Double perovskite Cs2AgSbBr6 nanocrystal, synthesis and application thereof

A double perovskite, nanocrystal technology for applications in nanotechnology, nanotechnology, nanotechnology for materials and surface science, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-06-09
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While the double perovskite Cs based on positive monovalent Ag a...
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The invention relates to a novel double-perovskite material Cs2AgSbBr6 double-perovskite nanocrystalline, and synthesis thereof, wherein Cs2AgSbBr6 nanoparticles with small size and uniform particle size distribution are prepared by adopting a colloid method, and are a novel double-perovskite material. The material has application potential in the fields of solar cells, photoelectric detectors, light-emitting display and the like.

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Material nanotechnologySilve compounds

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PhysicsChemistry +9


  • Double perovskite Cs2AgSbBr6 nanocrystal, synthesis and application thereof
  • Double perovskite Cs2AgSbBr6 nanocrystal, synthesis and application thereof
  • Double perovskite Cs2AgSbBr6 nanocrystal, synthesis and application thereof


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[0017] Example 1: Combine Cs(OAc)(0.71mmol), Ag(OAc)(0.5mmol), Sb(OAc) 3 (0.5mmol) was dissolved in octadecene (10mL), oleic acid (2.5mL) and oleylamine (0.66mL). The mixture was stirred at 110°C under vacuum for 45 minutes. Then, the temperature was raised to 180 degrees in a nitrogen environment, and 0.5 mL of trimethylbromosilane was quickly injected. After 30 seconds of reaction, the reactant was placed in a mixture of ice and water and dropped to room temperature. Then the reaction was centrifuged at 8000 rpm for 15 minutes, and then the supernatant was discarded, leaving the orange-red precipitate. This precipitation is Cs 2 AgSbBr 6 Nanocrystalline. Cs 2 AgSbBr 6 Nanocrystals can be dispersed in n-hexane or octane to form colloids.
[0019] Table 1Cs 2 AgSbBr 6 Nanocrystalline atomic coordinate data.


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