Double aluminum layer type aluminum plastic film applied to polymer lithium ion battery

A lithium-ion battery and polymer technology, applied in the field of double-aluminum-layer aluminum-plastic film, can solve problems such as battery failure, aluminum-plastic film heat sealing and material corrosion, affecting battery cycle times and service life, etc., to improve barrier performance , Improve wear resistance, excellent barrier performance and wear resistance

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-04-27
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[0004] Since the electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries contains fluorine-containing substances such as aluminum hexafluorophosphate, these fluorine-containing compounds are very sensitive to water, and the electrolyte can easily generate highly corrosive hydrofluori...
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The invention relates to a double aluminum layer type aluminum plastic film applied to a polymer lithium ion battery. The aluminum plastic film comprises a polypropylene layer, an adhesion layer, an aluminum foil layer, an adhesion layer, a resin film layer, an adhesion layer, an aluminum foil layer, an adhesion layer and a resin film layer, wherein from interior to exterior the polypropylene layer, the adhesion layer, the aluminum foil layer, the adhesion layer, the resin film layer, the adhesion layer, the aluminum foil layer, the adhesion layer and the resin film layer are sequentially arranged in the aluminum plastic film. According to the double aluminum layer type aluminum plastic film applied to the polymer lithium ion battery, an aluminum foil and resin composition film layer is additionally arranged on the outer layer of the inner-layer aluminum foil, so that the barrier property and the wear resistance of the inner-layer aluminum foil can be effectively improved; the double aluminum layer type aluminum plastic film is a high-barrier aluminum plastic film and can be applied to the polymer lithium ion battery.

Application Domain

Small-sized cells cases/jacketsLarge-sized cells cases/jackets +3

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PolypropyleneAluminium +7


  • Double aluminum layer type aluminum plastic film applied to polymer lithium ion battery


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Example Embodiment

[0016] Example
[0017] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention provides a double-aluminum-layer aluminum-plastic film for polymer lithium ion battery applications, including 1. polypropylene layer, 2. adhesive layer, 3. aluminum foil layer, 4. adhesive layer, and 5. resin Film layer, 6. Adhesive layer, 7. Aluminum foil layer, 8. Adhesive layer, 9. Resin film layer.
[0018] The material of the polypropylene layer 1 is one of polypropylene, a co-extrusion of polypropylene and polyethylene, and a co-extrusion of polypropylene and cycloolefin, and the thickness of the polypropylene layer is 10 to 80 μm.
[0019] The materials of the bonding layer 2, the bonding layer 4, the bonding layer 6 and the bonding layer 8 are one or more of hot melt adhesive film, adhesive and hydrosol, and the thickness of the bonding layer is 0.01- 30 μm, the curing method of the bonding layer is one or a combination of thermal curing, ultraviolet curing and electron beam curing.
[0020] The thickness of the aluminum foil layer 3 and the aluminum foil layer 7 is 10-60 μm, and the surface of the aluminum foil material can be treated with one or more of chemical treatment, plasma treatment and physical treatment.
[0021] The materials of the resin film layer 5 and the resin film layer 9 are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide fiber film, polyethylene terephthalate, polybutylene terephthalate, cyclic olefin copolymer, One or several combinations of fluoropolymer films, the thickness of the resin film layer is 3-30 μm.
[0022] The product of the present invention has been tested to reach the following indicators:
[0023] 1. Peel strength test: the electrolyte is immersed at 85°C for 1 day, and the peel strength between layers is greater than or equal to 8N/15mm.
[0024] 2. Penetration resistance test: soaked in water at 60°C for 3 days, no delamination, weight change less than 0.05g.
[0025] 3. Deep-drawing performance test, deep-drawing depth reaches 6mm or more.


Thickness10.0 ~ 80.0µm
Thickness0.01 ~ 30.0µm
Thickness3.0 ~ 30.0µm

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