into the fixed ring 1, and the filling amount is flat with the edge of the medicine and the fixed ring, and is made into a cake shape. The reconciled medicinal powder is ma...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicines, in particular to a moxibustion medicine cake with a spacer and a preparation tool and a preparation method thereof. , 10 parts of Chuanxiong, 10 parts of cinnamon, 10 parts of dried ginger. The medicinal materials are broken into medicinal powder; the medicinal powder is blended with rice wine and a transdermal absorbent, the blended medicinal powder is loaded into a preparation tool to make medicinal cake, and a plurality of holes are drilled on the medicinal cake. The invention provides that the medicine-partitioned moxibustion can be operated more conveniently and quickly, the dosage of the medicine for each medicine cake is the same, and the medicine can be avoided due to the patient's movement, turning over and the like during the moxibustion. Make the heat more gentle during moxibustion, avoid scalding, and also enhance the therapeutic effect.

Application Domain

Devices for heating/cooling reflex points

Technology Topic

DrugLigusticum chuanxiong +7


  • Indirect moxibustion medicinal cake and preparation tool and preparation method thereof
  • Indirect moxibustion medicinal cake and preparation tool and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0032] The specific embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
[0033] The moxibustion medicinal cake is composed of the following medicinal materials in parts by weight:
[0034] Prepare 60 parts of attached slices, 10 parts of Guizhi, 10 parts of Muxiang, 10 parts of Angelica, 10 parts of Chuanxiong, 10 parts of cinnamon, and 10 parts of dried ginger.
[0035] The preparation tool of spacer moxibustion medicinal cake includes an annular fixed ring 1 and a circular non-woven fabric 2. The non-woven fabric 2 is fixed on the bottom surface of the fixed ring 1 to form a circular groove for placing The blended medicinal powder is formed into medicinal cake, which also includes wooden sticks, which are used to perforate the medicinal cake in the groove.
[0036] Specifically, the fixing ring 1 is made of PVC material, with an inner diameter of 3.5 cm, an outer diameter of 4.5 cm, and a thickness of 0.7 cm, with glue on one side to make it sticky.
[0037] The air-permeable nonwoven fabric 2 is cut into a circle with a diameter of 4.5 cm. Stick the cut non-woven fabric 2 on the cut fixing ring 1 to form a "container" like a "sieve".
[0038] The preparation method of moxibustion medicinal cake includes the following processes:
[0039] (1) Prepare the medicinal materials according to the proportion and break the medicinal materials into powder;
[0040] (2) Blend the powder with rice wine and transdermal absorbent, and the weight ratio of powder, rice wine and transdermal absorbent is 60:70:1;
[0041] (3) Fill the mixed medicine powder into the fixed ring 1, the filling amount is such that the edge of the medicine and the fixed ring are flat, to form a cake. The mixed medicinal powder is made into medicinal cake, and multiple holes are pierced in the medicinal cake; 5 to 9 small holes are pierced on the medicinal cake with a wooden stick of the thickness of a match to enhance heat transmission during moxibustion.
[0042] (4) The prepared medicinal cake is sealed and stored in a vacuum preservation bag.


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