Straw papermaking process

A technology of papermaking technology and straw, which is applied in the field of straw papermaking technology, can solve the problem of low concentration of straw pulp, and achieve the effect of high concentration, less slag and good product quality

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-12-14
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Among them, the chemical cooking pulping process accounts for more than 70%, the mechanical pulping process accounts for a small proportion, and the rest is the chemical mechan...
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The invention discloses a straw papermaking process which comprises the following steps: (1) softening straws; (2) pouring the softened straws into a twin-screw twisting machine for extrusion devillicate; (3) pouring the material into a reaction chamber of 90 DEG C, and performing hydrogen peroxide bleaching reaction for 90 to 100 minutes; (4) pouring the material into another twin-screw twistingmachine for second extrusion devillicate; (5) pouring the extruded material into a pulping machine for pulping to obtain coarse pulp; (6) pouring the coarse pulp into a fiber disintegrator for disintegrating 5 minutes; (6) pulping the disintegrated coarse pulp with the pulping machine to obtain fine pulp; (7) removing the non-pulped residue from the fine pulp by using a residue remover to obtain clean pulp; (8) removing water from the clean pulp by using a centrifugal dewatering machine to obtain concentrated pulp; (9) adjusting the pH value of the concentrated pulp to 7 with a neutralizer ina pulp adjustment tank to obtain adjusted pulp; (10) making the adjusted pulp into pulp boards or paper products by using a forming machine. The straw pulp concentration is high, and the product quality is good.

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Pulp bleachingPulp beating/refining methods +2

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PapermakingHydrogen peroxide +3


  • Straw papermaking process


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example one: such as figure 1 As shown, the straw papermaking process includes the following steps:
[0021] (1) Soak the straw in 90 degrees hot water for 20 minutes to soften the straw;
[0022] (2) Pour the softened straw into the twin-screw thread rolling machine to extrude and separate the threads, and pour the caustic soda into the twin-screw thread rolling machine. The quality of caustic soda is 4% of the straw quality;
[0023] (3) Pour the materials extruded by the twin-screw thread rolling machine into a reaction chamber at a temperature of 90 degrees for hydrogen peroxide bleaching treatment for 100 minutes;
[0024] (4) Pour out the materials in the reaction chamber and pour it into another twin-screw thread rolling machine to squeeze and separate the threads;
[0025] (5) Pour the extruded material into a refiner and grind into a slurry to obtain a coarse slurry;
[0026] (6) Pour the crude pulp into a fiber deconstructor at a temperature of 60°C for 5 minutes;
[0027] (6) Use a refiner to refine the coarse slurry after the potential elimination to obtain a refined slurry;
[0028] (7) Use a slag remover to remove unslurried slag in the refined slurry to obtain a clean slurry;
[0029] (8) Use a centrifugal dehydrator to remove the water in the clean slurry to obtain a concentrated slurry;
[0030] (9) Adjust the pH of the concentrated slurry with a neutralizer in the slurry tank to make PH=7 to obtain a adjusted slurry;
[0031] (10) Use a forming machine to make the conditioning pulp into a pulp board or paper product.


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