Anti-corrosion waterproof cement-based grouting material and preparation method thereof

A cement-based and grouting material technology, applied in the field of building materials, can solve the problem of difficulty in guaranteeing the thickness of the dense protective layer, and achieve the effects of improving the compaction performance and waterproof and impermeability, promoting development and application, and reducing the overall cost of construction.

Active Publication Date: 2021-08-31
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However, because cement-based grouting materials are mostly in contact with metal embedded parts or steel bars during application, they usually play the role of bonding, reinforcement and protection. D...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of building materials, and particularly relates to an anti-corrosion waterproof cement-based grouting material and a preparation method thereof. The technical key points are as follows: the anti-corrosion waterproof cement-based grouting material comprises the following components in parts by weight: 750-1000 parts of cement, 80-200 parts of a viscosity reducer, 5-30 parts of a modified nano silicon oxide dispersion liquid, 50-150 parts of metakaolin, 50-100 parts of superfine quartz powder, 20-100 parts of an anti-corrosion curing agent, 20-50 parts of a water reducing agent, 1-3 parts of a defoaming agent, 10-30 parts of a shrinkage reducing agent, 900-1100 parts of sand, 160-240 parts of water and 2-4 parts of synthetic fibers. By adopting the nano silicon oxide dispersion liquid, the metakaolin, the shrinkage reducing agent and the anti-corrosion curing agent, the cement-based grouting material with excellent anti-corrosion performance and good waterproof effect can be obtained under conventional curing conditions, and the cement-based grouting material has good economic benefits and practical values.

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  • Anti-corrosion waterproof cement-based grouting material and preparation method thereof
  • Anti-corrosion waterproof cement-based grouting material and preparation method thereof
  • Anti-corrosion waterproof cement-based grouting material and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0039] Preparation Example corrosion waterproof cement-based grout having 1 to 5 comprising the following steps:
[0040]. S1 was added sand, cement, viscosity reducer, metakaolin, superfine quartz powder, preservative curing agent, synthetic fibers, stirred for 1 ~ 2min;
[0041]S2. The resulting product was then added to the step S1 antifoaming agent and water-soluble reducing agent, stirred for 3 ~ 5min, was thoroughly mixed to form the cement-based grout mix was controlled by water-reducing agent and water, of the flow is maintained within the range of 320 ± 30mm;
[0042]. S3 to cement-based grouting material obtained in step S2 mix was then added modified nano-silica dispersion and a shrinkage-reducing agent, 2 ~ 3min stirred mix was obtained;
[0043]. S4 step S3 the resulting mix was charged molding, ≥95% relative humidity environment of room temperature curing 1 ~ 7d;
[0044] S5. Finished form removal after curing, room temperature curing for 7 ~ 14d at a humidity of ≥95%, a temperature of 10 ~ 40 ℃ of.


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