Radix codonopsis and honey composition and preparation method thereof

A technology of Codonopsis pilosula honey and a production method, which is applied in the fields of food preparation, food science, food ingredients containing natural extracts, etc., can solve the problems of single drug effect, complex production process, poor fusion, etc., and achieves stable drug effect and strong fusion. , the effect of the production method is simple

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Problems solved by technology

[0006] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to aim at the defects that the existing honey composition adopts the method of grinding powder or feeding to obtain the composition, which has poor fusion, cannot control the content of traditional Chinese medicine, has complicated prod...
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The invention discloses radix codonopsis and honey composition. The composition comprises raw materials in proportion as follows: 40-70 parts of raw honey, 7-12 parts of radix codonopsis, 8-12 parts of astragalus, 7-10 parts of loquat leaves, 8-12 parts of flos farfarae and 7-11 parts of radix asteris. According to the radix codonopsis and honey composition, the defects that the integration is poor, the traditional Chinese medicine content cannot be controlled, the preparation process is complex and the medicine function is single due to the fact that conventional honey composition is obtained through grinding or feeding are overcome, and the radix codonopsis and honey composition is high in integration and simple to prepare and has fixed traditional Chinese medicine content and functions of replenishing blood, tonifying Qi, moistening lungs, relieving cough and boosting immunity.

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  • Radix codonopsis and honey composition and preparation method thereof
  • Radix codonopsis and honey composition and preparation method thereof
  • Radix codonopsis and honey composition and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0021] The raw material ratio of each embodiment of the Codonopsis honey composition of the present invention is shown in Table 1:
[0022] Table 1
[0024] Now take the fourth embodiment above as an example, such as figure 1 Shown: Describe the Codonopsis pilosula honey composition of the present invention and its preparation method;
[0025] 1. Preparation: Take 13 parts of Codonopsis, 12 parts of astragalus, 2 parts of loquat leaves, 3 parts of coltsfoot flower, 10 parts of aster, the number of parts at this time is kg; take 50 parts of original honey, which is collected from Wulong County, Chongqing Senecio, wild chrysanthemum, Polygonum multiflorum, honeysuckle, schisandra, Sargentodoxa cuneata, Sargentodoxa cuneata, Passepartout and Dipsacus nectar in the plantation on Mount Baima. In addition, it can also include other Chinese medicines such as wolfberry, angelica, licorice, etc. nectar;
[0026] 2. Soaking: Put the prepared Chinese medicine raw materials into the extraction tank, the extraction tank adopts the Chinese medicine extraction tank produced by Beijing Rena Xubang Technology Co., Ltd. (The main parameters are: extraction tank volume: 8 m 3; Water extraction temperature: 90~100℃, extraction time: 5~6 hours/batch, vacuum degree: 0.05~0.08Mpa; working pressure: 0.08~0.2Mpa) Add 100kg of pure water to make the pure water immerse the raw materials of Chinese medicine, Soak for 1.5h;
[0027] 3. Decoction: the first extraction: the main parameters for setting the extraction tank are: temperature, 100℃, extraction time 1.5h, vacuum degree: 0.08Mpa; working pressure: 0.2Mpa, heating extraction tank, decoction 1.5 h;
[0028] 4. Filtration: Use the bag filter produced by Hangzhou Fair Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. to obtain the first filtrate from the extraction liquid extracted for the first time, and transfer it to the concentration tank. The concentration tank adopts Beijing Rena Xubang Technology The main parameters of the vacuum decompression concentration tank produced by the company are: steam pressure, ≤0.15 Mpa, vacuum degree, ≤700 mmHg, heating area 0.4 M2;
[0029] 5. Decoction: second extraction: add 100kg of purified water to the filtered residue. The main parameters of the extraction tank are: temperature, 100℃, extraction time 2h, vacuum degree: 0.08Mpa; working pressure: 0.2Mpa , Heating the extraction tank, decocting for 2h;
[0030] 6. Filtration: Take the extract from the second extraction above to obtain the second filtrate, and transfer it to the concentration tank to combine with the first filtrate;
[0031] 7. Concentration: Heat the concentration tank and concentrate the filtrate twice to obtain a concentrated solution, so that the concentration of the concentrated solution is 42 Baume degrees;
[0032] 8. Cooling: The concentrated liquid is transferred to a mixing tank and cooled to room temperature. The mixing tank is a mixing tank produced by Beijing Rena Xubang Technology Co., Ltd.;
[0033] 9. Mixing and stirring: Add 50kg of raw honey into the mixing and mixing tank, mix and stir evenly;
[0034] 10. Sterilization, filling and storage.
[0035] The experimental verification will be carried out for each embodiment made according to the above-mentioned manufacturing method, as follows:
[0036] 1. The effective ingredients of honey:
[0037] According to the determination method of Chinese national standard "GB14963-2011 National Food Safety Standard Honey", the results are shown in Table 2:
[0038] Table 2
[0040] It is known from Table 2 that the Codonopsis pilosula honey composition of the present invention meets the requirements of the national standard.
[0041] 2. The effective ingredients of various Chinese medicines in honey, the results are shown in Table 3:
[0042] The detection method is determined according to the corresponding medicinal material measurement method in the medicinal materials and decoction pieces of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 edition.
[0043] table 3
[0045] It can be seen from Table 3 that the same fluorescent spots as the raw materials of Codonopsis, Astragalus, loquat leaves, coltsfoot and asters can be detected in the Codonopsis honey composition of the present invention. It can be concluded that the Codonopsis honey composition of the present invention Contains the active ingredients of Codonopsis, Astragalus, Loquat Leaves, Coltsfoot and Aster.
[0046] For those skilled in the art, without departing from the structure of the present invention, several modifications and improvements can be made. These should also be regarded as the protection scope of the present invention, and these will not affect the effect of the present invention and the patent. Practicality.


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