Rock color paint

A technology of color paint and micro-powder silica gel, which is applied in the field of rock color paint and can solve the problems of high construction requirements

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-03-05
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But existing rock color paint is higher to construction requirement, therefore provides a kin...
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The invention provides rock color paint. The paint is prepared from, by weight, the following raw materials: 70-90 parts of titanium dioxide aggregate, 5-10 parts of color masterbatch, 40-60 parts ofaerosil, 100-150 parts of a styrene-acrylic emulsion, 5-10 parts of low-substituted hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (L-HPMC), 0.05-0.25 part of a defoaming agent, 4-8 parts of a phthalate plasticizer,and 5-10 parts of a film formation auxiliary agent. The rock paint employing the above preferred formula can significantly reduce requirements of temperature, humidity and surface wind conditions during construction.

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  • Rock color paint
  • Rock color paint
  • Rock color paint


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[0014] The rock color paint provided by the present invention is prepared by the following method:
[0015] (1) Weigh 50-60% of the prescription amount of the styrene-acrylic emulsion, add L-HPMC, phthalate plasticizer, and defoamer, stir evenly, and add the film-forming aids to obtain a uniform dispersion. Mixture 1)
[0016] (2) Mix the prescription amount of titanium dioxide aggregate, color masterbatch, micro-powder silica gel, add wetting agent and the remaining styrene-acrylic emulsion, and slowly add it to the mixed solution of step 1) under stirring to obtain rock color paint.
[0017] The formula of Examples 1-4 is shown in the following table
[0020] The particle size range of micronized silica gel is 100-200μm, the film-forming auxiliary is stearic acid monoglyceride, the wetting agent is Span-80, and the defoaming agent is methyl silicone oil.
[0021] Easy construction example
[0022] The rock color paint obtained in Examples 1-4 was coated and constructed under the same construction conditions, and the construction was carried out under the conditions of simulated high cold (-25°C) and high wind speed (10.8-13.9m/s, equivalent to grade 6 wind) The rock color paint obtained in each example is coated with 0.1m 2 After drying, put it into the same weathering test box for weathering test. The test time is 90d, and the color difference and damage of the paint surface are recorded and observed at 30d, 60d, and 90d as shown in the table below.
[0024] It can be seen that the rock color paint of the present invention has no significant color difference after coating.


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