Exterior-wall crack-resistant putty powder

An anti-cracking putty and exterior wall technology, applied in the direction of filling slurry, etc., can solve the problems of wall cracking, endangering the normal living of residents, and weak adhesion.

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-08-07
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The usual putty is first leveled with slaked lime or pre-mixed mortar and then putty is applied. In this way, the slaked lime in the wall reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate...
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The invention relates to exterior-wall crack-resistant putty powder mainly composed of cement, sand, heavy calcium carbonate, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, latex powder, high-molecular poly-propylamine, lignocellulose, polypropylene staple fiber, and the like. The exterior-wall crack-resistant putty powder has the characteristics such as high adhesion force, good water resistance, good corrosion resistance, smooth and flat surface, good impact resistance, and the like.

Application Domain

Filling pastes

Technology Topic

Hydroxypropylmethyl celluloseCalcium carbonate +9


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Example Embodiment

[0006] Weigh 35% of cement by weight; 50% of sand; 15% of heavy calcium carbonate; 4% of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; 3% of latex powder; 8% of polymer polypropylene; 5% of lignocellulose; polypropylene Short fiber 1.0% composition
[0007] Add them to the mixer in sequence according to the above weight ratio, and mix them thoroughly. use
[0008] Before use, spray with water to remove all slack. According to the ratio of putty powder to water at about 1:0.5, stir until there are no particles, and let it fully dissolve and react into a paste. When using, first clean the peeling and stained walls, wait for the surface to dry, and then perform construction. Let the prepared material stand for 5-10 minutes, and use a paint knife and a trowel for construction. After hard drying, perform the second. Recoating three times, the thickness of each application is controlled within 0.5mm, and it is smoothed after one day. After hardening, the putty paint film has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good water resistance and corrosion resistance, smooth and flat surface, and good impact resistance.


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