Plant extract composition and application thereof in whitening cosmetics

A plant extract and composition technology, applied in the direction of cosmetics, cosmetic preparations, dressing preparations, etc., can solve the problems of natural plant extracts, such as the need to further improve the whitening activity, high dosage, and high production costs, and achieve the purpose of inhibiting tyrosine Effects of acidase activity, reduction of production cost, and improvement of synergistic effect

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Simultaneously, although many natural plant extracts with inhibitory tyrosinase activity have been disclosed in the prior art, they can be applied to the preparation of cosmetics with whitening effect, but the ...
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The invention discloses a plant extract composition. The plant extract composition is prepared by mixing a paullinia cupana fruit extract and lycium barbarum polysaccharide according to a mass ratio of 1:(1-5). A preparation method of the paullinia cupana fruit extract comprises the following steps: (1) paullinia cupana fruits are dried and crushed, an ionic liquid ethanol solution is added, aftersealed infiltration is conducted for 1-2 h, a 30-50 V/V% ethanol solution is added, heating is conducted to achieve the reflux temperature, reflux extraction is conducted for 1-2 hours, filtering isconducted, filtrate is collected, and concentrating is conducted to obtain a crude extract; and (2) the crude extract is diluted with a proper amount of water, hydrochloric acid is added to adjust a pH value to 2.0-5.0, extracting with diethyl ether is conducted for 2-3 times, organic phases are combined, concentrating under reduced pressure is conducted, and drying is conducted. Compared with theprior art, a smaller amount of paullinia cupana fruits is adopted, so that the production cost is reduced, and the technical effect of better inhibiting tyrosinase activity is further achieved.

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Cosmetic preparationsToilet preparations +2

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Paullinia cupanaDiethyl ether +9


  • Plant extract composition and application thereof in whitening cosmetics
  • Plant extract composition and application thereof in whitening cosmetics


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Example Embodiment

[0018]Example 1:
[0019]The plant extract is made by mixing Brazilian fragrant cocoa fruit extract and Lycium barbarum polysaccharide in a mass ratio of 1:2, of which:
[0020]The preparation method of the brazilian cocoa fruit extract is:
[0021](1) Dry and crush the Brazilian cocoa fruit, add 3 times the mass of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazole hexafluorophosphate ionic liquid ethanol solution, the concentration of ionic liquid is 0.6g/mL, and after infiltration for 2 hours , Add 5 times the mass of the Brazilian cacao fruit in a 45V/V% ethanol solution, heat to reflux temperature, reflux for 2 hours, filter, collect the filtrate, and concentrate to obtain a crude extract;
[0022](2) After diluting the crude extract with an appropriate amount of water, adding hydrochloric acid to adjust the pH to 3.0, extract 3 times with ether, combine the organic phases, concentrate under reduced pressure and dry to obtain.
[0023]The extraction method of Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is:
[0024](1) Add 10 times the amount of water to soak the wolfberry, beaten the pulp, fully stir the suspended fruit slurry, and then stand to allow the wolfberry seeds to settle naturally, thereby separating the wolfberry seeds;
[0025](2) Put the wolfberry fruit pulp in a circulating ultrasonic extraction machine for extraction. The conditions of the cyclic ultrasonic extraction are: temperature 50℃, ultrasonic power 400W, cycle speed 800rpm, duty ratio 1:2, ultrasonic extraction time 2h;
[0026](3) After the extraction, the solid-liquid separation is performed, and the supernatant is concentrated under vacuum and reduced pressure, and the concentration ratio is 1/10 of the volume of the extract;
[0027](4) After concentrating the extract, add ethanol to an ethanol concentration of 75%, and let stand for precipitation to obtain the crude wolfberry polysaccharide precipitate;
[0028](5) The crude polysaccharide precipitate is obtained by freeze-drying.


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