Method for laying trenchless new pipeline

A laying method and non-excavation technology, applied in tunnels, tunnel linings, mining equipment, etc., can solve problems such as inability to achieve non-excavation or micro-excavation, impact on construction efficiency, and large excavation length, etc., to achieve the laying length Unrestricted, improve construction efficiency and reduce damage

Pending Publication Date: 2021-04-16
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[0003] However, for the laying of new pipes, it is not yet possible to do trenchless or micro-excavation
Most of the existing pipelines are cement pipelines spliced ​​by cement joints or composite pipelines spliced ​​by spliced ​​segments. Regardless of the form, there are the following problems in the specific construction process: 1. At least Excavating the working well of the equipment and the delivery well connected to the working well for feeding a piece of pipe material, the excavation length is relatively large, and the c...
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The invention relates to a method for laying a trenchless new pipeline. The method comprises the following steps that 1, a starting pit and a receiving pit are dug in a starting position and a receiving position respectively, and a shield tunneling machine and a machine head walking type spiral winding machine are hoisted into the starting pit; 2, after a cutting machine head of the shield tunneling machine is used for smashing and cutting soil or an old pipeline, a soil conveying device of the shield tunneling machine is used for conveying the smashed soil or the old pipeline to the ground, the cutting machine head of the shield tunneling machine walks forwards, the machine head walking type spiral winding machine is used for forming a plastic profile into a new plastic pipeline, and meanwhile a grouting machine is used for carrying out grouting reinforcement treatment between the outer wall of the new plastic pipeline and the soil; and 3, when the shield tunneling machine reaches the receiving pit, the shield tunneling machine is hoisted, and the laying process of the whole new pipeline is completed. The method is scientific and reasonable in design and has the advantages that construction is convenient, the construction efficiency is improved, the construction cost is saved, the method is not affected by soil quality, the laying length is not limited, and implementation is easy.

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Underground chambersTunnel lining +1

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  • Method for laying trenchless new pipeline
  • Method for laying trenchless new pipeline


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[0023]Embodiments of the present invention will be further detailed below with reference to the drawings:
[0024]A laving method of non-excavated new pipes, and its innovation is that the following steps:
[0025]In the first step, at the beginning and reception, according to the size of the new pipe, it excavated a starting pit 3 and the receiving pit, or using the original pipeline as a starting pit and receiving pit, the shield When the machine, the headless spiral winding machine 5 is hoisted into the starting pit, and the bracket 1 of the winding profile 2 is disposed on the side of the ground on the ground;
[0026]In the second step, the dirt or the old duct 8 is broken, after cutting, after cutting, then use the dirt transport device of the shield to convey the broken soil or the old pipeline to the ground; shield machine The cutting machine head walks forward, the head-headed spiral winding machine is a new plastic pipe; at the same time, the grouting machine is grown between the new plastic pipeline and the soil;
[0027]In the third step, when the headless spiral winding machine and the shield machine reaches the reception pit, the laying process of the entire new pipeline is completed.
[0028]The new plastic pipe section is not limited to a circular shape.
[0029]The cutting machine with a shield machine displaces the soil or the old pipe, after cutting, and then use the shield mud transport device to deliver the broken soil or the old pipe to the ground.
[0030]The hydraulic motor of the shield machine drives the cutter disk, and turn on the cutting machine to advance the cylinder, advance the cutting machine forward, with the forward advancement of the cylinder, the cutter is continuously rotated, and the sharp soil is filled with the soil bin. When the spiral conveyor is activated to the cutting of the cutting the slag to the belt conveyor, and after transporting the belt conveyor to the sandbox of the slag, and then operates to the ground through the shaft.
[0031]In the process of delivering the broken soil or old pipeline to the ground during the soil conveying device using the shield, there is a need to control the drainage versus velocity to maintain it from the screw conveyor and the mud bin. The amount of slag is equilibrated with the amount of slag in the dirty ducts of the cut.
[0032]Specifically: When the dragon soil accumulates in the dirt cart bin and the screw conveyor, the slag of the cutting surface is cut into the drag of the mud warehouse through the slot, and the soil position of the dirt and excavation surface When the soil pressure and the water pressure of groundwater are balanced, the opening surface can remain stable, the ground portion corresponding to the excavation surface is not collapsed or raised, and the slag that is maintained from the screw conveyor and the mud warehouse. The excavation work can be carried out smoothly when the amount of dumping is equilibrated with the quantity of the slag in the cut-cut mud coat.
[0033]During the cutting machine, the winding machine operates the winding machine to wrap the plastic profile along the path of the cutter into a new pipe, and the winding machine can take a piping in the hole, thereby laying a new pipe.
[0034]The grouting devices mainly include grouting pumps, slurry tanks and pipelines. These devices can be placed on the ground, connected to the cutting machine, and the cutting machine is distributed in the circumferential direction, when the cutting machine is taken, the slurry pump out of the grouting pump is synchronized into the circumferential gap between the plastic pipe and the soil layer. After the slurry is solidified, it can function as a stable pipeline and formation.
[0035]Although the embodiments and drawings of the present invention will be disclosed, it will be understood by those skilled in the art: various replacement, variations, and modifications are possible without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention and the appended claims. Therefore, the scope of the invention is not limited to the contents disclosed in the illustrated examples and the drawings.


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