Ecologically sustainable organic wheat planting method

A planting method and wheat technology, applied in botany equipment and methods, plant cultivation, horticulture, etc., can solve problems such as risks brought by the farmland environment, and achieve the effects of increasing planting income, reducing environmental pollution, and reducing the intensity of manual farming

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-31
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One of the most important yield-increasing measures in agricultural production practice is the application of nitrogen f...
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Method used

(1) select wheat to plant wheat field, and wheat field preferentially selects the place that has good water source nearby, and wheat field is carried out ridge arrangement and forms some connected field pieces. Plant nitrogen-fixing plants (such as broad beans) and nectar plants on the ridges between fields, such as fruit trees, Polygonaceae plants, rape, mustard, zucchini, clover, stone dragon and milk vetch, etc., to increase the biodiversity in the wheat field, Establishing the living environment of natural enemies of pests through various methods is conducive to the realization of efficient biological integrated control of wheat diseases and insect pests. Embankment slopes can be left on the edge of the field ridge, and different types of food crops, such as melons and rapeseed, can be mixed on the embankment slopes to increase the biodiversity in the wheat field.
(2) around each field piece, in the field piece interior excavation ditches, excavation ditch produces redundant soil and can be used for building the ridge and embankment between the field pieces, the ditches of adjacent field pieces are interconnected and The ditches connected to the fields form a drop in turn, and the lowest water level ditch and the highest water level ditch are pumped by pumping stations to form a circulating water system. On the one hand, the construction of ditches is conducive to storing rainwater in the rainy season, conveniently providing water sources for wheat planting, and reducing the exploitation of groundwater sources. Moreover, water recharge wells can be set at the lowest water level ditches to recharge ecological water. Raise the groundwater level to realize a real "underground water reservoir", so as to realize the sustainable development of the main wheat producing areas; on the other hand, it also helps to drain the wheat fields and ensure the dry conditions required for the specific period of wheat growth. At the same time, aquaculture can be carried out in the ditch, such as shrimp or fish farming, which will help increase output. At this time, the ditch needs to be properly deepened and widened. Generally, the width is about 4m and the depth is about 1.5m.
(5) the organic fertilizer is dissolved in the water body of the ditch, and the water replenishment and topdressing are carried out to each field block successively by the mode of circulating flood irrigation and receding water. A method that is more c...
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The invention relates to an ecologically sustainable organic wheat planting method. The method comprises the following steps that a wheat field is selected, ridge arrangement is performed to divide the wheat field into a plurality of pieces of rice field, ditches are excavated in the peripheries of the pieces of rice field, a circulating water system is constructed, wheat field deep ploughing and land fertilizer adding are performed, the wheat variety is selected, seeds are sown, water replenishing and topdressing are performed on each piece of rice field in a circulation flooding receding water mode, comprehensive control measures are adopted for preventing and controlling diseases, insect pests and weeds of wheat, and harvesting and transporting the matured wheat. When wheat is planted, the method has the advantages of saving water, saving fertilizer and reducing environmental pollution, organic and sustainable planting of wheat is achieved, the planting cost is lowered, the product quality is improved, and planting benefits are increased.

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Plant cultivationCultivating equipments

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  • Ecologically sustainable organic wheat planting method


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Example Embodiment

[0037] The following provides a specific embodiment of an ecologically sustainable organic wheat planting method:
[0038] Such as figure 1 The shown wheat field of about 200 acres was divided into 15-20 acres of unit fields by arranging the ridges. Nitrogen-fixing legumes and nectar plants, including broad beans, summer squash and fruit trees, were planted on the ridges, and there was left on each ridge. The 2-3m slope position, planting other varieties of food crops, including potatoes, rape, increases the genetic diversity of the system to absorb natural enemies of pests and enhance natural control capabilities.
[0039] Digging ditches and constructing a water circulation system, while carrying out aquatic product farming, cultivating lobsters, Qingxia, rice field eels, loach and other species, and raising four major home fish at the same time. The width of the trench is designed to be 4m and the depth is 1.5m to ensure the best growth environment for aquatic products.
[0040] The wheat varieties are mainly wheat varieties with good taste and suitable for baking, and the Yangmai series with scab resistance is adopted. Feeding organic bait provides a source of food for aquaculture species. Residual bait and manure of the cultured object are used as fertilizer, which can be used for wheat cultivation. The water circulation is promoted by the water pump at the intersection of the high and low channels to promote the repeated flow of nutrients in the water body in the wheat field, so as to promote the effective absorption of nutrients, avoid the loss of nutrients, and promote the water body to maintain high oxygen content. Conducive to the healthy growth of aquaculture.


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