Ozone disinfection tower wound by FRP combined materials

A technology of combining materials and ozone disinfection, applied in the separation of dispersed particles, chemical instruments and methods, separation methods, etc., can solve the problems of long production cycle, poor anti-corrosion performance, and troublesome transportation, and achieve short production cycle, beautiful appearance, and transportation. Easy to install effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-12-01
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[0006] Traditional carbon steel tanks used in disinfection towers: heavy weight, low pressure, long production cycle, tro...
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The invention relates to an ozone disinfection tower wound by FRP composite materials. An ozone disinfection tower liner comprises the following component materials: glass fiber 04 cloth, glass fiber02 cloth, glass fiber chopped strand mat and resin, the ozone disinfection tower winding layer is prepared from the following materials in parts by weight: 100-125 parts of epoxy resin, 20-40 parts ofa curing agent and 0.1-1 part of a defoaming agent. The disinfection tower liner is made of a mold, the standardization degree is high, the production efficiency is high, meanwhile, the size can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and the degree of freedom is high. The exterior is formed by winding glass fiber direct twistless roving mixed with high-performance epoxy resin so that theintegrity is good, the corrosion resistance is good, and cracks and leakage are avoided. High strength and beautiful appearance are achieved, the overall cost is low, manufacturing is convenient, pressure bearing is high, weight is light, and transportation and installation are convenient.

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Dispersed particle separation

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Defoaming AgentsFirming agent +5


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[0014]Example: An ozone disinfection tower wound with a combination of FRP materials. The inner liner of the ozone disinfection tower includes materials of the following components: glass fiber 04 cloth, glass fiber 02 cloth, glass fiber chopped strand mat, and resin; the ozone disinfection tower winding layer includes The materials of the following components: 116.5 parts of epoxy resin, 33 parts of curing agent, 0.5 parts of defoamer.
[0015]The preparation method of the ozone disinfection tower is as follows: (1) apply resin to the inner tank made of glass fiber 04 cloth, glass fiber 02 cloth, and glass fiber chopped mat; (2) after the resin is cured for 45 minutes, The openings on the liner are processed; (3) The processed liner is installed on the tooling, and epoxy resin and glass fiber are wound around the liner through a winding machine to form an ozone disinfection tower body; (4) After manufacturing the ozone disinfection tower body, conduct a leak test to check whether the tower body meets the standard.
[0016]The proportion of the resin is as follows: 112 parts of unsaturated resin, 2.3 parts of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, and 1.8 parts of accelerator; the glass fiber is: glass fiber direct untwisted roving.


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