Rapid seedling method for Dalbergiaodorifere

A technology for pear trees and yellow flowers, applied in chemical instruments and methods, botany equipment and methods, seed and rhizome treatment, etc., can solve problems such as poor yield and quality, low economic value, slow growth of seedlings, etc., to improve germination The effect of high efficiency, improving economic benefits, and strong fertilizer retention capacity

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In the prior art, conventional seedling raising methods are all after the seeds have been stored and completed the post-ripening stage before sowing, and then they can be sown without going through germination. Thi...
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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The invention provides a rapid seedling method for Dalbergiaodorifere, and relates to the technical field of nursery stock breeding. The method includes the following steps of: (1) soil improvement: turning over a land to be sown, and evenly applying a soil improvement agent to the surface of soil after turning over, wherein the amount of the soil improvement agent is 95 Kg per mu, a rotary cultivator can be used to smash and level the soil, and the leveled land can be used to sow; (2) seed germination accelerating: selecting seeds during early and middle of February, and putting the selected seeds into an insulating germination accelerating box to accelerate germination, wherein the seeds can be used to sow when the length of the radicle is identical to that of a seed stone; (3) sowing: completing sowing before spring equinox and sowing 2.5 ten thousand stains of seedlings per mu; and (4) management after sowing: keeping a seedbed wet before seedlings come up out from the ground, and managing the seedlings by adoption of the conventional method after seedling hardening. According to the rapid seedling method for the Dalbergiaodorifere, the sprouting rate of the seeds can be improved, the improved soil is loose and breathable, and the fertilizer maintenance ability is strong; the growing period is prolonged, the growing speeds of roots and stems of the seedlings are fast, and the rapid seedling method for the Dalbergiaodorifere can improve the economic benefits of Dalbergiaodorifere seedling.

