Process for producing chromium alloy cast steel shots

A production process and technology for casting steel shot, applied in the field of metal particle production process, can solve the problems of poor surface finish of steel shot, high melting point of Cr, poor fluidity, etc., and achieve guaranteed speed, strong hardenability and good wear resistance. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-01-06
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However, if the existing steel shot production method is used to produce Cr alloy steel shot with bearing steel corner waste as raw material, then due to the high melting...
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The invention relates to a process for producing chromium alloy cast steel shots, which belongs to the technical field of the manufacturing process of metal particles. The invention mainly provides a process for producing chromium alloy cast steel shots by using leftover bits and pieces of bearing steel. The process for producing chromium alloy cast steel shots is mainly characterized by comprising the following steps: (1) adding 50-70% of bearing steel and 30-50% of low carbon steel into an intermediate frequency furnace for melting, and adding manganese and silicon 10-5 minutes before furnace discharge, wherein the content of the manganese is lower than or equal to 1%, the content of the silicon is lower than or equal to 1%, and the temperature is between 1680 DEG C and 1700 DEG C; then forming the steel shots by centrifugal casting after furnace discharge; (2) baking the steel shots to remove moisture; (3) putting the steel shots into a vibration sieve to be roughly sorted; (4) tempering the steel shots; (5) putting the steel shots into the vibration sieve to be separated, sorted and collected respectively; and (6) selecting the steel shots by air separation, and blowing off hollow shots and malformed shots. The invention has the advantages of stronger hardenability, high hardness and good wear resistance, and the process is mainly used for producing chromium alloy cast steel shots by using bearing steel in particular leftover bits and pieces of the bearing steel generated when producing bearings as raw materials.

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Furnace typesHeat treatment furnaces

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[0012] 1. Put 900 kilograms of GCr15 bearing steel corner scraps into a 1.5 ton intermediate frequency furnace, and then add 600 kilograms of low carbon steel, heat it to 1680-1700℃ for smelting, and add 15 kilograms of manganese 10-5 minutes before the furnace is melted. , Then add 15 kg of silicon, take it out of the furnace, pour it into the tundish, transport it to the pouring machine by crane, pour the molten steel into the pouring machine, and form it by centrifugal casting to obtain steel shots of different sizes.
[0013] 2. After smelting and pouring the steel shot out of the pool, it is placed in a heating furnace at a temperature of 400-500°C to be dried to remove moisture.
[0014] 3. Put the dried steel shot into a six-layer vibrating screen for vibrating screening, and roughly divide it into 0.1-0.8 for one type, 0.8-1.4 for one type, 1.4-2.0 for one type, and 2.0-2.8 for one type.
[0015] 4. Put the coarsely divided steel shot into the tempering device, the tempering temperature is between 600-650℃, according to different types, the tempering time is 12-25 minutes, and the tempering treatment is carried out to reduce the steel shot Hardness, eliminate the internal stress produced by quenching, and ensure the toughness and wear resistance of the steel shot. 0.1-0.8 category is-minute; 0.8-1.4 category is-minute; 1.4-2.0 category is-minute; 2.0-2.8 category is-minute.
[0016] 5. Put the tempered steel shots into a vibrating screen according to different categories for subdivision and sorting, and collect them separately to obtain finished steel shots of different models.
[0017] 6. Put the subdivided steel shots into the blower for winnowing. The hollow and deformed shots that fail to meet the quality requirements are blown off by wind to obtain qualified steel shots.
[0018] 7. Bagging, weighing and warehousing qualified finished steel shots.
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