Surface micro-pit self-lubricating coating and preparation method thereof

A technology of self-lubricating coating and micro-pit, which is applied in coating, metal material coating process, etc., can solve the problems of anti-friction performance and structural wear of cladding layer, and achieve excellent lubricating performance, high bonding strength and good effect The effect of aging

Pending Publication Date: 2021-09-28
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[0005] In view of the lack of anti-friction performance of the cladding layer in the prior art and the problem of structural wear caused by the reduction of the actual contact ar...
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The invention discloses a surface micro-pit self-lubricating coating and a preparation method thereof. The self-lubricating coating comprises that a nickel-based coating is arranged on a base material surface in a laser cladding mode; a micro-pit texture is machined on the surface of the nickel-based coating through electric spark machining; and a solid lubricant and resin are mixed and then are filled into the micro-pit texture. According to the surface micro-pit self-lubricating coating and the preparation method thereof, three antifriction wear-resistant methods, namely the high hardness performance of the nickel-based coating, the antifriction performance of the surface micro-pit texture and the lubricating performance of the lubricant, are combined, so that the obtained coating has better acting time efficiency, the service life is also prolonged, and the coating has excellent lubricating performance, wear resistance, self-repairability and stability; and according to the structure, the surface friction resisting and antifriction performance is improved, meanwhile, surface self-lubrication is achieved, and the use requirements of parts under harsh working conditions are met.

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Metallic material coating processes

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LubricationSurface friction +7


  • Surface micro-pit self-lubricating coating and preparation method thereof
  • Surface micro-pit self-lubricating coating and preparation method thereof
  • Surface micro-pit self-lubricating coating and preparation method thereof


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 1, see figure 1 with figure 2 , A surface microplate self-lubricating coating, including the following steps:
[0027] (1) Preparation of the coating:
[0028] 1) The substrate 3 is 42 Crmo steel, and the surface is monitored and cleaned with the surface of the sample.
[0029] 2) Powder selection of the Si Li Ni60 alloy powder, the ball mill is mixed uniform, dry treatment, powder chemical composition and percentage of each element: C: 0.76%, CR: 15.99%, B: 3.02%, Si: 3.98%, Fe : 14.42%, Ni: margin, powder particle size 53-150 um.
[0030] 3) In the alloy surface laser, the alloy powder is blown into the alloy steel surface by coaxial powder by coaxial powder.
[0031] 4) Preparation of coating, laser power is 1800W, laser scan rate of 600 mm / min, powder powder distribution rate of 25 g / min, laser spot 5 * 5 mM, coating thickness 1 mm.
[0032] 4) After the cleaning is hurt, the surface hardness, Pt coloring penetration detection is detected, detect no imaging defects, form no air hole, combined alloy coating, and polishing coating surface of the alloy surface, the surface of the polishing coating is rough Ra = 0.4um, get figure 2 The nickel base layer 4.
[0033] (2) Micropit texture processing:
[0034] 1) Electric spark punching technology is machined on the surface of the surface of the molten layer 4, and the microplate array size is 200 um, depth 80um, and the spacing of 400um.
[0035] 2) Electrical spark hole technology, processing voltage 380V, processing current 0.375a, pulse width 0.8 us, pulse stop 0.6Us, vibration frequency 560Hz, to obtain micropug texture 1.
[0036] See image 3 It can be seen that the three-dimensional outline of microplate texture is 200 um, and the depth is 80um.
[0037] (3) Preparation of self-lubricating coating:
[0038] 1) Microplate texture is placed in anhydrous ethanol for 30 min, and the cold air is blown.
[0039] 2) The epoxy resin E-44 is mixed with a low molecular polyamide resin 650, which is mixed with a mass ratio of 1: 1, which is uniform, and is mixed with a solid lubricant of 50% total mass, a gas lubricant 2.
[0040] 3) The above solid lubricant 2 is applied to the micropugwork 1, and the temperature is solidified for 32h, and the excess solid lubricant 2 is polished.
[0041] Friction test:
[0042] Take the results of the obtained base material microplate self-lubricating coating, and the friction coefficients were examined under the following experimental conditions. Test equipment: HT-1000 high temperature friction wear testing machinery produced by Lanzhou Zhongke Kaihua Technology Development Co., Ltd.; friction mode: rotary dry friction;
[0043] Test ambient temperature: room temperature;
[0044] Contact: Ball - disk contact;
[0045] Ground ball: GCR15 ball with a diameter of 6.0 mm;
[0046] Sliding speed: 0.1m / s;
[0047] Test load: 4n.
[0048] Test time: 60min;
[0049] Friction experiment Figure 4 The friction coefficient of the 42CRMO substrate is about 0.7, first increase, decrease, the friction coefficient is unstable; the friction coefficient of the Ni60 molten layer is 0.5, which is constantly rising, the coefficient of friction is unstable; the coefficient of the microplate is 0.3The coefficient change is stable.

Example Embodiment

[0050] Example 2
[0051] Example 2 Different in the first embodiment is that the step (2) is used in the surface of the coating surface, and the microplate is measured in a diameter of 200 um, the depth is 50 um, and the spacing is 500um.Other as in Example 1.


Surface roughness0.4µm

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