Combined cigarette cartridge and production process thereof

A combined and pod technology, applied in the field of electronic cigarettes, can solve the problems of easy decomposition of natural flavors and affect the durability of the taste of natural flavors in electronic cigarettes, so as to reduce the heat absorption rate, reduce the possibility of thermal decomposition, and improve the durability Effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-11-26
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[0004] Regarding the related technologies mentioned above, the inventor believes that although natural flavors can improve the taste of electronic cigarettes, the heater is likely to directly contact the natural flavors...
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The invention relates to the technical field of electronic cigarettes, and particularly discloses a combined cigarette cartridge and a production process thereof. The combined cigarette cartridge comprises a cigarette cartridge shell and electronic cigarette liquid contained in the cigarette cartridge shell. The formula of the electronic cigarette liquid comprises, by weight, 85-105 parts of a cigarette liquid solvent, 6-10 parts of a tobacco leaf extract and 20-40 parts of essence microcapsules. The formula of the essence microcapsules comprises, by weight, 16-24 parts of organic bentonite, 8-12 parts of natural essence, 30-50 parts of gelatin and 80-120 parts of deionized water. In the essence microcapsules, the organic bentonite adsorbs the natural essence, and the gelatin wraps the organic bentonite, so that the heat resistance of the natural essence is improved, the possibility of thermal decomposition of the natural essence in the cigarette cartridge is reduced, and the durability of the natural essence for improving the taste of the electronic cigarette is improved.

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Tobacco preparationTobacco treatment +3

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Tobacco leaf extractMouthfeel +6


  • Combined cigarette cartridge and production process thereof
  • Combined cigarette cartridge and production process thereof
  • Combined cigarette cartridge and production process thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0040] Preparation case of fragrance microcapsules
[0041] The materials used in this application and the materials used in the various preparation examples can be obtained by commercially available, in which gelatin is selected from the industrial-grade gelatin produced by Jinan Huijinchuan Chemical Co., Ltd., deionized water is selected from Jinan Xinyi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Deionized water, organic bentonite selection 325 plaic bentonite produced by Jinan Baoda Dye Chemical Co., Ltd. The company's food grade β-cyclic dextrin, vinyl triethoxysilane selected from Nanjing Ron Silicon Material Co., Ltd., produced vinyl triethoxysilane KH-151, silica sol selected Shandong Zengng new material technology limited The company's industrial-grade silica sol, aluminum sol use Jinan Huijinchuan Chemical Co., Ltd., produced industrial-grade nano-alumina solution, gamma-aminopropyl triethoxysilane is selected from the γ-ammonia produced by Jinan Yingqi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Propyl triethoxysilane KH-550 ,. Hereinafter, Preparation Example 1 is an example.

Example Embodiment

[0042] Preparation 1
[0043] In this standard, the flavor microcapsules are prepared according to the following methods:
[0044] (1) Add 30 kg gelatin to 80 kg of deionized water, stirred at 50 ° C to gelatin dissolution to give gelatin solution;
[0045] (2) Add 16kg organic bentonite, 8kg natural flavor to gelatin solution, stir evenly to obtain a capsule precursor liquid, of which natural fragrance is selected from Jasmine;
[0046] (3) After the capsule precursor liquid is frozen, it is pulverized, and the fragrant microcapsules are obtained after 400 mesh sieve.
[0047] As shown in Table 1, the preparation of Example 1-5 differs from the raw material ratio of the fragrance microcapsules.
[0048] Table 1
[0049] sample Organic bentonite / kg Natural flavor / kg Gelatin / kg Deion water / kg Preparation 1 16 8 30 80 Preparation 2 18 9 35 90 Preparation Example 3 20 10 40 100 Preparation 4 22 11 45 110 Preparation Example 5 24 12 50 120

Example Embodiment

[0050] Preparation 6
[0051] The difference between the local system and the preparation example 3 is that the formulation of the flavor microcapsules also includes a 8 kg stabilizer, the stabilizer selected β-cyclodextrin, and the stabilizer co-addes deionized water together with gelatin in step 1.
[0052] As shown in Table 2, the preparation Example 6-10 is different in that the amount of the stabilizer is different.
[0053] Table 2
[0054] sample Preparation 6 Preparation 7 Preparation 8 Preparation Preparation Example 10 Stabilizer / kg 8 9 10 11 12


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