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[0027] In order to make the technical means, creative features, objectives and effects of the present invention easy to understand, the following further describes the present invention in conjunction with specific embodiments, but the following embodiments are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, not all of them. Based on the examples in the implementation manners, other examples obtained by those skilled in the art without creative work shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0028] The preparation method of the carbonized substrate is:
[0029] 1) Dry sawdust, bamboo leaves, water chestnut shells, peanut shells, pomegranate peels, prunella vulgaris, wormwood, Chuanmutong, green tea powder, wild jujube branches, lotus and astragalus, and crush them to a particle diameter of 0.3mm for later use;
[0030] 2) Take 65 parts of crushed sawdust, 25 parts of bamboo leaves, 5 parts of water chestnut shells, 15 parts of peanut shells, 18 parts of pomegranate peel, 15 parts of Prunella vulgaris, 25 parts of wormwood, 8 parts of Chuanmutong, and green tea according to the weight ratio. Mix 5 parts of powder, 9 parts of wild jujube branches, 5 parts of lotus and 6 parts of Astragalus, and mix them evenly to obtain processed powder;
[0031] 3) Put the above-mentioned processed powder in a closed container, pass in water vapor, keep the temperature at 180℃, pressure 0.2MPa, heat preservation and pressure for 2 hours, then take out the processed powder and dry it at a high temperature of 260℃ to obtain processed powder The moisture content is 15% to facilitate the processing and shaping of the next process;
[0032] 4) Mix the above-mentioned dried processed powder with 45 parts of diatomaceous earth evenly, and add it to the forming machine to process into a block blank. The heating temperature in the forming machine is not lower than 220°C to obtain a block blank for use;
[0033] 5) Stack the block blanks obtained above and dry them for later use;
[0034] 6) Put the above-mentioned cooling-dried block billet into a carbonization furnace for carbonization treatment. The temperature in the carbonization furnace is maintained at 465°C for 3 days, so that the charcoal block is semi-carbonized, and the carbonization rate is controlled to 65- 72%.
[0035] The sprouting liquid is prepared from the following parts by weight: 1000 parts of pure water, 0.3 parts of alcohol, 3 parts of gardenia, 2 parts of green leaves, 4 parts of gentian, 4 parts of Andrographis paniculata, 5 parts of neem bark, 2 parts of garlic , 6 parts of cow lily, 3 parts of aloe, 4 parts of daphne, 5 parts of botanical, 2 parts of Evodia, 6 parts of Evodia, 4 parts of Evodia, 6 parts of Lyceum, 7 parts of Barnyard Barn, 7 parts of Heron Servings, 5 servings of Longbeard, 3.5 servings of Polygonum vulgare, 6.5 servings of Lailai, 3 servings of Ling vanilla, 4 servings of Muxiang;
[0036] Preparation method: Weigh 3 parts of Gardenia, 2 parts of Daqingye, 4 parts of Gentian, 4 parts of Andrographis, 5 parts of Neem Bark, 2 parts of Garlic, 6 parts of Beetle, 3 parts of Aloe Vera, 4 parts of Daphne , 5 parts of bamboo, 2 parts of Evodia, 6 parts of Evodia, 4 parts of Longxu Wan, 6 parts of Lysimachia japonicus, 7 parts of Echinochloa chinensis, 4 parts of Heron, 5 parts of Dragon beard, 3.5 parts of Polygonum spp. 6.5 parts, 3 parts of ling vanilla, 4 parts of woody, add 1000 parts of water, decoct for 30 minutes, filter, take the decoction liquid, concentrate to 50 parts; after cooling the concentrated decoction liquid, put it in 0℃ environment Refrigerate for 3-5 hours, then mix with 0.3 parts of alcohol to obtain concentrated germination solution. The concentrated germination solution is sealed and refrigerated at 0℃. When used, it is diluted 100 times with water to obtain the germination solution.
[0037] The rapid seedling raising method of Huanghua pear tree includes the following steps:
[0038] (1) Soil improvement: plow the land to be sown, and evenly spread the soil amendment on the plowed soil surface, spray 95kg per mu of land, and then use the rotary tiller to break the soil and level it. The land can be used for sowing;
[0039] The soil conditioner is mixed with the following raw materials in parts by weight: 45 parts of carbonized substrate, 15 parts of nano-silica, 15 parts of wormwood, 55 parts of sawdust, 13 parts of reed root, 8 parts of Gan pine, 5 parts of honeysuckle , 6 parts of Nepeta, 4 parts of Pueraria lobata, 7 parts of Sophora flavescens, 3 parts of Artemisia annua, 3 parts of Dandelion, 5 parts of Daqingye, the above raw materials are mixed in proportion and crushed into 150 meshes;
[0040] (2) Seed germination: the seeds are selected in early and mid-February, and the selected seeds are placed in an insulated germination box for germination. The upper end of the germination box is open, and the bottom of the germination box is equipped with sieve holes. Electrode plates are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the body. After the seeds are loaded into the germination box, the germination liquid will be sprayed evenly every 2.5 hours until the germination liquid flows out from the bottom of the germination box. After each spraying of the germination liquid , Connect the two electrode plates set in the germination box to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, connect the power supply to the seeds to pass a micro current, the current intensity is 15μA, each time the power is turned on for 25s, and the power is turned on once every 15min, each time the germination liquid is sprayed After 4-6 times of energization, after 24 hours, take the seeds out of the germination box and place them in the germination chamber to continue germination. Keep the temperature in the germination chamber at 25-30℃ and relative humidity 80%. After germination for 4 days, wait until the radicle is exposed When the length of the seed core is reached, it can be used for sowing;
[0041] (3) Sowing: complete the sowing before the spring equinox, sowing 25,000 plants per mu; the specific sowing methods are: soil preparation, bed making, furrowing, soil disinfection, ginkgo radicles are cut off 0.3 cm below the root neck before sowing, and sowing immediately , The seed radicle is downward, the seeding edge is parallel to the ground, the depth of soil covering is to cover the seed, and the sowing row is sprinkled with wheat bran;
[0042] (4) Post-sowing management: Before and after the seedlings are unearthed, keep the seedbed moist, and use conventional methods for management after the seedlings are refined.
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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