Blade, aeration combined typed bleeding machine

A combined, aerator technology, used in water aeration, sustainable biological treatment, water/sludge/sewage treatment, etc., can solve the problems of increasing the water surface, expensive construction, damage to shrimp, etc. Good oxygen effect, improved dissolved oxygen, simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2006-12-06
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[0002] The aerators currently in use include various types of aerators such as impeller type, waterwheel type, water spray type, water pump type, and air pump type. It is difficult to improve the dissolved oxygen in water with a certain depth; the water pump aerator can disturb the water with a certain depth and mix with the inhaled air to achieve the purpose of increasing oxygen, but the water pump outlet The sprayed water flow often has a high pressure, causing damage to small fish and shrimp; the air pump type aerator can overcome the above defects, such as the imported Roots blower aeration device, which is installed on the shore. Pipes are pre-laid in water bodies such as ponds and pools for breeding, and inflated to a certain depth of water to achieve the purpose of increasing oxygen; but the cost of this device is very expensive, especially t...
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This invention discloses a combined oxygen-increasing machine for aquaculture. In this machine, a motor is used to drive a high-pressure air machine, whose air outlet pipe is connected with a gas-storage bag. Air-bleeding pipes distributed on the air-storage bag are extended into a water body of a certain depth, and microporous air-exhaust pipes are connected with the ends of the air-bleeding pipes. The main axis of the high-pressure air machine is decelerated through a planet gear decelerator and an umbrella gear decelerator, and the output axis drives the slurry impeller. All the parts are installed on a frame, which is fixed with the buoy below so that the frame is floating on the water. The machine can increase the oxygen content in the water by the microporous air-exhaust pipes, and has such advantages as simple structure, few parts.

Application Domain

Water aerationPisciculture and aquaria +1

Technology Topic

ImpellerHigh pressure +9


  • Blade, aeration combined typed bleeding machine
  • Blade, aeration combined typed bleeding machine
  • Blade, aeration combined typed bleeding machine


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Example Embodiment

[0011] By the attachment figure 1 As shown in -3, a paddle and gas-filled combined aerator of the present invention includes an electric motor 2, a high-pressure fan 3, a speed reduction mechanism connected from top to bottom, and a paddle wheel 9 and a storage device connected to it. Air bag 11, air distribution pipe 12 and pontoon 13; the motor 2 is surrounded by a wind deflector 1, which also plays a waterproof role; the output shaft of the motor directly drives the main shaft of the high-pressure fan 3, and the outlet pipe of the high-pressure fan 10 is connected to the air storage bag 11, the air storage bag is equipped with a sub-air pipe 12, which communicates with the water body; the main shaft of the high pressure fan is reduced by the planetary gear reducer 4, and then reduced by the bevel gear reducer 5, and the output shaft after changing the direction is connected The blade wheel is connected to the shaft 6, and the end of the connecting shaft is connected to the blade wheel 9; the box body of the bevel gear reducer 5 is fixed on the frame 8, and the blade wheel shaft seat 7 is also fixed on the frame; A pontoon 13 is provided, and the two are fixed by a hoop 14. All parts are placed on the pontoon so that the whole machine is suspended on the water surface; the gas distribution pipe 12 leads to the water body. It is distributed evenly in a water body of a certain depth in a radial manner, and a microporous exhaust pipe is connected to the end of each pipe;
[0012] The main shaft of the high-pressure fan is decelerated by the planetary gear reducer 4, and then reduced by the bevel gear reducer 5. The output shaft after changing the direction protrudes from both sides of the box of the bevel gear reducer 5, and its connected paddle wheel The connecting shaft 6 also extends to both sides, and its ends are respectively connected with a paddle wheel 9;
[0013] The air outlet pipe 10 and the air inlet pipe in the air guide hood 1 are both equipped with a silencer;
[0014] Said muffling device is attached to the inner wall of the air inlet and outlet pipes with foam plastic.


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