Chinese traditional medicine compounds for treating climacteric syndrome

A composition and syndrome technology, applied in drug combination, drug delivery, pharmaceutical formulation, etc., can solve the problems of complex medication and difficult deployment and use of patients

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-07-23
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", its main disadvantage is that the medication is too co...
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The invention relates to the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical field, in particular to a traditional Chinese medicine combination which adopts Chinese herbal medicines for treating climacteric syndrome; the medicine combination is an oral preparation which is prepared by fine crushed material or extracted active ingredients and pharmaceutical supplementary materials; wherein, the weight proportion range of the raw materials used for extracting active ingredients and being processed into the fine crushed material is as follows: 35-55 parts of lily root, 80-100 parts of raw radix rehmanniae, 80-100 parts of prepared tuber fleeceflower root, 160-200 parts of blighted wheat, 20-35 parts of broiled licorice root, 35-55 parts of spina date seed, 20-35 parts of amomum villosum and 160-200 parts of Chinese date. The medicine combination has satisfactory curative effect on the symptoms of menopause, such as chill, fever, spontaneous perspiration, night sweat, vexation, palpitation, insomnia, amnesia, melancholy, chest distress, short breath and emotional instability, etc. and the total effective rate can reach over 90 percent.

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Example Embodiment

[0027] Example 1. Preparation of extract
[0028] According to Lily 35-55, Rehmannia glutinosa 80-100, Polygonum multiflorum 80-100, floating wheat 160-200, moxibustion licorice 20-35, wild jujube seed 35-55, amomum 20-35, jujube 160-200. Prepare the raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine, add 8 times the amount of water to decoct and extract twice, combine and filter, stand, filter, and concentrate under reduced pressure to form an extract, which is the active ingredient extract.
[0029] The active ingredients can also be extracted by conventional ethanol extraction methods.

Example Embodiment

[0030] Example 2. Preparation of oral agent
[0031] The active ingredient extract extracted in Example 1 is mixed with corresponding pharmaceutical auxiliary materials (dextrin, magnesium stearate, etc.) and the dosage forms such as tablets, granules and capsules can be prepared by conventional pharmaceutical technology.

Example Embodiment

[0032] Example 3. Preparation of finely pulverized product or powder
[0033] According to the weight of Lily 40-50, Rehmannia glutinosa 85-95, Polygonum multiflorum 85-95, Jujube seed 40-50, Floating wheat 170-190, Moxibustion licorice 25-30, Amomum 25-30, Jujube 170-190 Prepare the Chinese medicinal materials in proportion, pulverize them into fine powder after drying, pass through a fine sieve of 80-120 mesh, and then take the fine powder and dry heat to sterilize the finely pulverized product, which is directly bagged into powder (you can take it with boiling water).


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