Preparation technology of agaricus bisporus culture material

A technology for preparation process and compost, which is applied in the field of preparation process of Agaricus bisporus compost, which can solve the problems of insufficient temperature maintenance, backward production technology, uneven temperature, etc., and achieve the effect of improving quality, strong selectivity and comprehensive nutrition

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[0003] At present, the production technology of mushroom compost in my country is backward, the ratio of formula and nutrients is unreasonable, and the operation is not standardized. Generally, it is stacked outdoors for natural fermentation. The pre-fermentation of compost is greatly affected by the external climate (temperature, rain, strong wind, etc.), and only Relying on manual turning, the t...
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The invention provides a preparation technology of an agaricus bisporus culture material. The technology includes the steps of primary fermentation and secondary fermentation and is characterized in that the primary fermentation includes the following steps of pre-wetting, pile manufacturing, stacking, temperature equalizing, decomposition and discharging. Compared with the prior art, the technology has the remarkable advantages that nutrients of the agaricus bisporus culture material formula is comprehensive, cultivated agaricus bisporus is stronger in flavor, the taste is delicious and good, and the quality is good; matured compost is high in selectivity, resistant to diseases and capable of greatly improving the quality of the culture material, and lays a material foundation for high yield of agaricus bisporus; the per unit area yield of a common mushroom room can reach 15-20 kg/m<2>, and the per unit area yield of an air conditioner mushroom room can reach 25-30 kg/m<2>.

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[0018] A preparation process of bisporus mushroom culture material includes primary fermentation and secondary fermentation. The primary fermentation includes the following steps:
[0019] Pre-wetting: Spray 20-25 parts of straw, 20-25 parts of wheat straw, and 20-25 parts of wheat bran according to the parts by weight to make the straw material absorb enough water. Before spraying and humidifying, add mineral elements to the water to make The mineral elements are dissolved in water and then sprayed; in the pre-wetting process, a pool is set under the straw material to collect the juice from the pile, and the juice in the pool is sprayed on the culture material every 3-5 hours. Spray water intermittently until the culture material absorbs the required water, and continue for 2 days;
[0020] Pile building: fully mix the pre-wet rice straw, wheat straw, wheat bran with 5kg of chicken manure and 10kg of cow manure, and build a pile after mixing. The pile is generally 2m wide, 1.5m high, and 5m long;
[0021] Composting: The interval of turning over is slightly longer or shorter due to the outside temperature, type and quantity of manure, amount of water added, and compactness. Generally, it is turned over 3 times during the 12-day composting period;
[0022] The secondary fermentation includes the following steps:
[0023] Homogenization: After the second fermentation is carried out for 20 hours, the high-temperature fungi in the culture material begin to multiply. At this time, the temperature of the culture material is increased from the initial 50 ℃ to the pasteurization temperature of 52 ℃, and the temperature is maintained at 20 hour;
[0024] Maturity: After the pasteurization, more outside air should be introduced to slowly drop the temperature of the culture material to 45°C, and the fermentation will mature for 6 days;


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