External ointment for treating numbness and ache of cold dampness

A technique of arthralgia and ointment, which is applied in the field of ointments for external use for treating cold-damp arthralgia, and can solve problems such as poor curative effect and the like

Inactive Publication Date: 2007-10-10
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[0003] At present, most of the drugs for the treatment of cold-damp arthralgi...
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An external-applied Chinese medicine in the form of ointment for treating cold-damp rheumatic pain is prepared from sesame oil and more than 60 Chinese-medicinal materials including peach kernel, almond, gastrodia tuber, Sichuan aconite root, etc. Its preparing process is also disclosed.

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[0077] Example 1: a kind of ointment for external use for the treatment of cold-damp arthralgia, the raw material made into active ingredient is by following weight portion: , Almond 1, Alisma 1, Burnet 1, Gastrodia elata 1, Chuanwu 1, Polyporus 1, Shizhi 1, White Radix 1, Red Peony 1, Mint 1, Yam 1, Shouwu 1, Qianghu 1, Sophora Radix 1. Qingpi 1, Scutellaria 1, Psoralea 1, Rehmannia 1, Cyanophora 1, Polygala 1, Pinellia 1, Duhuo 1, Nepeta 1, Ephedra 1, Cistanche 1, Caowu 1, Angelica 1, Chenpi 1. Yinhua 1, Achyranthes 1, Fuzi 1, Mutong 1, Guangui 1, Silkworm 1, Chuan Duan 1, Platycodon 1, Angelica 1, Anemarrhena 1, Yin Chen 1, Asarum 1, Chuan Bai 1 , Black medicine 1, Shengdi 1, Eucommia 1, Atractylodes 1, Scrophulariaceae 1, Tribulus terrestris 1, Shan Jia 1, Atractylodes 1, Qingfeng vine 1, Dodder 1, Centipede 1, Dried blood 1, Clove 1, Muxiang 1, Frankincense 1, Myrrh 1, Chuanxiong 1, Camphor 1/8, Dongdan 30 and Sesame Oil 300.
[0078] When preparing medicines, immerse the medicines in sesame oil for 7 to 10 days and then decoct them with slow fire for 2 hours, and then use rapid fire decoction instead. When the color is dry, remove the residue, and then boil the oil. Until the oil temperature reaches 300 ℃ or more. Oil "drops into beads" and "doesn't disperse". Take the pot away from the fire source, and slowly sieve the Dongdan into the medicated oil under stirring until the oil is completely saponified (a lot of foaming plaster turns dark brown, take a little drop into cold water, squeeze it softly and not stick to the hand ).
[0079] Pour the completely saponified paste into cold water in a thin stream while it is hot, soak it for 4 to 7 days, and place the paste in a pot. Heat and melt with low heat and add camphor when the temperature drops to 60-70°C, stir well, and keep the temperature at 50-60°C. Spread it on kraft paper, and fold it in half after drying.


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