Method for preparing mechanical coating powder through slurry coating, heating and curing

A heat-cured and coated powder technology, which is applied in metal processing equipment, transportation and packaging, etc., can solve the problems of low powder yield and low production efficiency, and achieve the effect of increased yield and shortened preparation time

Active Publication Date: 2020-08-07
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[0006] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for preparing mechanical coating powder, which o...
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The invention discloses a method for preparing mechanical coating powder through slurry coating, heating and curing, and belongs to the technical field of aero-engines and gas turbines. The method comprises the following steps that (1), abradable component powder, skeleton component powder and a binder are configured into slurry and uniformly stirred; (2) a three-stage mechanical coating poweringprocess which is capable of simultaneously heating and stirring of "slurry wrapping + heating and curing" on uniformly dispersed slurry is carried out, the first stage is high-temperature rapid turbotype stirring to realize slurry wrapping of materials; the second section is medium-temperature medium-speed frame type stirring, so that heating and curing of an organic adhesive film are realized; and the third section is low-temperature low-speed paddle type stirring, so that flexible scattering of solid particle agglomerates is realized; and (3), screening the scattered powder is carried out to obtain final finished powder. Compared with the prior art, by the adoption of the method for preparing the mechanical coating powder through slurry coating, heating and curing, the powder yield canbe increased by 40% or above, and the powder preparation time can be shortened by 20% or above.

Application Domain

Transportation and packagingMetal-working apparatus

Technology Topic

Slurry coatingAero engine +3


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example
[0025] Step 1: Use the atomization process to prepare NiCr alloy powder, in which the Cr content is 20%; use the pressing-sintering-crushing process to prepare the boron nitride powder.
[0026] Step 2: Screen or airflow the NiCr alloy powder prepared in step 1 to obtain NiCr powder with a particle size of 1-20μm; screen and classify the boron nitride powder prepared in step 1 to obtain boron nitride with a particle size of 60μm to 180μm powder.
[0027] Step 3: Mix the 1-20μm NiCr powder obtained in Step 2 with the boron nitride powder obtained in Step 2 in a 4:1 weight ratio, with a total dosage of 50kg, and add 5% of the total weight of polyvinyl alcohol binder. Put it into a heatable stirring tank with a diameter of 50cm and a depth of 60cm, using a 40cm diameter turbine stirring blade; the number of stirring blades is 6, the blade inclination angle is 45°, the blade width is 5.5cm, the blade thickness is 0.4cm, and the material is 316L stainless steel. Stir the materials at a speed of 45 rpm for 50 minutes, and heat the materials during the stirring process at a temperature of 145°C ± 5°C.
[0028] Step 4: Replace the turbine-type stirring paddle with a "Tian"-shaped frame type stirring paddle with a width of 48.5cm and a length of 54cm; the blade width of the stirring paddle is 6.0cm, the thickness of the blade is 0.8cm, and the material is 316L stainless steel. The material is processed at a speed of 25rpm Stir for 25min; heat the material during the stirring process at a temperature of 120℃±5℃.
[0029] Step 5: Replace the frame-type stirring paddle with a 40cm-wide folding-blade paddle-type stirring paddle; the number of stirring paddle blades is 2, in-line distribution, the blade inclination angle is 30°, the blade width is 8.0cm, the blade thickness is 0.4cm, and the material is 316L stainless steel, stir the material for 90min at a speed of 15rpm; heat the material during the stirring process at a temperature of 90℃±5℃.
[0030] Step 6: Sieving the powder obtained in Step 5 with a 60-mesh standard sieve to obtain the final powder.
[0031] The example prepared nickel-chromium-boron nitride mechanical coating powder, the yield rate was 87%, the net time for the stirring process was 2.75h, the switching of the stirring blade took 0.25h, and the total time for the mechanical coating process was 3h.


Granularity45.0 ~ 200.0µm
Powder size<= 45.0µm
Granularity60.0 ~ 180.0µm

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