Method for preparing compound fertilizer by straws

A technology of compound fertilizer and straw, which is applied in application, organic fertilizer, fertilization device, etc., can solve the problems of unfavorable reuse and waste of resources, and achieve the effects of high recycling efficiency, avoiding waste, and wide application range

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Moreover, the incineration of straw is not conducive to the reuse of useful subs...
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[0026] In addition, the organic fertilizer made of straw is more conducive to plant absorption, high recycling efficiency, and avoids waste. At the same time, it ...
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The invention particularly provides a method for preparing a compound fertilizer by straws. The method includes the steps of cutting the straws into sections, stacking the straw sections in a fermenting vat, adding an organic matter decomposition agent, and covering the fermenting vat with an environment-friendly degradable plastic film or mud to seal the fermenting vat; subjecting biogas obtained from fermentation to decontamination and purification, and delivering the decontaminated and purified biogas to homes of residents to be used for combustion or/and to be used for production or/and to be stored; subjecting biogas residues and biogas liquid to separation, taking the biogas residues to be used or stored as a pollution-free organic total-nutrient solid fertilizer, and taking the biogas liquid to be used or stored as a pollution-free organic total-nutrient liquid fertilizer; during use, using the solid fertilizer and the liquid fertilizer in a separate or a mixing manner. The method for preparing the compound fertilizer by the straws has the advantages that the produced compound fertilizer is high in nutrition content, the defect that the straws in rural areas cannot be treated and are burned is avoided, the organic fertilizer manufactured by the aid of the straws is beneficial to absorption of plants, and the fertilizer manufactured by the method is wide in usage range.

Application Domain

Bio-organic fraction processingGas production bioreactors +2

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NutrientBiogas +10


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Example 1
[0016] This embodiment relates to the utilization of crop residues and fertilizer production technology, and in particular provides a method for preparing compound fertilizer by using straw to prepare compound fertilizer.
[0017] This embodiment specifically provides a method for preparing compound fertilizer from straw. The straw is cut into sections, the straw sections are placed in a fermentation tank, organic decomposing agent is added, and environmentally friendly degradable plastic film is covered or mud is sealed; After the biogas is removed and purified, it is transported to residents’ homes for combustion or/and for production use or/and storage; after the remaining biogas residue is separated from the biogas liquid, the biogas residue is crushed as a pollution-free organic full nutrient solid fertilizer for use or For storage, the biogas slurry is used or stored as a pollution-free organic full-nutrient liquid fertilizer; when using fertilizer, solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer are used alone or in combination.
[0018] The length of the straw section is 8-15cm. The straw sections are stacked in ten layers in the fermentation tank, each layer is 20~30cm in height. Straw sections are stacked in staggered every two layers.
[0019] The organic decomposing agent is one or a combination of human excrement, animal excrement and urea. The added amount of the organic decomposing agent per 1000 kg of straw is: 100-200 kg of human excrement or 100-200 kg of animal excrement, 100-200 kg of mixed human and animal excrement or 5 kg of urea.
[0020] Stacking the straw sections and spraying the organic decomposing agent are carried out at the same time, placing one layer of straw sections per yard, and evenly spraying the organic decomposing agent. The amount of organic decomposing agent increased with the increase of the straw section layer.
[0021] During the fermentation process, the fermentation temperature is controlled at 60~100℃, and the fermentation pressure is normal pressure.
[0022] The post-treatment process of biogas residue includes residue, liquid separation, drying, crushing, weighing, packaging and storage of biogas residue.
[0023] In use, solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer are used individually or in combination according to the actual conditions of the place of use and the growth of crops.
[0024] The fertilizer produced in this embodiment has a high nutrient content. The nutrient content of the solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer after feeding according to the feeding ratio is that the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content of every 20 kg of fertilizer is ≥10%, and the organic matter is ≥30%. Trace elements.
[0025] This embodiment uses crop residues as raw materials, and uses fermentation to produce fertilizer and biogas for comprehensive utilization. Due to the use of this embodiment, it avoids the disadvantages of incineration of straw in rural areas where there is nowhere to dispose of it, and then avoids the occurrence of major air pollution such as haze due to straw burning. For environmental protection, a new development is proposed. direction.
[0026] In addition, organic fertilizer made from straw is more conducive to plant absorption, high recycling efficiency, and avoiding waste. At the same time, it avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers to affect the soil or adjacent waters, once again highlighting the environmental protection value of this embodiment.
[0027] The fertilizer produced by the method described in this embodiment has a wide application range, and is suitable for various crops, vegetables, plants, fruit trees and other products.

Example Embodiment

[0028] Example 2
[0029] In this embodiment, human excrement is used as the organic maturation agent, the dosage is 1000 kg of straw and 150 kg of human excrement, the fermentation temperature is 65°C, the fermentation pressure is normal pressure, and the fermentation time is from October to April of the following year.

Example Embodiment

[0030] Example 3
[0031] In this embodiment, urea is used as the organic maturation agent, the fermentation temperature is 70° C., the fermentation pressure is normal pressure, and the fermentation time is from July to October of the same year.


Length8.0 ~ 15.0cm

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