Implantation type detection device on the basis of fluorescence detection method

A fluorescence detection and detection device technology, applied in diagnostic recording/measurement, medical science, sensors, etc., can solve the problems of limited electrochemical selectivity, limited sensor life, reading failure, etc., and achieve good durability, high sensitivity, and long life. long effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-06-18
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Drawbacks of these sensors include: 1. Their electrochemical selectivity is limited
Therefore, the use of electrochemical-based glucose measurement in seriously ill patients is very dangerous
2. There is a considerable drift ...
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The invention provides an implantation type detection device on the basis of a fluorescence detection method, and relates to detection of a specific compound in subcutaneous tissue. The device comprises a sensing head, a signal generating/detecting device and a signal receiving/detecting device; the sensing head is implanted in the human body and exposed in subcutaneous interstitial fluid, and senses the concentration of molecules to be detected; the sensing head is connected with the signal generating/detecting device through an optical fiber, and the signal generating/detecting device and the signal receiving/detecting device conduct data transmission in a wire or wireless mode; exciting light and signal fluorescence generated in the signal generating/detecting device are transmitted through the same optical fiber, and received through the signal receiving/detecting device, light intensity of the signal fluorescence is detected, and therefore the concentration of the quantitative compound is obtained. Application of electrochemistry and enzymes is avoided by adopting an optical measuring method, durability is good, sensitivity is high, and service life is long.

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CatheterDiagnostic recording/measuring +1

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Data transmissionFluorescence +8


  • Implantation type detection device on the basis of fluorescence detection method
  • Implantation type detection device on the basis of fluorescence detection method
  • Implantation type detection device on the basis of fluorescence detection method


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Example Embodiment

[0023] Reference attached Figure 1~3 , The implantable detection device based on the fluorescence detection method includes a sensor head B9, a signal generator/measurer 1 and a signal receiver/detector 2. The sensor head B9 is implanted in the body, exposed to the subcutaneous tissue fluid, and senses to be measured The concentration of the molecule; the sensor head B9 is connected with the signal generator/measurer 1 through the optical fiber B1, and the signal generator/measurer 1 and the signal receiver/detector 2 transmit data through wired or wireless means; the signal generator/measurer 1 generates The excitation light and signal fluorescence are transmitted through the same optical fiber, and the signal receiving/detector 2 receives and detects the light intensity of the signal fluorescence, thereby obtaining a quantitative concentration of a certain compound.
[0024] The sensor head B9 is modified by optical fiber, and the detection film A4 is pasted on the optical fiber light guide part to form a sensor head. The detection film can be attached to the sensor head, implanted in the body, exposed to the subcutaneous tissue fluid, and feel Measure the concentration of the molecule.
[0025] The signal generator/measurer 1 includes a microprocessor, an LED light source B8, an optical processing element, a signal filter, and a signal transmitter. The microprocessor is connected to the LED light source input terminal and the signal transmitter to control the generation of the LED light source. The time interval and the measured fluorescence signal emission time interval; the optical processing element includes a first prism B7, a high-pass beam splitter B3, a second prism B2, a third prism B5, a filter B4, and a photodetector B6. A prism B7 is arranged at the rear of the LED light source B8, and the second prism B2, high-pass beam splitter B3, filter B4, third prism B5, and photodetector B6 are sequentially arranged behind the optical fiber connected to the sensor head B9. The first prism B7 It is set above the high-pass beam splitter B3; the light emitted by the LED light source B8 is focused into parallel light by the first prism B7, reflected by the high-pass beam splitter B3, and then focused and coupled into the optical fiber B1 through the second prism B2, and transmitted to the sensor via the optical fiber B1 Head B9 excites the fluorescent indicator molecules on the detection membrane. The fluorescent indicator molecules emit fluorescence of different intensities in different concentrations of the analyte solution. The fluorescent signal is transmitted through the same optical fiber through the second prism B2 to focus and couple, and pass The high-pass beam splitter B3 and the filter B4 are then focused to the photodetector B6 through the third prism B5 to measure the fluorescence intensity; the photodetector B6 is connected to the signal filter, and the fluorescence intensity signal filtered by the signal filter is transmitted through the signal The device is transmitted to the signal receiver/detector 2.
[0026] The signal receiver/detector 2 includes a wireless receiver, a signal detector, and a controller, which is used to receive the transmitted signal of the signal generator/measurer 1, record, analyze and display the concentration of the molecule to be tested, and the signal receiving/detecting The device has the function of issuing an alarm or signal to draw attention.
[0027] The detection device of the present invention is matched with the glucose detection membrane to detect glucose, and is matched with other active membranes, and can also measure the concentration of other chemical substances in the body.
[0028] The sensor head is implanted in the body, and the signal generator/measurer and the signal receiver/detector are carried with you.


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