Management method and system for super-converged server of whole cabinet

A management method and technology of a management system, applied in a variety of digital computer combinations, instruments, computers, etc., can solve the problem of inability to coordinate the management of unit space heat emission rate, adjust the cooling effect of the heat dissipation system, and fail to provide the heat dissipation system of the whole cabinet server and other issues, to achieve the effect of improving operational reliability and independence, improving efficiency, improving transparency and

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-02-11
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Problems solved by technology

Facing the hyper-converged server of the whole cabinet, the above two types of management software have technical problems, and cannot comprehensively manage various functional elements of the hyper-converged server, and cannot maximize the high performance and high density of the hyper-converged server of the whole cabinet. Advantages and development...
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Method used

The applicant finds that by integrating the hardware operating index parameters of each calculation, storage, and network node of the super-converged server of the whole cabinet, and according to the server operating environment parameters, the optimal operating parameters of the cabinet cooling system and...
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The invention provides a management method and a management system for a whole cabinet super-converged server. The management method comprises the steps that a communication control module obtains resources, performance index parameters and operation environment parameters of node devices in a whole cabinet super-converged server BMC and BIOS firmware and a network device NMS in real time; acquiring and storing the resources, the performance index parameters and the operating environment parameters of each node device obtained in the parameter collection step at one time during startup; performance index parameters and operation environment parameters of each node device are integrated, the overall energy consumption and temperature change trend is predicted, and a prediction result is returned to the communication control module; the parameters are displayed in real time, and manually input target operation parameters for controlling the power supply system and the cooling system areobtained. The intelligence of the power supply and cooling system of the whole cabinet super-fusion server is realized, the efficiency of the power supply and cooling system of the whole cabinet is effectively improved, and the normal operation of each node is ensured in the aspects of power supply and environment temperature.

Application Domain

Volume/mass flow measurementHardware monitoring +3

Technology Topic

Operating environmentReal time display +8


  • Management method and system for super-converged server of whole cabinet
  • Management method and system for super-converged server of whole cabinet


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Example Embodiment

[0080] Example 1: When a cloud computing platform is deployed as a whole in a hyper-converged server in an entire cabinet composed of several computing, storage nodes and a network switch, the functional performance parameters and usage of the hardware resources of the hyper-converged server as a whole can be obtained through system management software The state, combined with the virtual resource management function of the cloud platform, can deploy the cloud platform efficiently, reasonably and quickly, and facilitate the expansion and resource allocation of the cloud computing platform, and improve the overall resource utilization and operational reliability.

Example Embodiment

[0081] Example 2: When the whole cabinet hyper-converged server is used in a non-data center (such as a field emergency mobile computer room) environment, the system management software can intelligently adjust the working state of the cooling system of the cabinet according to the on-site operating environment, which is a hyper-converged server. The server provides a safe and reliable operating temperature environment to ensure the normal operation of the server.


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