Smoke-content-reducing fragrant base paper of tipping paper with addition of nano kieselguhr and preparation method thereof

A technology of nano-diatomite and tipping paper base paper, which is applied in the direction of adding inorganic compounds, synthesizing cellulose/non-cellulose material pulp/paper, papermaking, etc. The substances cannot be removed, and the filtration effect cannot be achieved, so as to improve the pungent smoke and odor, keep the mouth fresh, and have high tensile strength.

Active Publication Date: 2014-12-17
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Due to the single filtering principle and the fact that the filtering process is not considered according to the specific conditions of the flue gas, the existing filter cigarette hold...
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The invention discloses a smoke-content-reducing fragrant base paper of a tipping paper with addition of nano kieselguhr and a preparation method thereof. The base paper is prepared from following raw materials comprising, by weight, 125-140 parts of softwood pulp, 68-80 parts of bleached straw pulp, 1-2 parts of polylactic acid fiber, 0.3-0.5 parts of anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate, 3-4 parts of cinnamomum camphora leaves, 2-3 parts of kiwi leaves, 0.6-1 part of lignin, 1.5-2 parts of the nano kieselguhr, 1-2 parts of charophyte essential oil, 1.5-2 parts of spirulina platensis powder, 0.9-1.2 parts of seaweed glue, 0.8-1 part of an alkyl-ketene dimer and 3-4 parts of a mixed spice. In the invention, the nano kieselguhr is added to the raw materials of the base paper, wherein the nano kieselguhr has important functions in reduction of smoke and increase of adsorption. By means of the mixed spice, the base paper is refreshing, pungent smoke and odor of a cigarette is improved, and mouth is maintained to be refreshing. The base paper of the tipping paper is uniform in coating, is good in waterproof performance and breathability, is high in tensile strength and is suitable for high-quality cigarettes.

Application Domain

Synthetic cellulose/non-cellulose material pulp/paperInorganic compound addition

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Anhydrous sodium pyrophosphateChemistry +15


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Example Embodiment

[0013] Specific implementation plan
[0014] The present invention will be described in detail below through specific examples.
[0015] A flavored tipping paper base paper added with nano diatomaceous earth to reduce smoke content, prepared from the following parts by weight (kg) of raw materials: softwood pulp 125, bleached straw pulp 68, polylactic acid fiber 1, anhydrous pyrophosphate Sodium 0.3, camphor leaf 3, kiwi fruit leaf 2, lignin 0.6, nano diatomaceous earth 1.5, chara essential oil 1, spirulina powder 1.5, seaweed gum 0.9, alkyl ketene dimer 0.8, mixed spices 3;
[0016] The mixed spices are prepared from the following parts by weight (kg) of raw materials: nanmu 1, vanilla 3, lemon leaf 4, wasabi 2.5, sunhuo flower 1.5, shiitake mushroom 3, Pu'er 3, lotus root 5, apple peel 6, Watermelon rind 4, peach blossom 4; the preparation method is to clean the shiitake mushrooms, lotus root joints, apple rinds, and watermelon rinds, and then cold-squeeze them to obtain squeezed juice for later use. Add the remaining ingredients to 8-10 times the water and decoct 1-1.5 After hours, filter and remove the residue, take the filtrate for later use; mix the two liquids, put them into a centrifugal device, centrifuge at 3500-5000 rpm for 5-10 minutes, and then use the upper centrifugal fluid to use ultrafiltration with a pore size of 1 micron Membrane filtration removes the macromolecular impurities in the centrifugal liquid and concentrates it to the extract.
[0017] The flavored tipping paper base paper with adding nano diatomaceous earth to reduce the smoke content of the present invention is made by the following specific steps:
[0018] (1) Clean the camphor leaves and kiwi leaves, put them in an oven, dry them at 55℃-60℃ for 1.5-2.5 hours, then crush them to make a mixed powder of 100-150 mesh, and set aside;
[0019] (2) Add seaweed gum to 10 times the amount of water, then add alkyl ketene dimer, nano diatomaceous earth, spirulina powder, heat to 55℃-60℃, stir and react for 1-2 hours to form a mixture. use;
[0020] (3) Add softwood pulp, bleached rice straw pulp, polylactic acid fiber and the remaining ingredients except the mixed spices into the beating machine, add an appropriate amount of water to beating, and control the beating concentration at 3.6-4.3% and the beating degree at 68-75 0 SR, prepare the slurry, then add the mixed powder and mixture into the slurry, heat to 55℃-60℃, keep the temperature and stir for 1.5-2 hours;
[0021] (4) After the adjusted slurry is formed and dehydrated by the wire section and the press section, a half amount of the aqueous solution of mixed spices is evenly coated on the surface of the wet paper sheet, and then heated at 100°C-120°C by electric blowing 2-3 Take it out after 5 minutes, continue to paint the remaining mixed perfume aqueous solution, dry again for 3-5 minutes, and finally calender it on a light machine. After taking it out, the tipping paper base paper is obtained.
[0022] After testing, the longitudinal tensile strength of the tipping paper base paper prepared by the present invention is 1.67 KN/m, and the air permeability is 72 CU.


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